FX Fin 24 Review: Is Scam And Dishonest?

FX Fin 24 Review: Is Scam And Dishonest?

FX Fin 24 (FX Financial Ltd) has been around for quite some time now. The problem with this site is that it makes claims that can’t realistically be achieved.

For example, this site states that they own the world’s best risk-free trading strategy.

On the other hand, it is an acceptable norm in the Forex industry that trading comes with a certain degree of risk exposure.

There’s nothing like risk-free trading strategy. Furthermore, this site has never been awarded the accolade of ”World Best risk-free trading platform”.

Those are just empty words which are probably directed at novice traders who might be tricked into believing that the Forex market is where fast cash is made.

In fact, it appears that FX Fin 24 is taking the route that scams love to follow. The site over-promises and clings to past-performance that can’t be translated into real profits when traded on a live account.

With false reputation and a smorgasbord of Forex products which include an expert advisor, managed accounts and a copy-signal service, FX Fin 24 prides itself as being the world’s go-to place for anyone who wants to trade the Forex market ”risk-free”.

These claims are the reason why we zeroed down to the so-called FX Fin 24 to review it and help you make an informed decision where joining this trading service is concerned.

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What is FX Fin 24 or FX-Financial Ltd?

It’s a website that claims to offer managed Forex account services, an auto-trader, a 100% risk-free trading strategy robot, and daily free signals.

By combining all of these services in one place, FX Fin 24 hopes to attract as many users as possible.

This site is actually big on claims that their service will make you a wealthy Forex trader. At least this is the kind of image which they’re trying to put out there.

Early this year, we did a quick research on this company and discovered that it was associated with a now defunct website called

There is a possibility that the person who used to own is the same person who now runs FX Financial Ltd company.

These findings offer more insights into what FX Fin 24 could really be.

For instance, the Forex Financial Solutions website was accused of writing multiple fake reviews about its services. It was flagged in many review sites as a scam before it finally went under.

There’s 90% chance that this site came back to business with a brand new face that rides on the FX Fin 24 image.

And if these fears are valid, then we could see a scenario where FX Financial Ltd will end up swindling traders and eventually closing down just like its cousin, Forex Financial Solutions did.

Accusations against FX Fin 24 company

In our opinion, FX Fin 24 is exaggerating its offers to make them sound appealing to vulnerable group of traders who haven’t learned that people can lose money trading the Foreign currency markets.

Their managed account service promises a growth of between 40-150% in monthly return.

A professionally managed Forex account can never realize such returns. These claims are just too good to be true. So you definitely know where this is going.

The website claims that they try to grow your margin without taking any risk. Again, that statement doesn’t apply where trading on a live account is concerned.

Their choice of words make this service highly suspicious and worth investigating further.

The same applies to an EA which this website is selling. They claim that this Expert Advisor has been tested for the last 2 years and that it has managed to perform astonishingly well throughout this testing period.

In fact, they say that this EA guarantees a profit of 30% on a monthly basis.

Remember that scams too have always produced myfxbook results to try justifying their point. Scams have sold robots before, even claiming that their EAs will yield a 30% return on investment.

These claims do nothing to ascertain whether or not FX Fin 24 services are a scam.

Moreover, this company appears to have paid other fraudulent networks to promote their products.

This is because the alleged users of this website claim that this site offers top notch Forex products that should be rated with a 5 star.

They seem to be happy about this service which is obviously another sign that FX Fin 24 might have bribed its way to positive reviews.

Those reviews cannot be trusted because real users on the ground (who lost money before quitting) tell a very different story.

One user says that they lost $200 in the hands of this company. Apparently, they trusted the promises that FX Fin 24 was making on its website.

So they actually signed up with one of their recommended brokers and in a matter of 12 hours, their account was wiped clean.

It also appears that this company doesn’t honor their refund policy — which is the worst thing a website that claims to offer serious investments products can do to its clients.

fx fin 24 scam
Enlarge image to see user complaint

That screenshot was taken from Forex Peace Army. And if FX Fin 24 was a reputable company, they would have simply responded.

In this case, they just ignored that complaint. So we are actually treating this complaint as a red flag because serious companies never let complaints go unattended to.

A Free Managed Forex Account: Really?

You should treat this offer suspiciously because there’s nothing like free in Forex investments.

fx fin 24 scam

Of course we know that FX Fin 24 earns commissions every time they place volumes of trades on your behalf.

However, there is always the temptation to make more money in this kind of business deal. That is the reason managed Forex account services charge a fee in addition to what they get from brokers as commission.

Therefore, it’s very suspicious for a company to claim that they will manage your account free of charge when others are charging a fee to deliver the same type of service.

Free will ultimately cost you in Forex trading. You can take this to the bank by the way.

The same applies to their daily Forex signals which this company claims to offer for free.

99% of the time, free Forex signals are poor quality signals. You cannot convince us otherwise.

You see, if real signal analysts are involved in generating signals on your behalf, they need to be compensated for their time. If you’re not paying anything in return, then it doesn’t make sense for them to analyze signals day and night to make you rich.

Our Best Advice for you

FX Fin 24 makes promises that aren’t realistic, and that’s one red flag that should be taken seriously.

Their managed Forex account is equally bogus because no user reviews have touched on this service yet.

As to whether their free signals work or not, you should know by now that this signal service is a total joke since it has nothing to offer.

Furthermore, there’s little to no information pertaining to the background of this company. Their Ltd status cannot be verified either — which is a topic for another day.

The bottom line is that FX Fin 24 doesn’t have what it takes to deliver results. It’s the bitter truth which they don’t want you to discover. So, for the sake of safeguarding your portfolio and growing it if you want to, we are advising our subscribers to use these Forex products instead.


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