FX Jet Pack Review: Scam Forex Signals?

FX Jet Pack Review: Scam Forex Signals?

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FX Jet Pack is a website that uses the power of animation to gain your trust and persuade you to buy their Forex signals. This cartoon style interface truly send a strong message in the minds of people who are not familiar with the ins and outs of this industry. But for us, we already know that this is a ploy that is meant to make FX Jet Pack appear trustworthy.

This website is predominantly operating as a signal provider. However, they are also recommending CFD brokerages on the internet too. The presentation makes them look credible and honorable. But that may not be the case especially when we are dealing with the online investment industry where looks can easily deceive you.

So for that reason, we have actually published this factual review to help you determine whether FX Jet Pack is one of those cases.

What we need to determine is whether this service is worth using or adding to your investment portfolio. We also need to establish whether FX Jet Pack is just another mediocre signal service meant to slowly eat your hard earned money till your trading balance is completely depleted.

FX Jet Pack Review

A mentioned before, this website provides FX signals which are tailored towards retail traders who want to utilize a signal service.

FX Jet Pack is portraying itself like the best signal service to have been launched on the internet ever. However, they fail to provide us with completely transparent and verifiable information concerning their operations. This is not what we expect from a Forex signal vendor of their alleged stature.

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They also claim that their trading signals are revolutionary. We do not know whether or not this is true since the website has consistently failed to deliver useful information that can help us assert that indeed their signals are of quality.

FX Jet Pack does not even disclose which trading strategies their traders are using to determine whether or not a signal should be sent out to their followers.

The only thing that FX Jet Pack has done is to display textual based testimonials on their platform which can be fabricated very easily. Apart from this, they have also provided us with more reasons as to why we should doubt than trust them.

The characteristics which FX Jet Pack is displaying can be confronted when investigating the reliability and profitability of an online investment platform.

The other claim is that the main operator of this site is a full time trader who sends the same signals that he trades on his account to his followers.

fxjetpack review

As to who this alleged trader is, we have no idea since the website did refuse to disclose information regarding this trader. Their credentials are anonymous, which makes it difficult for us to identify him and investigate whether or not he is a full time day trader.

The platform has failed to give us insights into their trading methodology. And the site admin has deliberately concealed their information so as to remain anonymous. The question is, are we entitled to trust them anyway?

However, they have attempted to provide us with transparent information regarding their activities. The poorly photo-shopping FX charting which is found on this website might suggest that these guys at least have a small clue about what they are doing. However, we are not so sure because the chart in question lacks a time frame. We will never be in a position to know what’s going on here since this website is not transparent with its activities..

The person behind FX Jet Pack

The footer of this site suggests that FX Jet Pack is operating as a trading name for an entity known as Traders for Fair Trading Ltd. This is a corporation based in the UK.

Companies House documents can reveal that this corporation is registered under 09181896 and the physical location is Hedgerose, Horwood, Bideford, Devon, EX39 4PE.

Now, if you search the said address on Google map, you will not find that address. This location is simply non existent on Google maps. It may lead us to believe that this is a false address which they are giving us since we could not verify this location at all.

Companies House also records that Traders for Fair Trading Ltd was incorporated in 2014, and is headed by someone called Robert Guymer. We cannot establish whether this man is the trader who is supposed to provide signals through FX Jet Pack. Since they are not transparent on their FX Jet Pack website, we cannot get this information anywhere unless we confront them (only if they are willing to give us an answer).

The red flags

As always, creators of fake trading systems and signals will make absurd claims to try persuading traders that they are offering the best FX trading service on the internet.

No wonder FX Jet Pack is claiming that they have been generating a consistent 90% success rate. This claim cannot be verified by any records, which is why it is ridiculous and absurd. To be convinced that this is the case, the person in charge of this website must come out from wherever they are hiding and give us verifiable evidence concerning their alleged track record. We are accepting nothing less.

The other thing that we see with FX Jet Pack is making use of outdated methods for dispatching signals since these are only delivered through email.

Finally, we know that this platform is not offering any genuine signal service as far as Forex signals are concerned.

They have refused to give us insights into the mechanics and trading concept of their operation. This is supposed to be their secret. But isn’t it our right to be treated to this information so that we can decide for ourselves whether or not FX Jet Pack is a good service?

Moreover, this website is not operating like a trustworthy FX signal provider. Since they are not trustworthy or have failed many scam checks, we can only distance ourselves from them since we are not convinced with their vibes yet.

These guys are simply asking us to take their word for it that they are great in the area of providing winning Forex signals to traders.

But hey, this is Forex trading. Taking any information you find online is risky as it could lead to big losses. Trust is earned in this industry, especially when the vendor has proved that they are transparent and authentic. If they cannot prove it, it does not matter how else they promote the service cause we will always be afraid of them anyway.

Our best advice for you

We have tried very much to believe these guys. But unfortunately, these red flags are telling us that FX Jet Pack is not a reliable signal provider. They are evasive, and they are not even aware that their service is emitting too many red flags. A prospective client will always see these red flags and run away instead of paying for the signals. Day traders must stay away from such vendors who fear to speak the truth, and are always looking for manipulative ways of dealing with the suspecting customer. Please be advised. We have better products here which you might want to subscribe to.

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