FX Oxygen Review: Is this a Scam or real Robot?

FX Oxygen Review: Is this a Scam or real Robot?

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FX Oxygen is an online-based trading robot that operates 24/7 and generating massive profits to investors through their trading strategies. The company claims to have been making profits for investors for long, claiming to have a top-notch experience.

The platform claims to be very reliable and very profiting to investors and that they offer profiting results. You are also entitled to a 30 days money guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with the services this robot offers.

The company also claims to sell the first 500 copies on a discount of $210, and it has been fully automated since its existence in 2015. They also showcase graphs of the past trades, which are always moving up, showing profits been continuously generated.

However, promising investors’ constant returns is not entirely true because the market is never stable. The trading world faces high volatility, and you should only invest with trading robots that lower the risk you encounter while trading and ones that are transparent the method of operation.

FX Oxygen Review. Platform

Once you purchase the package, you’re entitled to various advantages, including free lifetime updates on your software. Investors are also entitled to a reliable mode and one-lifetime access to the software.

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“etbot" Review

The developers of the software claim that they were getting bored with the kind of returns they are getting, and they decided to create a robot that will be generating profits with no human effort required.

Investors are entitled to receive 20% of their Investment fund that they deposit every month. The platform only trades two pairs EURUSD and USDJPY despite multiple pairs to choose from. They also claim that they were able to complete more than 400 trades within 22 months and that they are a high-volume trader.

The platform only operates in the one-time frame, and you can trade the pairs every week once the signals are generated. The trading strategy this investment firm uses is undisclosed and a major red flag not to trust the company with your money.

They also provide the live trading account on the FX open, yet you cannot verify the trueness of this information. However, these charts that the company offers have never been updated ever since 2017, and the results need to be updated as soon as possible to win your trust.

The vendor that this platform uses has made a loss of 82%, yet they still recommend them despite this loss. The price for the package has been on offer since 2015, which raises doubt on whether it’s a one-time offer.

The company owners are also unknown, and you’re dealing with anonymous people. However, this investment firm is operating in a shady manner, and no investors seem to benefit from the platform, and you’re not likely to gain either.

Transparency is vital in every legit investment firm, and you need to be able to know the kind of returns you expect for you to trust the platform with your money. They are legit trading EA that you can trust to benefit you, and the lower the risk in counter will trading, and you should only invest in such.

FX Oxygen does not provide you with a demo account that you can use to test the credibility of the robot. The owners of the robot claim to have experience in the trade while they fail to verify this information by providing evidence for support.

The platform aims at preventing the risks investors encounter by using the robot for an extended period, and you do not need to test it on your own because they did the work for you already. They claim to have performed backtests on the software for more than ten years, and that reliability is not questionable.

Funds Safety

Your fund safety is not guaranteed despite the company claiming to have reliability in the software for more than ten years. The people behind the Investment firm are unknown, and you will be dealing with anonymous people while they control your funds.

No banking location or information has been provided of their whereabouts of the bank they use, yet you have to trust them with your money. Legit investment firms will always provide you with the company owners’ information and evidence of past payments made to investors.

There is also no evidence of any past trade transactions that the robot has been able to conduct successfully. You need to be provided with a demo account that you can use to check the credibility of the robot.

Regulation and Customer Support

FX oxygen does not provide any evidence of regulation on the platform. Dealing with unregulated companies, you are at the risk of dealing with criminals who risk facing criminal prosecution.

The owners of the platform may end up getting massive lawsuits for generating funds from the public legally without regulatory documents. Different countries decided to come up with various laws to protect their citizens from scammers, including making it a mandatory requirement for all legit investment firms to provide regulatory documents.

The platform is generating funds from investors all over the world, yet they do not provide any regulatory documents. Unregulated companies risk getting shut down at any given time with all the Investment funds in the platform, and you cannot reach them.

Scammers will always try to stay anonymous, and once your funds are lost, they block your details or delete your account from accessing the platform. Legit investment firms, on the other hand, will always provide you with documents of incorporation and regulation that you can easily trust.

The company may smoothly go against the law at any given time, and they do not provide any contact support that you can reach them, yet they claim you can use email support. You need to be provided with working contact support in any genuine investment firm.

Regulated platforms always showcase a high level of transparency, and investing in such companies always leads to profitable results. Unregulated platforms do not last for long in the market, and we do not recommend FX Oxygen.

Final Verdict was updated in 2019, and you expect the company to have made changes to the kind of services it offers. However, the trade margin has been going down, and the platform has made massive losses instead of profits.

The company does not showcase any evidence of regulation that you can use to assert they are legally allowed to generate funds from the public. Unregulated platforms will smoothly go against the law, and they do not showcase transparency, and the similar features are observed in

The people behind this investment firm are unknown, and the kind of qualification they hold is also not mentioned. They are profitable EAs you can trust to generate funds for you, and they are always transparent in the method of operation, and the lower the risk you encounter will trading.

The platform does not provide you with any past trade transactions that the robot has been able to complete successfully to earn your trust. There’s also no demo account that you can use to test the credibility of the robot, and this is a major red flag.

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