FX Revenge Scam: In-depth Review of A Fraudulent Program

FX Revenge Scam: In-depth Review of A Fraudulent Program

As a mysterious ”Bob Dollar” was sensationally explaining what he did when he ”lost” his job in 2016, I couldn’t help but grow even more curious and suspicious of his made-up stories.

His statements were very controversial. I couldn’t just take them seriously. I needed to put them to test to ascertain whether or not his claims were true.

The million dollar question was: is it so easy to make money with ”Bob Dollar’s” FX Revenge system?

Of course the answer is No. Don’t even believe him 50% because his stories are very similar to those that scams in the Forex niche have been circulating for some time now.

Actually, FX Revenge is just a piece of ridiculous app, peddled by a millionaire wannabee through a bunch of lies which he believes you and I will fall for.

And of course there were no free samples to test, so we didn’t have an opportunity to put his software to the test.

Thankfully, we are still able to detect foul play in this offer.

Here’s our in-depth review of the highly acclaimed FX Revenge system that yields nothing but losses:

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Overview of FX Revenge

It’s a Forex auto-trading system that is alleged to make $2,621 every day.

However, this is impractical and can never happen for 99% of guys who trade the Forex markets.

For one, it depends with the amount of money you’re trading with. Unless you’re an extremely rich trader with enormous capital to trade any lot size, chances are that you will never make that kind of profit in one day.

Secondly, we don’t agree with claims which are propagated through the domain because they have an element of exaggeration and nothing to show in the way of proof.

Also, making profits in the Forex markets depend with the movement of the markets.

Trends are the most profitable patterns to trade. But they never show up every day. So how can someone claim that their robot makes $2,621 per day.

See, what you make from trading is highly dependent on whether or not signals are available. High probability signals don’t form each day. They can happen two or probably thrice a week. Therefore, we can safely conclude that FX Revenge is a hoax.

Who is Mr. Bob Dollar to start with?

”Mr. Dollar” says he was laid off in 2016 and that’s how he came up with an idea to create an Expert Advisor which he would later name FX Revenge.

He claims that he used to be an average guy, working 40 hours a week and only affording one holiday per year.

But how did he get into Forex trading when he had not tried it before?

Well, they say necessity is the mother of inventions. And Mr Dollar seems to have been pushed beyond limits to venture into a field he was not very familiar with.

And where did he get the money?

Well, you’re going to laugh at the answer.

This guy simply withdrew all his Holiday savings (he had always wanted to take his girlfriend to Venice someday) to gamble it on Forex. I mean, a novice trading a live account is the same thing as playing the lottery.

And who gambles whatever little that is remaining in their bank accounts in the aftermath of a job loss while facing several major bills to pay?

Come on! This man is not being realistic. In fact, it is not very practical to continue training in Forex and losing money in the process when you’re supposed to be paying your bills while you wait for another opportunity to come around.

And for your information, this guy is a pathological liar since his stories of how he founded FX Revenge don’t add up.

In one part of the video, he claimed that this project was discovered in 2007 by him. And then in another part of the same video, he says that he has been trading for the last 6 years.

These are inconsistent statements coming from someone who claims to have founded a revolutionary Forex robot.

And by the time he finishes blubbering in that video, his audience can’t even figure out who he is and whether or not his alleged FX Revenge program is real.

More hype along the way to promote an imaginary Forex tool

Since no one has established the background of the creator of FX Revenge yet, it’s only fair to treat his words as pure lies.

The video promotion lacks authenticity, and is a total waste of time for anyone who would like to learn about FX Revenge software.

You see, the person whose voice can be heard on this video (scams love to use voice overs by the way) is only telling his audience how life has been good for him and how he’s been to different holiday destinations etc.

Nothing substantial is coming from his words. And this is beside the point because most people who arrive on this site want to learn about FX Revenge and how it trades the Forex market. No one wants to know where he went to for his holiday or what he took for dinner the previous night. We just need plain facts that would help us in our quest to gauge whether FX Revenge is a scam or not.

Fake success stories

After all the blubbering on that video, this fraud who uses an alias name Bob Dollar continues with more ridiculous lies.

This time round, he introduces fake users who lie on camera that FX Revenge has changed their lives.

These claims cannot be substantiated because they have zero proof of success.

Secondly, there is no proof that these individuals have ever traded with the so-called FX Revenge software.

And third, the name Bob Dollar is a phony identity, which is why these scammers paired his acting with a useless demonstration video.

Even the alleged bank accounts which he claims belongs to him is nothing but mere edited screenshots from someone who has mastered how to work with PhotoShop software.


Finally, there is no clear description of what this software really is.

While the promotion video claims that FX Revenge is a robot that copies trades from its owner (who we have now established to be fake), we also suspect that this software has some binary options element in it.

We are not quite sure about this though since the owner doesn’t want to come clean on this.

Our Best Advice for you

FX Revenge is totally fraudulent since the author misleads traders with false information that isn’t relevant to the product in question.

If you sign up with a fake email address, you will be given access to another part of the website where you will see that this product is also doubling up as a binary options software.

We are not sure how FX Revenge is supposed to trade Forex and binary options at the same time. This discovery make the entire product very suspicious because this fact is never mentioned in the first video.

So what can we conclude out of this? Well, the answer is simple. FX Revenge is a scam.

If you want to trade Forex profitably while avoiding scams like this particular one, you should probably consider this list of FX products and services.


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  1. Bah, yeah this is a total scam! Tried it myself one time, made only like 0.1-0-15 bucks a day! Sometimes I even lost profit. Stay away from this.

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