FX Secure Income Review: $10K a Day Scam It Is!

FX Secure Income Review: $10K a Day Scam It Is!

We are stunned to learn of a manual trading system called FX Secure Income. We are mesmerized because the sales page of FX Secure Income claims that traders can earn $10,000 per day in pure profits if only they subscribe to this product.

The website even claims that you can go shoulder to shoulder with top Wallstreet traders because this trading system gives you the chance to do so.

In fact, the reason why we are doubting this website is because the developer keeps telling us that FX Secure Income is the backdoor to Forex fortune because it simply copies trades from a Wallstreet trader in real time. If they win, you win too. And because you are copying trades from an expert, you are supposed to be a winner at all time.

Now, the truth is that this story line has been used a thousand of times before. We have observed that trading systems associated with Wall Street traders are often not consistent in producing good results. Any trading system that claims ties with Wallstreet is definitely a failure.

To be honest with you, we find it hard to believe that FX Secure Income has ties with a Wallstreet trader. We will therefore keep this in mind moving forward.

FX Secure Income review

Well, every trading system has to claim some sort of ownership which is supposed to validate its authenticity. In this case, the website where FX Secure Income system is hosted is owned by someone called David Godfrey. Who is David Godfrey? He is a self-proclaimed ex-prop trader and a master of strategy trading.

However, there is no evidence that David has traded with any prop trading firm. There is no grain of evidence that he has traded stocks too. This makes us question his credibility in this. If he had a reputation in the Forex industry, we would simply find proof on the internet.

Also, this could mean that David is a trader who opts to shy away from the public — although this is less likely. The more you are famous, the more you can make money even if you’re selling a fraudulent trading system, right?

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So, what other claims does David make? And can he be trusted?

david-godfrey of fx secure income

Well, it’s difficult to answer the last question. But we will give it a shot in the best of our knowledge. First off, David claims that he will give you the opportunity to copy what he does on a daily basis. By doing so, he believes that traders can be successful by making profits and limiting risks as well. According to him, traders can only work for 15 minutes a day and that rewards will be great (since we are earning 10K per day guys).

Also, he claims that unlike other manual trading systems, FX Secure Income is a 100% mechanical system which means that every trader regardless of their experience can use it. No trading analysis is involved.

So, what strategy does David use to make this kind of money on a daily basis? Well, it’s difficult to say because the sales page simply keeps us in the dark, not wanting to explain the strategy which David uses to make money. Despite the sales page having nearly 5000 words which talk about FX Secure Income, the strategy is not mentioned.

There are talks of win rates. According to David, FX Secure Income has a win rate of 87% and sometimes up to 93%. On top of this, we also have screenshots showing us the various trade setups that have been taken using FX Secure Income. But please, realize that we need more data to figure it out. Otherwise, we will not believe a thing because those screenshots of  the supposed trade setups can as well lie.

Breaking down the features of this product

FX Secure Income is basically a manual trading system costing $39. The strategy is unknown, and so is the preferred time frame of trading. It should be handling all major Forex pairs anyway.

Now, that price is quite low for a manual trading strategy. But the explanation is that this is a charitable system. Or probably we could ask whether this trading system is not getting enough clients, hence the owner has to keep the price that low in order to start attracting users.

Honestly, these are some of the questions that we have to answer when reviewing trading systems whose prices don’t make sense. And of course there is the trading results part of it. Let’s see what trading results look like in this case.

Trading results for FX Secure Income

Most manual trading systems that we have come across do a poor job when it comes to providing trading results. You can bet that this is the case with this product as well.

fx secure trading results

fx secure income myfxbook account screenshot

Instead of providing us with real results to analyze, David chooses to provide us with a couple of myfxbook screenshots and a few MT4 trade setups. These pictures are supposed to prove that FX Secure Income is a potent profit delivering weapon in the Forex market.

The issue is that David is not confident about FX Secure Income. That is the reason he is trying to trick users with the many screenshots presented on the website.

In one instant, David claims that this is one of his accounts. However, when you look at the top left side of that screenshot, you will see that the name of that account was actually deleted. Besides this, David refused to give us access to those accounts in form of a link back to the Myfxbook platform where those accounts are being hosted at.

Usually, when a vendor has a fully operational Myfxbook account, they tend to provide a link back to that page so that we can verify those results for ourselves. But in this case, none of those screenshots lead to Myfxbook account. This further confirms that David stole those screenshots from another system which has nothing to do with the product he is selling.

Summary of points discussed above

We first doubted FX Secure Income when David claimed on the website that this trading system could make $10k a day without fail. That statement alone raises suspicion.

As we continued reviewing it further, we discovered a number of flaws with the marketing material. First of all, trading strategy was not disclosed. And secondly, trading results can’t be verified. In fact, David is making a deliberate move to ensure that these results will never get scrutinized. He fears getting caught — it seems.

We specifically have issues with deleted account names. If the account which he is showing is his, he should not delete anything. Secondly, people should be working with myfxbook accounts to verify trades. In this case, David does not have one.

Our best advice for you

FX Secure Income is not worth your time. We have come across much better trading systems which are reliable in the long run. So in as much as you’re paying a low price to get this particular system, the results will be extremely poor.

The bottom line is this. If you want to start trading, consider these trading products instead. Don’t use FX Secure Income because the owner doesn’t want transparency at all.


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