FX Shutter Stock EA Review: Is this a Scam?

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FX Shutter Stock EA Review: Is this a Scam?

FX Shutter Stock review is out after we received a disturbing email from a user by the name Vader FX. The trader has made claims that the platform is not offering any refunds. With such a statement, we have to confirm whether the trader is right. The security of funds is what is important to traders, especially newbies. Having a platform that does not deliver on its promise is a risky move. And this is why we insist that you go this entire FXShutterStock review.

FX Shutter Stock Review

About FX Shuttle Stock

The platform is available on myfxbook, but their main website is not working. It seems that the EA has not been operational for some time. And this points to a platform that has no online credibility. Imagine the problems current members are facing with this platform. They are unable to reach the owner all because the site is down. The owner’s profile on myfxbook is also dormant with no information on the owner. It seems the robot has changed ownership, which is a huge problem.

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FX Shuttler Stock is a platform that has a similar name to an image company. The only difference is the ‘FX’ found at the beginning. There have been a lot of negative comments in regards to this platform. This review is meant to enlighten users on the risks involved with this platform. Stay away from the platform or else risk losing your entire funds with this EA. It has been proven to make users lose their funds and, thus, not recommended. Stay safe and use recommended products that are backed by experts.

Affiliate programs

Traders should note that the platform is also getting their commissions for referring users to brokers. It is not a new thing for a signal provider to offer affiliate links to brokers. The only problem with this is that the brokers are not regulated. Anyone who signs up with the brokers is jumping from one frying pan into the other. And this is why we insist that users should stay away from their affiliate links. In case they try and ask that you become an affiliate member, ignore their call. Investors who sign up with their affiliate programs will be the ones to blame when victims pop up.

Available currency pairs

FX Shutter Stock Features

The platform boasts of having two currency pairs, which are AUD/USD and EUR/CHF. The platform is only dealing with major currency pairs. They seem to, however, indicate that they might have an update with crypto pairs. All this remains to be seen as more and more complaints pile up. The platform is unable to deliver on its promise of producing accurate signals. And this is the reason more and more clients are unhappy with the way their results turned up.

Comments from users

On their myfxbook, Vader FX has also listed his complaints in regards to this signal provider. The platform, on the other hand, fails to respond to this statement. Instead, they respond to another request by a trader by the name Yury48. Another critical aspect to point out is how long the response time took. According to myfxbook, both Vader FX and Yuri48 sent their messages in 2012 and 2011, respectively. It took five years for this EA to respond to Yuri48. The response is marked on 28th November 2016.

Developer of the platform

FX Shutter Stock Performance and Results

The developer of this platform remains anonymous, which makes this EA more dangerous. Anonymity is a risky venture, especially with online investment platforms. An unidentified developer might decide to shut down their platform without giving prior warning. And this is the dilemma facing clients of this platform. The developer has closed the platform and is nowhere to be seen. Any anonymous online investment trading platform should be ignored by aspiring traders.

Domain details of the platform is on sale according to domain details. We found out that the company is involved with other online products. These products include and The two platforms have been the center of a dispute with clients looking for legal ways to prosecute the developer. And this means that the platform is also in the running for being used as evidence. When it comes to online trading platforms, investors should ensure they read reviews. A review will give you insight on a particular platform before making a full commitment.

Features of FX Shutter Stock

They state that FX Shutter Stock is reliable and 100 percent automated. The statement also claims that the platform generates a stable profit every month. They go ahead and make a bold statement that it makes profit without incurring any losses. These are some of the over the moon claims and promises used by online scam artists. There is no way that an expert or robot fails to incur losses. It means that their platform is perfect, and every other user is foolish not to sign up.

License and registration of FX Shutter Stock

FX Shutter Stock is not licensed or registered to offer any trading products or services to the public. If they were regulated, their product would be ISO certified and have a valid license from authorities. The fact that they don’t have a valid permit should scare investors away. Such a platform is incapable of securing funds. There is no insurance cover for the funds deposited with the platform. The platform is not clear on whether they offer money-back guarantee features. And this is the biggest problem with this platform.

The problem with unlicensed entities is that they can do what they like. They can decide to shut down today and open up shop under a different domain and name. We suspect this has been the case with this platform. With anonymity being the norm with all of their products, this platform is a risk to investors. There is no regulatory body on earth that has licensed this platform. A check with various regulatory agencies will confirm this statement. And it is a good enough reason to stay away from the platform.

Limitations with the signal provider

Available price

FX Shutter Stock is going for $199, which is a considerable price considering the platform doesn’t work. They claim to offer multiple currency pairs with multiple timeframes. The 30-day money-back guarantee is not sufficient as Vader FX shows. They also claim to provide lifetime updates, which are not the case as their site is down. Other claims include being compatible with the MT4 trading platform. Some users claim that their automated system was making losses instead of winning.

Performance and trading results of FX Shutter Stock

Another problem that we must point out is the fact that this platform does not offer valid results. The platform previously had myfxbook results, which are not currently available. And this points to the inaccuracy at which the platform operates. They do post demo account results, which should not be taken seriously. The demo results are not actual trading performance but a simulation. And these are the main reasons why we don’t recommend the use of this trading platform.

Scam or legit FX Shutter Stock

FX Shutter Stock is another EA scam that is ripping off investors. Investors should be wary of the promises the developer makes and stay away. With no verified results, the platform remains to be seen as worthy of our recommendation. Users should instead go for proven EA products that have a robust online presence. They are a game-changer as they provide users with valuable trading knowledge. FX Shutter Stock is now unavailable, but we do believe it will come back with a different name.

Our ruling

We will not put our readers at risk by recommending a platform that has no proven track record.

Newbies are welcomed to try these robots and stand a chance of making a passive income.

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