FX Value Trade Review: A Comprehensive Trading Scam

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FX Value Trade Review: A Comprehensive Trading Scam

FX Value Trade is an all-in-one trading solutions company. According to its domain,, the purpose of the company is to allow users to find all kind of trading solutions at one place. There is no data available about the owner of the company. It was founded in May 2020.

There are numerous aspects of this trading platform that indicates that it is not a trustable platform. In this article, you will get to know about every feature of this company and why it is not a trustworthy platform.

Overview of FX Value Trade

FX Value Trade is claiming to be a rapid, safe, and reliable company. It even describes itself as the best Forex and crypto trading platform currently available. However, such kind of claims should not be taken seriously as this company was founded in May 2020, and there is no proof that it has strong roots in the industry. is trying to seem like a genuine platform by providing an address of California. However, further research makes it quite clear that the address belongs to a shell company and shared by several trading companies. It is highly possible that the owner of this company is running many other similar businesses.

FX Value Trade

The founder and managers have successfully hidden their identities. There is not even a single piece of information available about them. The website has a separate page called Our Team. Yet, there is no information about any team members of the company.

How to Join FX Value Trade?

The initial affiliate membership of is free. However, if users want to participate in the income structure of the company, they must invest in one of the following accounts:

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Now that you are familiar with the basics of FX Value Trade, you should also know about the details of its features and their analysis:

All-in-one Platform

Though there is nothing wrong with a company providing all-in-one solutions to various trading issues but a newly-established platform is typically not capable of fulfilling such promises. is claiming to be the best Forex and crypto trading company that allows you to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, it is claiming to be providing massive profits and income opportunities by modern infrastructure and a wide range of selling options. The website gives the example of countries like Japan and Australia that have started adopting crypto coins in their everyday currency.

The company is trying too hard to convince the users that it is an all-in-one platform without giving any specific details. Generally, such kind of general claims is made to attract all types of people and traders interested in different kinds of trading like Forex and crypto trading.

Security is claiming to have state-of-the-art security systems that will ensure maximum security of the transactions and the overall investment of the users. Moreover, the company is claiming that such modern safe and secure measures reduces the losses and allow users to earn maximum profits.

Yet, there is no proof that the company has any such efficient and reliable security systems. It is important to note that modern security systems, especially the ones that have been designed for crypto companies. Without a reliable crypto security system, the transactions are always vulnerable to hackers and cyber attackers.

Income Opportunities at FX Value Trade

The company is trying to entice users by claiming to provide a massive number of income opportunities. According to, once you invest in this platform, you will be able to enjoy profits on a weekly and monthly basis. The company claims to use several types of trading to generate such kinds of continuous profits.

Nevertheless, once you start analyzing the business model of the company, it becomes quite evident that the entire compensation plan of the company revolves around taking investment from the members and using it to pay other members. This kind of business structure makes this company a pyramid scheme.

There is no proof that the company is actually capable of conducting any major type of trading. Hence, it is highly possible that FX Value Trade is a pyramid scheme. Instead of investing in this suspicious platform, you should consider investing in crypto trading bots. Such bots provide a variety of trading preferences that allow both beginners and experts to enjoy crypto trading and earn profits. 


FX Value Trade is claiming to be a fully registered and licensed company. It claims that the transactions are not only limited to the crypto industry, but also overs all of the other major trading industries.

However, there is no proof that the company is registered with any regulatory authority. In fact, the address given by the website is in California. But it is a fake address that belongs to a shell company. Hence, the origins of the company are not clear, so it is hard to conclude if it is registered in any country or not.

Easy Money Transfer

There is no doubt about the fact that FX Value Trade is running clever marketing campaigns. It is telling users to make their friends and family join the company so that they can easily exchange money in various currencies. The only information provided about this feature is that you can send money whenever you want in a day.

The company also boasts the fact that it is allowing users to open their private and secure accounts in different currencies like USD, EUR, and several cryptocurrencies. It promises that the exchange of the currencies will be at market rate.

However, there is no information about the amount of fee that the company is likely to deduct at each transaction. The purpose of offering such features is to attract people from all over the world who might be looking for easy and quick solutions for sending money.   


FX Value Trade might be running a good marketing campaign, but clearly, the company is far from perfect. It is claiming to provide a number of features. Yet, there is very little proof or further elaboration about how such features will be delivered to the users.

The compensation plan and overall business model of FX Value Trade are extremely disappointing. It is claiming to be an all-in-one trading platform that deals with Forex and crypto trading. Yet, the business model indicates that the company does not use any kind no type of trading. Instead, the company is dependent on recruitment fees.

Furthermore, you have to remember the fact there is no information available about the owners and team of the company. No one knows about the owner of or about the real country from which it is running. In such cases, it would be wrong of you to invest any kind of money on this platform.

Therefore, it would be much better if you avoid investing money in FX Value Trade. Instead, you can use the crypto trading bots. These bots are highly efficient, reliable, legal, and trustworthy. Both beginners and experts find these bots to be highly useful because they are user-friendly. You can use the crypto trading bots to earn the maximum amount of profits in the crypto industry. 

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