FXCryptoBooster Review: Ficticious Crypto Broker Exposed


FXCryptoBooster Review: Ficticious Crypto Broker Exposed

FXCryptoBooster ( is a Crypto Scam broker to hit the crypto world. Damning evidence on our hands clearly shows why this is a fake Crypto broker that should be avoided. Why should you sign up with a Crypto broker who will steal all your money? No one should ever face such a situation. Read this entire review and find out what FXCryptoBooster is all about. Nothing is left to chance!

FXCryptoBooster Review

FXCryptoBooster Review:

According to the website, FX Crypto Booster is Crypto currency investment solution. Homepage claims that the company runs for 24 days in a month which aren’t sure why. Investor number placed in the website shows 17894 investors using FXCryptoBooster. Total money invested is over $12,400,000. Amount of money withdrawn indicated is around $5,900,000. A newbie investor can easily believe all these claims.

What we noticed is that there are flaws with these numbers. Top among them being that we noticed that these numbers never changed. Even after signing up a few times, the numbers remained constant. It’s a clear indication we are dealing with professional scam artists. What they have done is plaster these numbers to make people believe platform is legit. No one can be able to notice this, luckily, we did.

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Fake Bonus.

Members who sign up with this platform are given a sign-up bonus. It should be noted that issuing bonuses is strictly prohibited by the regulatory bodies. No one should be able to offer bonuses as it’s considered as a crime to do so. Why? Bonuses become a problem when it comes to withdrawing. A while back, regulatory bodies noticed that withdrawals were being blocked by brokers.

Reason that brokers withheld back withdrawals is that they would ask for their bonuses back. No matter what happens, you are supposed to withdraw your money at any time. No one should be able to stop you from doing so. Sadly, with FXCryptoBooster, you will not be able to withdraw money due to issuance of bonuses. It’s why we urge you not to sign up with this fake Forex scam broker.

Fake FXCryptoBooster Cards.

FXCryptoBooster Scam

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What we found amazing about this scam is that they have their own ATM card. According to the website, you can withdraw money from any account anywhere on the face of the planet. All you have to do is apply and qualify for the premium ATM Cards. And this is where the scam gets deeper. One has to apply and later qualify to get this ATM Card. What they don’t tell you is that the qualification process.

After conducting a thorough investigation, we realized that for you to get this card, you must part with $1000. Note that this $1000 is nonrefundable and you are not guaranteed of having or getting this ATM card. This is simply a scam that’s about to happen anytime. You will not get the ATM card since these people have not been registered by the banking authorities to offer ATM cards.

Is FXCryptoBooster Registered?

According to the website, they claim that this broker is registered and regulated. One can see the fake certificate that has been posted there. Sadly, we can confirm that FX Crypto Booster is not registered. All we did was contact the regulatory bodies to check whether FXCryptoBooster is registered. None of it has been registered by the regulatory body. It’s a real shame that this had to happen.

Regulatory bodies that we contacted include the FCA, which is the UK’s main regulatory body. Just to be clear and have no doubt, we also contacted CySEC to find out more. CySEC on the other hand have never heard of FXCryptoBooster. It all starts falling into place. These scammers are simply trying to make the site appear legit. Only scammers can come up with a fake certificate and place it on their homepage.

Fake Live Customer Support.

One can easily see that there’s a live support dashboard at the bottom of the page. Sadly, this is not a live customer support but a bot. With this day and age, you expect to have a real person to person contact. It makes the process human enough since we are dealing with real money. It also means that you cannot get what you actually want. We tried the bot and it could not answer our questions properly.

FXCryptoBooster Fake Review

It means that when members really need help, they cannot get it from a live person. It also means that you will never be able to talk to a professional. Reason why live support staff is imperative is the fact that they help with the real staff. Having a live support team is what makes a real Crypto trading platform look and feel legit. Without a real professional trader helping you with questions, you will get lost easily.

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Fake Testimonials.

FXCryptoBooster is using fake testimonials to help with trying to legitimize the platform. Two of the people who claim to use this platform are actors. George Aguilar is an American actor who played in the show Neverland. Why are these people using fake testimonials? They want us to believe that this is the real thing. We simply cannot fall for this trap as we always do our homework.

Charlie Copp is another person who claims to have won with FX Crypto Booster. He claims that it’s easy to make money on this site. He is nothing but a paid actor who they hired from Fiverr. Hired actors can get do or say anything to get paid. It’s why we are against the use of FXCryptoBooster and everything it stands for. No need to sign up with Crypto broker who will lose all your money.

Is FXCryptoBooster a Scam?

FXCryptoBooster is definitely a scam. From not being regulated to using fake registry details, we are sure this is a pure scam. Best thing to do is get away from it as far as possible. Ignore all incoming email and links suggesting you sign up with them. No one can really make money with FXCryptoBooster.

FXCryptoBooster Final Verdict.

FXCryptoBooster Scam Review

Due to the evidence we have, we are sure this is a scam. No other option left for us but to blacklist this as a scam. We urge you not to sign up with it as you will face huge risks dealing with FX Crypto Booster. Never waste your valuable time and money with a broker who is not recognized anywhere. You need to steer clear from FXCryptoBooster.

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