FXMath X-Trader Review: Another Robot Scam

FXMath X-Trader Review: Another Robot Scam

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FXMath X-Trader ( is a forex robot that has no legging in the online trading world. The selling point is that this is an entirely automated algorithmic trading system. They claim to have developed the best trading robots for all investors. With such bold statements, one would expect the software to perform miracles. The only problem with their robot is that it does not work. With all the hullaballoo, this is another program with much hype and no performance. Read more in this transparent FXMATH XTRADER Review.

FXMath X-Trader Review

About FXMath X-Trader

The financial Software team is the company that claims to be behind this trading platform. They claim to develop end to end trading systems for quantitative hedge funds. Their system is based on profitable mathematical models that have the highest productive outcome. Now, this bold statement would drive investors to believe they are in professional hands. It should be noted that professional scam artists will do anything to sell their merchandise. There is more than meets the eye with the platform.

To understanding trading, it is recommended that traders get the best forex trading robots. These robots provide a safe trading experience and safeguard your investments. It is what every trader should use for satisfying trading experience.

FXMath X-Trader is not able to deliver on its promise of accurate trading signals. They have instead caused a lot of losses in the online trading world. And this is a problem that most investors should be on the lookout for. Just because a website looks professional does not mean it is the best. Reading reviews from trusted sources will help you know more about the product. It is why this post is intended to inform our esteemed readers on the dangers of using this hostile platform.

Assets covered by the robot

The robot is used as an EA product delivery platform where they fail to mention the exact assets. They have said the essential currency pair to be USDJPY and possibly other currencies too. The website uses the words ‘possibly other currency pair too,’ which throws investors off. What do they mean by having possibly to offer other currency pairs? A more straight answer would have been ideal. Investors don’t know the currency pairs available unless they sign up with the platform.

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Business proprietor

No one knows who is behind this platform despite the claims that it is a game-changer. Anonymous online trading platforms are a massive problem for anyone who signs up with them. The anonymous nature means that the robot is most likely not legit. Why else would they hide the full details of the developers of the robot? If it is such a good robot, the developers would want recognition from the trading community. It remains to be seen whether the robot is operated by amateurs or professional scam artists.

Comments from clients

The comments have been flying in from clients who bought the product. Most of the victims are angry that they don’t know who to blame. The robot is unable to deliver on its promise of producing perfect automated algorithmic trading. What looks like a legitimate trading robot is nothing but a front for scam artists to steal from investors. And this is the reason why we must expose these scam artists to protect naïve investors.

Domain details

With the robot claiming to have experience in online trading, we turned to a domain checker for the truth. Records clearly show that the site went live on 20th June 2019. It means they are barely two years old in the making. The IP address shows that their server is in Moscow, which could indicate their base of operation.

Features of FXMath X-Trader

They have failed to disclose several crucial data to users. The robot is unclear on the timeframe used and also their strategy. All that we know is that they have used false testimonials to sell their merchandise. The testimonials on their homepage do not reveal the faces behind it. With a professional-looking website, it is easier for investors to believe this robot. And this is the reason why no one should sign up with it. Information is missing that would help investors make a better decision on the robot.

License and Registration of FXMath X-Trader

FXMath X-Trader is NOT Licensed by any regulator in the world to offer their products or services. We checked with several regulatory bodies in Europe to confirm this. The first place we searched was the Financial Conduct Authority. They are planning to issue a press statement on the dangers of this robot. It would seem that a majority of victims come from the UK. Other regulatory bodies in the region also plan to blacklist the use of the robot in their jurisdictions.

Another problem with the site is they have failed to provide useful information regarding compliance. It is expected that the robot offers information regarding its regulatory status. Investors are signing up with the product, not knowing whether it has passed regulation. Anyone who deposits funds should know there is no insurance cover.

Limitations of FXMath X-Trader

Account Packages

FXMath X-Trader Packages

FXMath X-Trader is using three account packages to investors. The three listed include Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Silver package holders are required to pay $99 for a lifetime license. Gold package holders must pay $123 for a lifetime license. Diamond account holders will pay $149 to start using the platform. Each has one demo account or more with the promise of free upgrades and support. The demo account is not available to anyone; one must purchase the products first to enjoy the demo.

Contact and Support

The disclaimer at the footer of their homepage has the support information. They have listed an email address and a message chatbox. Users are to send their message and leave their email for a confirmation. From what we have seen, the response time is dismal at best. After sending an email a few weeks back, we have not received any response. Members, too, are complaining of the slow response time.

Results and Trading Strategy

As expected, a false robot will not be able to provide valid results. What they have done is use posts charts of backtests. No one knows whether these tests are from their robot or a good platform. They should have posted their results on FX Blue or myfxbook for all to see. It would have made it easier to verify their findings. The trading strategy remains undisclosed, which is not a wonder. These are scam artists who will fail to inform users of any of their trading results. Beware of such developers who only use empty claims to lure investors into buying their products.

Security of funds with FXMath X-Trader

The safety of funds is far from being a guarantee from an unknown developer. There are a lot of loopholes within the website that make it an untrustworthy robot. The platform has no quick way of reaching the developer. It also does not provide any insurance cover to deposits. Money-back-guarantee is an issue that users must remain vigilant. Use online products that offer the money-back feature.

Scam or Legit FXMath X-Trader

FXMath X-Trader Robot

FXMath X-Trader is a scam that investors must shy away from. With no valid credentials, this platform is shrouded in mystery. Stay away from anonymous online investment products and services.

Final comment

To protect our readers, we will be adding FXMath X-Trader to our scam blacklist. Stay safe and avoid any anonymous products.

A smart trader will use dedicated forex trading robots with a proven track record. It is the only safe way to trade with online tools. Sign up with one today and see what happens when you use popular online trading products.

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