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Forex Money Manage Program Review Update: No member got to withdraw funds from the platform, it was a scam.

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About Forex Money Managed Program

Forex Money Manage Program is a service that targets beginners and intermediate Forex traders who want to trust a fund manager with at least $5,000. They are promoting a number of Forex brokers on their site too. However, before we sign up with those brokers or even think about utilizing the services of, we need to ask ourselves whether this service is legit. There are a number of interesting things that we want to discuss in this analysis. Therefore, before you sign up (which we don’t recommend), read this Forex Money manage Program review carefully.

Note: Use these trading resources if you are not comfortable with the idea of a fund manager handling your account.

Forex Money manage Program review

The fund manager’s website can be found on this domain – It looks like a blog but they are offering a fund management service for those who want to make some money out of the FX market. The service is run by Arthur Atwood who is very active on Twitter blogging about how he can make a lot of money for investors who will give him the chance to. In one of the tweets, he claims to have made $850,000 in just 18 months on a real account. As always, these claims need to be supported with facts and not just random statistics which cannot be verified. We are actually beginning to doubt Mr. Atwood because even in his website, there is zero trading performance record to back the numerous claims which he is making there.

Yes, there is a myfxbook account which is supposed to track a robot which was allegedly created by Mr. Atwood 10 years ago. The FX robot in question is known as MT5FXrobot. When we click the link so as to analyze the performance of this robot, we are taken to a blank myfxbook account with no activities at all.

Mr. Atwood claims to be based in Tokyo. The trading style or methodology of this robot is also quite vague. Mr. Atwood says that the robot compares real time prices in many brokers platform and knows where price will be heading to 5 seconds before it actually happens. This is just a generic explanation of how the robot works. In fact, we still don’t know any trading methodology which is used by this robot to execute trades. However, the robot is not the center of focus in this review even though it is a reflection of the kind of work that Forex Money Manage Program does on their clients accounts.


The domain was registered in 2014 but there are no reviews to back the claims made by the website admin. It is not clear why this is so.

Claims made by Forex Money Manage Program website

There are some big claims being made on this website which need some proof for investors to believe that indeed this fund manager is successful. Also, by making these claims, Mr. Atwood is setting tough standards for himself, and we need to see if these standards will be met. This is the purpose of this review.

The site claims that you can get started with a low deposit. However, what they are calling ”low deposit” is something in the realm of $5000. So this is actually not low deposit at all. It is a big amount to risk by letting someone else trade it if you do not know them well. In addition to this, we also need to verify their skills first before we can let them trade our hard earned money. Is there a way to verify the skill of this fund manager? Apparently, there is just a lot of mumbo jumbo in this website. There is no real substance in the information found on this site.

They also claim that they don’t charge any upfront fees. Clients are also treated to high bonuses. The brokers they work with are allegedly running true ECN platforms. You can never be sure if this is the case. So if you want a true ECN, rely on the fact that we have carefully researched these brokers and found them to be true ECN brokers.

But there are still many weird things about Forex Money Manage Program. These promises are just too good to be true, and because of this, we believe that those promises are unattainable. The site where Forex Money Manage Program is offered promises monthly returns of between 500% to 2000%.

This is a big fat lie, and you should know that these kinds of returns can only be achieved in your dreams, not in reality. Also, if Forex Money Manage Program was this good at making people rich overnight, they would be working for Wall Street organizations. They would be making headlines in the financial blogs and magazines because truly these results are super impressive and unheard of. In fact, if the owner of Forex Money Manage Program was this good at making money from the Forex market, he would never want to involve you. He would probably be trading while seated in a beach front house somewhere in the Caribbean. He would be making money for himself and not busy looking for people who want to make money through fund managers.

80-95% accuracy is yet another too good to be true promise. If there is zero trading performance to prove that the operators of Forex Money Manage Program can trade with this accuracy rate, then it is as good as saying this is a lie.

They also claim that they trade with low draw down. Again, this is just a claim. We have realized that the website where Forex Money Manage Program is hosted at is only making big claims which they cannot fulfill. Their myfxbook account is blank. They are only giving us read only mt4 investor accounts which we are sure they have somehow manipulated to suit them.

Our best advice for you

Be careful with Forex Money Manage Program. It is probably looking for gullible individuals. Just stick to these resources if you want to make money.

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