FXNobel Review: Fraudulent Forex Broker Scam

FXNobel Review: Fraudulent Forex Broker Scam

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FXNobel ( is another Forex trading platform scam to rear its head in the lucrative Forex world. Days do not pass by as scammers try their best to steal from unsuspecting Forex newbies and investors. Here, we ensure that all scam platforms are detected, exposed, and trashed. Lately, we have received numerous email complaints from members who have lost with FXNobel. Read this entire review to find out tricks used.

FXNobel Review

FXNobel Review:

Homepage looks clean and honest, we have to hand it to them, they know how to make it look legit. Intro starts with a message that reads ‘Let’s Start Forex.’ What do they mean by this? Folks, we have an idea of what they mean by this. All they want is to get as many people to sign up with them and take away your money. Best thing to do is avoid this platform and stay away from it as best as you can.

From the looks of it, we noticed that there are a lot of negative reviews floating around the web. There are a lot of loopholes with FX Nobel and we intend to exploit them. Top among them being that there’s no actual owner of this website. We could not also confirm whether this platform follows rules and regulations set. It means that we are most likely dealing with an offshore broker.

Go for Honest and transparent Forex brokers who are experienced and fully backed by the trading community. This way, you stay safe and stand a chance to win and make real money. Get reliable and dependable Forex brokers who have been proven and tested. It’s the only way to make reasonable profit margins. Don’t let this opportunity pass you, sign up with an experienced Forex broker today.

Who Owns FXNobel?

According to the disclaimer at the bottom of the page, FX NOBEL is operated by a group of companies. This group of companies is called Glencoe Partners Limited. Laws that govern this company are incorporated in the Marshal Islands. As we earlier said, we are dealing with an offshore broker. Why would they fail to mention the owners of this company? It’s because of anonymity.

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Scammers thrive on anonymity and as such, we have no names. It would be prudent of them to name just one person in this company. However, they fail to do this simply because they don’t want to be contacted. If we knew who was part of this company, we would contact them for verification purposes. It’s best that you stay away from a platform whose owners don’t want recognition.

Is FXNobel Registered?

FXNobel Scam

Truth be told, FXNobel is not registered anywhere on the face of the planet. What we did was conduct a thorough research using Registrar of companies. These scammers claim that Glencoe Partners Limited is registered, it’s not. Registration number given by these scammers as 92518 is nothing but a random number. All they want is for investors to believe that this platform is registered.

Get this, we also contacted several regulatory bodies to check whether FXNobel is registered. Folks, the FCA and CySEC have never heard of FX NOBEL. It means that we are dealing with a scam Forex broker who is not licensed and not regulated. This is a risky venture since anything can happen and money lost. It also means that FXNobel does not follow the strict rules and guidelines set by the industry.

No Live Support Team.

Apparently, the only way to contact the people behind this platform is by email. What’s even more appalling is that email response took ages. A platform that does not have live support staff in this day and time is not reliable. What if a member has an urgent task or has withdrawal problems? Will they send an email and wait forever for the email to be responded to? This is simply a letdown.

Best thing that they would have done is at least have a bot for live chats. We are not condoning bots but we suggest they are better than no chat support team. It also affirms what we have been saying all along, these people are scammers. Anonymity is what pushes them and they do not want to be contacted. After all, if you would contact them, it would be easier to get a hold of them. It’s what they are afraid of.

Depositing and Withdrawing.

FXNobel Fake Review

Depositing with FX NOBEL is a simple and fast process. Members can sign up with this platform using different payment avenues. Bitcoin, Visa, MasterCard, Wire Transfer and others. When it comes to depositing money with FXNobel, it’s the only right thing that they’ve got. If you are fast enough, you can deposit within less than five minutes. However, we are against people depositing with FX Nobel.

Withdrawals are a bit different, and here lies the problem. No person has come out to claim or defend FX Nobel. It means no person has been able to withdraw money using this fake platform. Email complaints we received showed that withdrawals were withheld for various reasons. One of the biggest excuses these scammers use is lack of enough trade volume. You will not withdraw money with FXNobel, period!

Why not use Forex trading robots instead? Dependable and Reputable Forex trading robots have been known to make real and reasonable profit margins. Best thing to do is to get honest and transparent Forex robots that are genuine and tested. Users with Trusted and Proven Forex trading robots are making money trading Forex. Don’t let this opportunity pass you, sign up with a reputable Forex trading robot today.

FXNobel Account Types.

FXNobel has three different account types on offer, Bronze, Silver and Gold account. Bronze account holders must make a minimum deposit of $1000. It’s a huge minimum deposit level compared to the industry’s required trading standards of $250. Silver account holders must make a minimum deposit of $2500. Gold account holders must make a minimum deposit of over $5000 to start trading.

These accounts come with different perks which are not big enough to warrant such high depository rates. All accounts have a different insurance claim which is bogus. No member who has lost money has been covered by this insurance. It means that they are using this insurance claim to make the platform look and appear legit. Don’t sign up with any account with this lousy Forex broker.

No Platform.

According to the website, they claim to use a MetaTrader4 platform that doesn’t work. We clicked on the link and there was an error. It means that they don’t have any platform to begin with. If they had a platform, they would have given members a demo account to try. Sadly, there’s no such thing as a demo account with FXNobel.

Is FXNobel a Scam?

FXNobel is a certified scam that has hit the Forex world. Its best to avoid it at all costs. Ignore all incoming emails urging you to sign up. What you should do is mark these emails as Spam. Failure to do so might end up making you lose all your money. Stay away from this crappy scam.

FXNobel Final Verdict.

FXNobel Scam Review

Concrete evidence we have clearly show that we are dealing with a Fake and irrefutable Forex scam. All that remains is for us to blacklist this Forex broker and hope that you heed and share our advice.

Go for Dependable and Honest Forex brokers who have known track records. It’s best to sign up with Forex brokers who are trustworthy and reputable. Users stay safe and are guaranteed of trading with ease and safely. Sign up with one today and stand a chance of making real money trading Forex.

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  1. Bom dia, sou Portuguesa e também fui vigarizada, a pessoa que orientava o meu processo chama-se Júlia Ortem, e David Mateus, a sra. Júlia pedia para confiar nela e até agora nadatem conta no Whtsapp com o numero +35796809842 e está online só que agora não me atende. Anteriormente dava desculpa por qualquer coisa, já informei que ia dar conhecimento à policia INTERPOL

    1. Ciao,

      Chiedi loro di ritirare i tuoi fondi e, se rifiutano o insistono nel depositare più fondi, devi presentare uno storno di addebito alla tua banca o aprire una controversia con PayPal secondo il metodo di pagamento, quindi segnalare il caso alla polizia locale

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