FXOptionMart Review: Fraud Alert!

FXOptionMart Review: Fraud Alert!

Share This! is a cryptocurrency investment company that is not licensed. The platform is still new in the market and claims to be involved in Forex and Crypto trading.

The platform was launched in September 2019. Nonetheless, there is no available information on the founders of the platform.

It is dangerous for you to invest in a platform that is not regulated, and the team behind it is operating anonymously. These two factors are total red flags. You should avoid the platform at all costs. promise their investors very high returns. Your funds will not be secure and are at high risk of getting lost. The profits they offer are too good to be real and very unrealistic.

For the platform to buy your trust, at the initial stage, you will make money in But after that, they will ask you to deposit more funds and steal all of it. Review, Platform

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FXOptionMart has a poor trust score. The platform claims to be bitcoin enthusiast and the induct in BTC trading.

The platform of FXOptionMart is very tempting, as they have put up numbers of people that have gained from their activities. All this information is fake, and there is no solid proof to back up the claims.

You will be expecting to make huge profits. However, the company will exit the market without leaving any trace. It is the cycle of all pyramid schemes.

The platform office address is not verified. Given the nature of this shady platform, we firmly believe the location they have indicated is fake. Review

In this review, we will outline the facts about why you should stay away from this platform. The platform should not be trustworthy. It is a pyramid scheme that will disappear with investors’ funds.

The investment company assures clients with ridiculous profits. They also have fake customer testimonials that are meant to entice investors into trusting them.

FXOptionMart is operating anonymously. The company has not indicated a phone number in their platform. Any authority cannot trace them if they choose to abandon their cause.

The platform is an online Ponzi scheme that targets newbies who have no idea how the crypto market works. They have all the features of scam companies. claims to be operating under FX Option Mart LTD, which is located in the US and was launched in November 2016.

However, we did a background check on the purported company. Just as we thought, there is no firm with such a name exist. Rather, everything claim is false information.

There is no need to waste your money and time in pyramid schemes. There are sustainable and legit methods you can earn cash.

How does operate? is a platform that appears to be legit. But do not let their false allegations deceive you.  The platform is unregulated, and we do not expect them to keep their end of the bargain.

The platform is running promotional adverts on various social media platforms. Remember, this is a marketing tactic incorporated by many pyramid schemes to fish in innocent investors right into their hands.

FXOptionMart has no available data concerning the approach that they employ in their trading.  There is also no performance result for their investments. The platform only brags about their success, but there is no information to prove its accuracy.

FXOptionMart is a suspicious company, and they could stop paying anytime they please. It is certain that, the platform does not care about any investors. The sole purpose is to satisfy their greedy needs.

Investment Plan and Returns

The platform offers four investment plans to those who invest with them. Keep in consideration that all schemes are fake, and the sole purpose of having high returns is to attract more people.

Plan 1 promises users a 120% ROI for 7 days. The amount of funds that you can deposit is 300 USD. Plan 2 grants clients a 140% ROI. It runs for 1 week, and the amount of money that you can deposit is $500.

Plan 3 offers investors a 7 days’ returns of 200% ROI. The amount of funds that you can deposit is $1,000. The final and fourth plan runs for one week. The platform claims that investors can get a 250% ROI. The amount of money that they accept is 1,500 USD. Scam Review, Plan creates the notion that the more cash you deposit, the higher the returns you will receive. If you fall for their fake financial narrative, you will end up losing a lot of funds.

Above all, the platform has not shown how they will attain the income. We are not aware of how they invest funds. The returns are exciting, but the chances of receiving them are zero. Affiliate Program

Initials investors are only paid whenever new members join. The platform subjects its investors to invite as many people as possible to get a commission.

Ponzi scheme cannot survive in the online market without its promoters. The affiliate program will only benefit the marketers, so do not trust whatever info they sell to you.

When there are no longer more people depositing funds, the pyramid scheme will do away with the funds invested since there is no enough cash to support their cause. Your funds will be trapped in the platform.

Regulation and customer support is an unregulated pyramid scheme. We checked with relevant regulatory bodies, and none of them permits the platform to carry out investment activities.


The investment company uses VOIP, which hides their location when they are calling potential clients. The internet telephone enables the platform to fake various countries’ codes and appears as if they are calling from the UK or US. targets its victims from the USA and Europe. There is no authority that license the investment company to partake any financial service in the world. You should reconsider proceeding with this platform.

The investment company has contact details in the platform’s footer. The email address of the Firm is [email protected] The platform generates most of its traffic from Pakistan.

Domain Name

There isn’t enough information regarding this platform. Especially because it is still a new company. However, we were able to get useful data. The Firm’s targeted audience remains unknown.

The company domain name is It was registered in late September 2019, and it is expected to expire in 2020 the same month. The platform’s Alexa ranking is around 8 million.

Fake Testimonials

Professional scammers run FXOptionMart. As if giving false information regarding their operation is not enough, the platform has bogus testimonials on their page. There is nothing legit about their operations

The reviews are bogus, and they use stock images. Hence, the  messages are malicious and fictitious. Do not believe these testimonials. The remarks are to create transparency and make you deposit funds with the site. Scam Review, Testimonials

Most scammers use this technique to steal investors’ cash. However, not even a single negative review left. All the testimonials have a five-star rating, which is a complete red flag.

FXOptionMart Final Verdict

The platform is another deceptive online investment company. FXOptionMart uses false information regarding their activities.There is no trading activity taking place in the platform. They have also deployed fake testimonials to lure investors into depositing money.

The investment company has no actual source of income. The platform depends on the new investors’ money to pay their pioneer members. Above all, avoid falling for their fraudulent stories. Invest only with the proven legit crypto companies.

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