FXProBitcore Review: A Dangerous Crypto Trading Platform

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FXProBitcore Review: A Dangerous Crypto Trading Platform

Apart from being a clone, FXProBitcore is also blocking withdrawal attempts from members. The platform falsely claims to have regulations from U.S. authorities. Those who have attempted to invest with the platform have lost millions. We have to expose the store for failing to offer transparent crypto investments. FX Pro Bitcore is a clone and uses the same tricks as other crypto scams. Here’s more in our clear FXPROBITCORE REVIEW.

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About FxProBitcore

FXProBitcore claims to have over 8,000 projected completed under its wing. The platform further claims to have over 5,000 satisfied customers. In addition, the platform claims to have over 4,000 workers under its contract.

FXProBitcore Pros and cons

All these are false claims meant to try and look for investors. None of the features listed are accurate as the platform is a clone. The platform uses several cloned attributes from already exposed crypto scams.

We have a platform using the same aesthetics as and If you visit these two websites, you will spot the similarities in each. Everything is the same in terms of aesthetics, and only the domain name is different.

We can tell that all these scams belong to the same owner. The owner attempts to remain anonymous and hides from regulators. That’s another reason to stay away from

The problem with investors is that none of them can dig deeper. Most get easily attracted by the claims of making a daily payout. Yes, the platform creates a bold assertion of producing over 98 percent daily ROI.

Experts recommend that you research the platform you’re about to invest in. Try and find out the experiences of other investors with the platform. It will help you get the foresight you need to move forward.

Advantages and Disadvantages of FXProBitcore

To determine whether a platform is feasible, you need to weigh the pros and cons. Try and find out what makes the platform tip in your favor. It would be best to find out whether the platform is genuine or not.

Most investors signed up with the platform due to the sheer number of profits listed. The platform claims to make even 1,000 percent ROI with some of its accounts. But, like most scams, the platform targets investors looking for a way to get rich quickly.

And thus, the term get-rich-quick and the results are problematic to investors. Most end up losing their entire investments without recovering their funds. Remember that the platform is anonymous with no listed contact information.

Here’s a closer look at the pros and cons of;

Accounts and tiers Fx Bit Core

There are three accounts listed for members to use. These include Silver, Gold, and Premium accounts. Each of these accounts targets a selected group of investors. The accounts also offer different ROI margins.

Let’s take a look at the three accounts;


It’s the most basic account, with investors having to deposit $500 to get started. Unfortunately, there’s no mention of the available vesting period on any accounts. Instead, you get a promise of making $3,000 and above.


The platform targets investors looking for a higher profit margin for the gold account. The minimum allowed deposit with the gold account is $1,500. You get a promise of making $9,500 and above with the account.


It’s the most exclusive account, with investors having to deposit $2,500. The account also targets institutional investors. You get a promise of making $16,000 and above. That’s more than 200 percent ROI.

Accounts FXProBitcore

Account features

One thing is sure, and the platform fails to offer any meaningful investments. These accounts are a big fraud and are traps used to lure investors. No expert or robot can manage to achieve these high-profit margins.

Another huge issue with these accounts is failing to mention the acceptable vesting period. The vesting period is longer in a legit crypto investment such as coin staking. You would expect a minimum vesting period of three to four months.

With the platform also claiming to offer trading services, these accounts don’t have trading features. As a result, members or traders don’t know what they are getting into in leverage and spreads.

We suspect that the platform instills harsh trading conditions such as high leverage. You will find that the minimum leverage is 500:1 while the exclusive accounts get 1000:1. High leverage puts your investing at risk.

Business owner

There’s little information to point to who owns or runs the platform. And this automatically makes FXProBitcore an anonymous crypto investment. The problem with anonymity is that there’s no way of recovering funds.

Those who attempt to hire recovery agents end up losing more. These agents are part of the scam, as a recent investigation revealed. The agents make first contact after getting your information from the platform.

Recovery agents will claim to have won a lawsuit against the platform. The agents will want you to cover legal fees to get part of the settlement. Don’t make the mistake of sending funds to these crooks.

These agents are the final nail in your coffin. As soon as you deposit funds with them, the agents close shop. Only regulators can manage to help members recover funds by freezing bank accounts.

Are funds safe with FX Pro Bitcore? NO

Client testimony

There’s a client testimony section trying to lure more clients into believing the success story. The section seems to depict a successful platform that wants to help investors make more. But unfortunately, these testimonies are often used to lure investors into believing everything.

Sadly for them, we know of these tricks and have seen them before. None of these personas are confirmed as the platform uses fake positive posts. There’s no independent platform that highlights the success of the platform, only misery.

Contact and Support

You won’t find any live chat or means of directly contacting support. The listed phone number rarely works as the platform fails to convince investors of effective communication. Instead, members only get to send emails and hopefully wait for a response.

We see a platform trying to control the communication process. The platform will try and fool investors into depositing funds and block them soon after. That’s what happens to nearly every investor who deposits with

Daily Payouts claims with FX Pro Bitcore

There are no daily payouts as no one gets to reach this far in the platform. No one has come out with proof of withdrawing from the platform. And this says a lot about the platform’s ideals and mission statement.

Deposit and fund safety FXProBitcore

Is licensed or regulated? NO

You won’t enjoy any insurance cover with the platform. The platform also fails to segregate accounts as you expect from investment platforms. It’s likely the owner holds funds in a personal offshore account.

License, Compliance, and regulation FXProBitcore

FXProBitcore is not a licensed or regulated platform. As a result, the platform fails to comply with U.S. regulations. It claims to reside in the States, and still, neither the NFA nor the SEC has given it the greenlight.

Our verdict

After exposing the clone, we expect our readers to stay away from

PS: Get ahead of the pack by investing in credible crypto investments. It’s what you need.

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