FXReview Review: Abscess Forex Scam

FXReview Review: Abscess Forex Scam

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FXReview ( is another Crypto Currency and Forex scam brokerage scam to hit the trading world. FX Review is claiming to be a global leader in online trading. These are simply scam artists who are targeting unsuspecting online investors. Most members are crying foul after having their withdrawal requests canceled for no reason. What’s happening at this cloned trading website? Read this genuine and honest FXREVIEW review for more details.

FXReview Review

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FXReview Review

These scam artists claim to offer 100 of the world’s top financial assets. They claim to offer benefits with infinite opportunities, it is all a lie. Professional scam artists are known to entice unsuspecting investors to sign up. They clone websites and use empty claims and promises to lure investors to sign up. Why do investors sign up with rogue platforms in the first place? They are enticed by over the moon claims and promise of making easy and quick profits. FXReview is another online scam.

These scam artists have made Crypto trading a risky affair especially if they are scam traders. Brokers have been made wary of scam sites with cloned websites. In an effort to help protect the good Crypt trading name, we have to expose these scam artists. By reading this review, we will show you why opening an account with FXReview is prohibited. These scam artists will simply take your money and hide. Members are already crying foul after signing up with these scam artists.

About FXReview

High Concept Holdings Ltd is the company which claims to own this trading platform. They go ahead and claim to be based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. By their own admission, they openly state to be based offshore. Offshore brokers are known to openly flaunt set regulations and rules. Another problem we discovered with this platform is how well they hide information. These scam artists have made sure they have kept their real names secret. Why are they anonymous?

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Who are the actual people running this website? Why can’t we get the names of the founding members of this website? They don’t want to be associated with the scam once the bubble bursts. These are offshore brokers who are willing to scam investors and go under. We are sure FXReview is another platform which will go under within a short period.

Is FXReview licensed or regulated?

Another problem we found is having no license or proof of registration. FXReview is another platform which is operating without a valid license. These scam artists are openly flaunting set industry rules by offering unsafe trading conditions. Members should note that FX Review is not licensed or regulated by official bodies. To confirm their status, we reached out to known regulatory bodies. These bodies include ASIC, COSNOB, CySEC, FCA, NFA, and SEC.

None of these regulatory bodies has ever heard or regulated by FX Review. Another red flag which we must expose is lack of any valid documents. A real broker will post copies of their license certificates for all to see. Why have they not disclosed any legal documents on their entire website? No scam artists will ever want to disclose their true identity, and lack of legal documents is proof of their illicit activities.

Experts recommend users to go for brokers with years of trading experience. Having brokers who are credible and dependable by your side is a step in the right direction. Go for brokers who are genuine and transparent with their affairs. Choose brokers who have a proven track record and solid trading background. 

Features of FXReview/ Advantages

Being an offshore brokerage firm, we expect no trading advantage. These scam artists have no jurisdiction to offer any trading services anywhere. They are openly stealing from members who have been trying to make solid investment decisions. FXReview is another platform which must be exposed by all parties. To avoid any scam platforms, we suggest you read our reviews as we expose all online scams. Protecting investors is our duty as well as promoting online trading.

Disadvantages of FXReview

Account types

FXReview Account Types

FX Review is furnishing users with six different account types to choose from. These accounts are named Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP. What we found weird with this platform is offering a welcome bonus. The more funds you deposit, the more bonuses these scam artists claim to offer.

Deposit and withdrawal

Depositing funds with FX Review is easy and quick, as expected. These scam artists want users to have an easy time depositing. Some of the depository channels include Comodo, MasterCard, Wire Transfer, and Visa. Stay away from these scam artists as their main goal is to have your money. Withdrawing funds with this platform has become an impossible task. Why deposit and never make withdrawal?

No Demo Account

Another interesting issue we found with this broker is lack of a demo account. A demo account gives users an idea of what to expect with this platform. They are enticing users to sign up without having to try or test their platform. These scam artists will ensure you start trading without knowing what to trade with. What platform do they use? As a matter of fact, these scam artists are ensuing users sign up blindly to their platform.

Unknown platform

Another problem we must expose is having no known platform. What type of platform are they using? Is it web based and can it be compatible with other devices? How about having stability when trading? These scam artists made sure users are blindly opening accounts without knowing what to expect. An unknown platform will put investors at risk from third party attacks.

Are funds safe with FXReview?

How can funds be safe with a platform which is anonymous and based offshore? FXReview is putting funds at risk since no one knows their banking partner. Why have they failed to inform users about their banking procedure? Is it possible users are depositing funds straight to owner’s bank account? Users are asked to become aware of the dubious activities happening at FXReview. Expecting any compensation is out of the question, this broker does not insure funds.

Is FXReview a scam?

After reviewing all the facts, we can safely conclude FXReview is a scam. From having no license to operating offshore, FX Review is without a doubt a scam. Make sure to stay away from this brokerage site and warn your family and friends.

Bottom line

FXReview Trading Platform

Adding this broker to our scam blacklist will ensure no one signs up with a scam platform. These scam artists should be exposed for their fraudulent activities.

Using expert backed and industry recommended Forex tools for maximum trading results. Go for Forex trading robots with a proven reputation.

Wishing all investors a happy and lucrative trading experience.

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4 Replies to “FXReview Review: Abscess Forex Scam”

  1. After watching a TV add which said bitcoin was the thing of the future, I bought $250 aud of them just for the experience . The profit rose to $381 within two days, then boom it was all over.
    Yes I did learn from my experience but not until I had been scammed by another so-called company Interabrokers. I now know they are not legit just a bunch of sweet talking fast thinking bulls*** artists. With no agenda but to take every last penny from the unsuspecting.
    Rats in men’s clothing they sure scammed me , I’m far to embarra**ed to tell you the amount they got away with. No heart and no withdrawals . I am hurt beyond belief. It’s all gone, I can’t ever make it up as I’m a retiree.

  2. I invested a small amount having seen an interview with Gordon Ramsey, which later appeared to be a scam. Since the intial investment, I have invested more. The account shows I have 22,600$ in the account, which is still active, but can I get any of the money out, definitely not at this stage. I have left numerous messages for an accounts manager to contact me along with using the sites messaging service…still waiting.
    Not sure how to try and get my money out, can anyone help?

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