FXStrikes Review: Is FXStrikes Legit or Scam?


FXStrikes Review: Is FXStrikes Legit or Scam?

FX Strikes is a trading platform that we do not think will make a single profit return for you, and you risk losing all your money when you trust them. The platform is an alleged signal provider that urges investors they will make maximum profits through their trading strategies.

However, how this platform operates is shady, and it raises doubt on the kind of benefit claims they promise investors. The platform brags of being the best signal provider in the world and that their services beat the competition in the market.

The company provides signals that are suitable for retail and institutional investors but do not be so quick to buy these signals because no investors are seen to benefit from this investment firm. FX Strikes claim that their signals are 98% accurate; this figure for any investor with experience in the trade world will realize some murkiness behind it.

Even established platforms that are legit will offer you a reasonable level of accuracy, and promising 99% is an ultimate lie. If you are looking to make profits, you should venture with legit investment firms that lower the risk you encounter while trading and also guarantee the benefit in the signals they generate for you.

FX Strikes claims to generate up to 2000 pips for their customers; this is the only information that is provided to clients and also the winning rate. The information they provide on the sales page is not enough for you to believe them and deposit a single coin on the platform. Review

The platform also claims to be suitable for any investor and even inexperienced investors. Furthermore, they do not offer any trading materials that you can use if you do not know the trade. The platform also boasts of having an experienced team behind its operations.

How this investment firm operates is shady, and they do not provide any information about the alleged top-notch team they claim to have. does not give any knowledge of the platform owners or where they’re also located not known. It will be helpful if you invest in profitable signal providers to avoid looses.

You’ll be trusting anonymous people with vast amounts of money, and the most likely outcome you’ll end up losing all your money when you fall for their catch. There is also no evidence of any past trade transaction that the platform has been able to complete to prove the days any trade taking place.

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FXStrikes Review, Platform

Furthermore, FX strikes have many red flags exposed on their website, and you will not benefit a single coin from this platform. The platform does not make sense in any of the claims they promise investors, and this is a significant warning not to trust the company at all costs.

The time it takes to generate the trade signals is not known to investors in this proves a lack of professionalism in the platform. FX Strikes does not let you know whether the signals require to be traded immediately or at a given time. is a definite scam company that looks forward to the money that you deposit, and once you complete this successfully, they will delete your account immediately. They promise investors 98% of accuracy, which we all know this figure is unattainable even for well-established platforms.

They claim that the platform was created in 2010, and if they are generating the kind of returns, they claim the traffic number should be high on their website. Investors do not know the type of signal pairs they are and trading; this should disapprove of any allegation the company claims to offer.

FX Strikes tries to hide the shady business by providing trade signals from March 2019, and without backup, none of this information is accurate. The company also accepts copy trading where you can use their alleged expert signals and benefit profitably on your platform.


FX Strikes uses fake reviews on their website of investors who claim to have made money through their trading strategies. Furthermore, the images that are displaying on their website are just stock images, and the owners do not exist, and you will even be surprised to find out they do not know of the company’s existence.

Scam companies will use fake testimonies on the website to tempt you into believing the company is legit. The company also has customers who are angry and claim to have lost money from this investment firm, and the result is not likely to change while you invest with them.

Funds Safety

The safety of your funds is not guaranteed in this investment firm, and you only make losses. The method of operation in this investment firm is shady, and you should not trust a company with your money that is not transparent on how they generate profits for you.

No investor is seen to benefit from this investment firm and to make matters worse, and customers are complaining to have lost money. Without past trade transactions, it is impossible to prove that there is any trade taking place.

Regulation and Customer Support

Different countries have come up with various laws to prevent the people from scammers, and one of these laws includes all platform must be regulated. FX strikes is not a regulated platform because no information to prove otherwise has been provided on the website.

Unregulated companies will swindle all your money and block your details or even delete your account, and you cannot access the platform. The owners of this investment firm risk facing criminal prosecutions and is the main reason they choose to stay anonymous and hide all their details from you.

Regulated companies that you can trust provide regulatory data to investors, and this acts as a sign of genuineness. Unregulated companies will smoothly go out of existence whenever they fail to generate enough traffic on their website.

Furthermore, the company risks getting shut by the law enforcers at any time for generating funds from the public illegally. No contact support has been provided that you can use to reach the platform in case of issues related to the company or if you want your money back.

The FCA, which is the legal regulatory body in the UK, does not recognize this company. Not only are they not recognized by the FCA but also all the other regulatory bodies that are in place to control and govern trading companies.

Final Verdict

FX Strikes method of operation is shady, and they are offering the services illegally and taking money from the public without regulatory documents. How this platform works to generate profits for you is not transparent, and transparency is critical for every legit investment firm that is profitable. owner’s information is hidden and who is operating your money in this investment firm you’re not aware of. They are legit signal providers who are transparent on the kind of signals pairs that you trade with and also the kind of return you expect.

Relevant information is missing on the sales page, and you should not trust anything this company offers you in the form of profit returns. Numerous complaints have been raised by clients all over the globe who have lost money from this investment firm, and this situation is not likely to change when you invest with them.

The platform uses fake testimonials on their website to tempt you into thinking they’re legit, yet these people do not exist, and they are just made up. This investment firm does not guarantee the safety of your money, and no banking information has been provided. You’re not aware who is going to operate your cash.


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