FXworld24 Review: Forex Broker Scam

FXworld24 Review: Forex Broker Scam

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FXworld24 ( is another Forex broker scam that must be exposed for fraudulently ripping off users. FX World 24 is claiming to offer users a chance to get large profits at the comfort of their living rooms. FXWorld is simply trying to lure unsuspecting users investors into signing up. Ray Clarkson is one user who lost $4000 with this shameful broker. Read this entire review and find out about FXWORLD24.

FXworld24 Review

FXworld24 Review:

With calls to start earning immediately you sign up, this broker is simply making over the moon promises. According to their homepage, they have clearly put out marketing messages to sign up people. This broker claims to be a reliable and trusted broker who will help earn money for you. And this is one of the many lies this broker puts out there. Just like Ray, anyone who deposits money with this broker is bound to lose it. Read this entire FXWorld24 review and find out why.

Scammers have to ensure that they come with an almost similar website to make money. FX WORLD 24 is no different as they have created a moving homepage. It’s easy to navigate and that’s why people can’t notice the fraud in it. That’s why you need a professional to help guide you on how to notice these tricks. FXWorld24 is luring investors using the same tricks used in other scams. Read on to find out what these scam tricks are and how they work.

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Who Owns FXWorld24?

Looking at the disclaimer at the footer of the homepage, this platform is owned by Daisy Precious Ltd. A look at the company’s register proves that this is not a registered company. That’s not all, when we tried to look for this company using search engines, no results were found. This is proof that we are dealing with an anonymous entity. And that’s one of the biggest flaws with FX World 24. Anonymity is a big loophole that can’t be ignored.

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Another disturbing detail we found is that this company is based in the Marshal Islands. What this means is that we are dealing with an offshore broker. Offshore brokers are not your cup of tea. These brokers have the tendency of stealing funds and closing down shop at any given time. And that can be verified by the negative comments floating around the web regarding FXWORLD 24.

Is FXworld24 Licensed or Registered?

FXworld24 Scam

What we did to confirm this was look at their documents page. Imagine our surprise when we found that this broker has no registration documents. How can they put up a documentation page that has no licensing and registration information? It’s clear that we are dealing with a rogue Forex broker who is out to cause more harm than good. Stay clear of FX WORLD 24.

A real and legitimate broker will always ensure that they post their valid registration documents. Having to post a licensing and regulation number proves that the broker is legit. It also proves that the broker is transparent in all their dealings. With FXworld24, nothing like this is on the table. FX WORLD 24 is operating without a license and endangering users who deposit money with this broker. Funds are never safe with a broker who is totally off grid.

Fake Demo Account.

Where else can you get a rigged demo account than with a scam broker’s platform. Yes, FXWorld 24 has a rigged demo account that’s solely meant for enchanting purposes. This rigged demo account is producing over the moon winning results. 95% of all trades placed in the demo account are successful because the broker has rigged their own demo account.

Intent here is to entice investors into believing they can mirror the win rates with a real account. Any investor who opens a real account must deposit real money. It’s totally different from the demo account. Stay clear from demo accounts that make huge success winning trades.

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Account Types.

FXworld24 is offering three different trading accounts to choose from. Basic, Gold, and Platinum are the accounts in question. Problem with these accounts is that there’s no any information regarding features of this account. How does this broker expect investors to sign up without knowing the benefits with each account? It’s clear that we are dealing with a rogue broker who will do or say anything.

FXWorld 24 also offers an Islamic account. Anyone who signs up with any of these accounts is likely to lose money once they make deposits. Make sure you don’t open an account with FXWorld24 as it will lead to loss of money. A real broker will ensure that users know what they are getting into. Why has this broker failed to show the details regarding these accounts? This is a huge problem.

Are Funds Safe with FXworld24?

FXworld24 Fake Broker

Anyone who deposits funds should know that this broker is flaunting rules. One of the biggest hurdles with this is lack of proper banking details. Where does this broker bank money deposited by users? It’s clear that users maybe depositing money straight to the user’s personal account. Stay clear from this unlawful broker.

And when it comes to accounts being segregated, this is not the case with this broker. This means that FXworld24 is pooling funds in one account. And this is a very dangerous line of trading practice that FXWORLD24 is using. In case of bankruptcy, this broker will lose all funds deposited with them. To make the matter worse, users should not expect any reimbursement. FX World 24 does not participate in a compensatory scheme.

Is FXworld24 a Scam?

From the evidence we gathered, it’s clear to say that we are dealing with a Forex scam. Make sure to war your family and friends from signing up with this broker. Mark all their emails as Spam and never click on any links sent. Hackers are using these links to steal personal information from users. Ensure you stay away from this broker and always go for authentic Forex brokers.

FXworld24 Final Verdict.

FXworld24 Scam Review

It’s our responsibility to ensure investors have a safe and exciting trading experience. That’s why we have to add this broker to our scam blacklist. And we hope that relevant authorities will look into this broker and shut their whole operation down. Ensure you don’t wind up like Ray and stay away from FXWORLD24.

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Lastly, we wish you all the best in your future Forex trading experience.

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  1. Stavo in contatto anch’io e l’ho mandato a f*nc*l*,da fxworl24 mi ha portato a swissfin group , spero di recuperare i miei 350,00 euro

  2. anche io sto lavorando da 2 anni con flavio cavestro poso dire che andiamo molto bene e vero che delle volte siamo stati in difficoltà ma con lui ce lo fata sempre ad uscire dalle situazioni pericolose,e oggi mi trovo con un conto che vale centinaia di migliaia di euro

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