FY Mining Scam Review: Don’t Send Bitcoins

FY Mining Scam Review: Don’t Send Bitcoins

Share This! is supposed to help you mine Bitcoin in the cloud. However, we can only deduce that the prefix FY stands for F* You. FY Mining does not inspire any trust. It lacks transparency and credibility. The domain is also very new. It was registered on 9th of April, meaning that FY Mining is less than 2 weeks old. Now, this is a high risk website that can disappear anytime from now. If you send them your Bitcoin, guess what? You will remember the prefix of the title when they show you the middle finger.

For the sake of justifying our accusations against this website, let’s reveal the disturbing facts here. But the bottom line still stands. We do not trust this website, and neither should you.

FY Mining Review: It has all the characteristics of a scam

It is potentially a scam because we cannot confirm their alleged 3 years of experience in the Bitcoin mining industry. There workers (if any) are anonymous. Although they claim that a team is behind the activities of this website, it is not true because this team cannot be confirmed. Their existence is purely mythical.

fy mining review

Now, when you check out the domain on a tool like, you will notice that it is barely two weeks old. This does not reflect what you would expect from a website whose team have been mining Bitcoins for 3 good years. So definitely the claim that the team behind FY Mining started this business 3 years ago is a big fat lie.

The anonymous team does not exist. If they did, we would have found them by now. There are no traces of this team anywhere on the internet. The owner of this website is clearly having a second agenda.

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Before we forget, we’d like to say that his anonymous status is also worrying. We have never any business that keeps its operations transparent maintaining such a secret profile. In fact, their anonymous nature tie very well with the rest of the scam elements exhibited by this website. Trust ratings continue to suffer.

Features which they claim to offer

Instant mining upon purchasing a contract is one of them. Well, this is a funny thing because the website doesn’t even mine Bitcoins. Where are their mining farms in the first place? Where are their data centers?

This information has been skipped. No one is discussing this topic on the FY Mining website. We are supposed to believe that this website has data centers and that they will mine for us. Unfortunately, trusting these people is something we cannot do.

With no evidence of FY Mining data centers ever existing anywhere, our hope of making a Bitcoin or pieces of it is zero.

Therefore, when they say Instant mining, it should be interpreted as Instant scam.

Also, they are promising instant withdrawals. This is where customer feedback comes handy. And so far, this site has not been utilized by any customer yet. It is still in its brand new status. In that case, we do not think it will ever pay out given that they are not after mining Bitcoins. They do not have any data centers from which they will be mining Bitcoins in the Blockchain.

No maintenance fees! Such a claim is ridiculous. Mining of Bitcoin is expensive. No one should fool you that they can mine free of charge. How do they make their profits? If at all they have mining hardware, how do they maintain them?

Who pays the cost of electricity used during mining? Again, there is no answer to these questions. Instead, FY Mining thinks that you are extremely foolish and will never ask these questions.

We are being realistic here. If no mining fees will ever apply, don’t expect any mining of Bitcoin to take place. It is as simple as that.

Guaranteed profits and instant earnings

These promises are too good to be true. First of all, FY Mining has not demonstrated that they truly mine Bitcoins. So can we trust that they will generate us some profits? The answer is No.

At this point in time, it is beginning to look like an internet ponzi scheme. With no evidence of mining hardware or fees to be paid in maintaining the activities of this website, one could be justified to believe that FY Mining is only collecting funds from members of the public and using a portion of those funds to issue small payouts.

The truth is that once you have sent Bitcoins to these scammers, you won’t get it back. They have no mercy for ignorant people who send Bitcoins their way.

Investment plans

The first plan is giving away 50GH/s of hashing power for free. Remember that FY Mining is also promising free mining without any maintenance fees. In essence, this site is claiming that they will give you free hashing power and return 100% of profits free of charge.

Do you find this ridiculous and unbelievable? If you do, then it means this is a scam. You shouldn’t doubt your conscience.

0.05 BTC is supposed to make you 0.03 BTC monthly profits — according to FY Mining. 0.1 BtC is supposed to earn you 0.06 BTC every month. For 1BTC, you make 0.6 BTC every month.

It takes an ignorant person to believe this fairy tale. The site is even promising free bonus after registration. Things are clearly getting out of hand.

Facts to remember

Do not trust an anonymous website. If you do, you should blame yourself.

Beware of websites that claim to mine Bitcoins yet are unable to produce proof of mining or evidence of their data centers existing anywhere in this planet. They are fraud.

Do not believe too good to be true stories of how you will earn a lot of money for almost nothing.

Our best advice for you

Having said that, we will proceed to give you a solution. If you are looking for legit Cryptocurrency mining companies that engage in real mining of Bitcoins, click this link. Forget FY Mining for now.

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2 Replies to “FY Mining Scam Review: Don’t Send Bitcoins”

  1. I checked both of the female pictures to find 1 is a doctor - and 1 is an author and her name is actually Melissa Snark - this site is totally fake, DO NOT GIVE THEM ANYTHING. I did not bother to find the other 2 as this was confirmation enough, Hope this helps anyone who was thinking of investing with them…..DON’T!!

  2. Admin. I think fymining is updated now.. I’ve watched a video of profit and withdrawal.. Some member can’t withdraw because they don’t invest.

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