Gann Trader Review: Is GannTrader a Scam?

Gann Trader Review: Is GannTrader a Scam?

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Gann Trader is an online trading platform that aims to make profits for investors by using a famous well-known strategy. However, you should not be so quick to deposit a single coin in the Investment firm. It is because the platform exposes multiple shady characteristics.

William Delbert Gann was a finance trader, and he created the technical analysis strategy name Gann angles and Master Charts. In coming up with these trading strategies, he used mathematics, geometry, and cyclical analysis, and this helped in making profits always.

The company also claims that by using Gann techniques, investors make a profit despite high volatility in the market. He boasts that his strategy can generate massive returns, and he predicted one of the most critical markets crashes ever.

He was able to gain returns in 1929 after making these profits 50 years later he died. Ever since his death, multiple investors have been using his strategy.

However, most scammers claim to provide quality services that tend to take the opportunity of every growth in any market to swindle your funds. While writing this unbiased review on Gann Trader, we checked on some of the red flags exposed and why we do not recommend the platform to make profits for you.

Therefore you should only invest your money in tried and tested trading tools that will indeed generate profits for you. The company attempts to seem legit by providing quotes from the real founder of these trading strategies.

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Peter Pitch created gann Trader in the 1980s, according to the claim, and it was a revolution in the market the first time it was made. The company is a DOS  program, and the founder works with Billy as the co-founder. Review

The two founders claim they have been able to share out can strategy to the world through this investment firm. They also aim to be able to innovate the process and that they have been in continuous development for the past 20 years.

Gann Trader Review, Platform

Furthermore, in the next 20 years, they hope to be able to come up with a new tool. However, not enough information has been made known on the software strategies of operation.

Gann Trader wants to help discretionary traders on ways to create quantitative models. How they plan to make profits for investors is not known, and they expose so many red flags. The company claims that by using Gann Technical Analysis Program, they were able to beat the competition in the market.

However, in the past, investors could make massive profits, but due to the vast competition in the market promising constant returns may not turn out profiting. The market faces high volatility, and trading, just like any other investment, has some good and bad days that you come across.

Newbie customers may be tempted to fall for the catch, but the platform has no positive feedback that you can use to recommend them. If at all, this investment firm was making profits within the speculated time, then they will be recognized all over the globe for their profiting services.

Gann Trader Tools

Gann Trader is powered by Optuma, which they claim is the world’s most potent quantitative and technical analysis tool. They claim to have tools that help in beating all the company in the market and is the reason for use.

Investors are urged that by using this software, you receive the most powerful tool. They fail to reveal more data on the services they provide and why they use Optuma for there services.

The company claims to grow the tools they use for trading continually. However, no information on the software is available and the kind of algorithm it uses. The platform also features some market source tools for education that can use to learn to trade and advanced your trading skills.


Scammers will use fake testimonies to try and convince your customers are making profits. Therefore to verify this allegation, you should be able to see the links towards the winning trade.

The names mentioned of the alleged happy Investors are just made up, and you may be shocked to the realization they do not know of the platform existence. The use of paid actors is common among Ponzi schemes, and you should be on the lookout for such red flags.

Gann Trader does not have any past trade activities to prove payments being made to their clients.  There might be no client making profits, and this should be visible on the sales page.

Investment Plans

Gann Trader has multiple plans that you can choose and benefit from profitably; Gann Lite Education powered by Optuma and With Gann’s best indicator at the cost of $2195. The payments can be broken down to 12 months with access to various features.

Gann Trader Edition package costs $3 995 and is valid for 24 months. Customers get access to Natal Chart and Ephemeris charts and Gann Planetary lines, among other features.

Gann Decimal Package costs $7 995 with ten years of access to most of its services. The investment plan for extraordinarily costly, and the benefits are not guaranteed to make a profit for you.

Funds Safety

There is no data regarding the founders and the kind of experience they hold besides their names. You risk trusting anonymous people to make profits for you.

They do not reveal any banking data that you can rely on to guarantee your funds are safe, and this is a major red flag. You are not given a trial period to test the credibility of the tool, and you risk investing with a device that may not make any returns for you.

Regulation and Customer Support

The company fails to provide any regulatory data to its customers to prove genuineness Regulated companies showcase a high level of transparency, and you should not trust such platforms to make reasonable returns for you.

Unregulated companies do not last long in the market, and they may end up getting shut with all your investment funds. They also do not abide by any law, and they break the rules whenever.

Regulated companies will always avail of the information on their website for verification purposes. Different countries have come up with various measures to protect their citizens from scammers, and Gann Trader is not known by any regulatory body.

Working contact support is very important while choosing the right trade partner. Investors have to schedule a call on this platform. There is no location whereabouts data of this company, and you may end up sharing your data with criminals.

Final Verdict

Gann Trader is not transparent in the method of operation and lacks much information regarding their services. Yous are not guaranteed profit, and there is no evidence of past trade transactions to prove trade activities taking place.

Nevertheless, it would only be wise to use tried trading tools that will make sensible returns for you and lower the risks you encounter in the trading world. The strategy they use was developed in the past and has even seen some investors make this disapproves of the profit guarantee allegations.

The testimonies used do not feature any verifiable trade link that you can use to prove their legitimacy. Scammers portray similar traits exposed by Gann Trader, and you should be watchful of such.

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