GB21 Review: Is A Scam?

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GB21 Review: Is A Scam?

GB21 claims to own some of the largest mining farms in the world. Unfortunately, there is no reference to any GB21-owned Cryptocurrency mining farm anywhere on the website or the internet in general.

GB21 offers 4 types of products. They allegedly mine Cryptocurrency for their investors, trade Cryptocurrency using a special robot whose details have not be disclosed, stake in Bitcoin and offer an ICO (which hasn’t been launched yet as at the time of writing this review).

These 4 products are of special interest to us because GB21 looks a bit suspicious. While the website is complex in terms of design and full of content that can only be described as promising, there is very little information that would build the confidence of an investor looking to profit from Cryptocurrencies.

Before you jump into GB21 with real money, hoping that things will be good, think twice.

We are not saying that they are a scam. However, lack of critical details to back their claims and promises has made us doubt them. In fact, every time they make a claim, it is always not backed by any evidence or fact.

gb21 review

GB21 Review: why you should probably think twice

The exact physical location of this company is not known. Their physical address has not been stated anywhere on the website.

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But when we look at the details of the domain, we see that the location of the owner is 4600 EAST WASHINGTON STREET, SUITE 305, Phoenix.

Their name is protected by something that goes along the lines of NAMECHEAP.COM NAMECHEAP.COM.

That means they were not willing to let us know who they are. On top of this, there is also another interesting discovery. The domain was registered in 2013.

But according to the website of the GB21 Company, they began their operations somewhere in 2015. This statement cannot be confirmed as the absolute truth.

In fact, when we trace the activities of this company starting 2015 (the date which they claim to have officially began operations in the Cryptocurrency industry), we find no trace at all of this company ever working on any Cryptocurrency project.

GB21 also claims on their website that their mining farms are located in China. But the exact location cannot be verified. On top of this, most of the information that is presented in this website is just promises.

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(a) Cryptocurrency mining

GB21 claims that they are actively involved in mining the most profitable Cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many more.

Essentially, they are offering Crypto cloud mining plans for those who want to generate these coins for profit.

The website also claims that they’ve been able to successfully overcome the difficulty of mining Cryptos, and thus you will always make money with their plans.

(b) Altcoins trading

The second aspect of their business involves using a special bot to trade Cryptos on behalf of their clients.

It is not clear whether this Crypto robot is ready as at now. The company hints that the team isn’t ready yet. But the robot is already listed on their website as a product, and they are claiming that their technicians have managed to build a winning robot that will make money for the ordinary trader.

(c) Staking program

This is one of the many reasons why GB21 is looking like a common hype on the internet.

The website claims that GB21 teamed up with another entity called MCAPLABS. This partnership has allowed them to generate some profits to their members as long as those individuals are holding MCAP in their wallets.

We do not agree with this staking program as it sounds like a hype than a reality. Just be careful with these promises.

(d) ICO program

These days, people are launching ICOs left right and center. GB21 is one of those companies planning to follow suit by launching an ICO early this year.

They claim that they have a team of experts who are working with various programs to raise the value of this ICO.

Where exactly is this team? Who are the members, and what are their qualifications and experience?

Although they have a tab labeled ‘’whitepaper’’ on this website, clicking that tab will only leave you with more questions than answers. Those questions clearly raise many red flags on this project.

We doubt long term sustainability. We doubt whether these guys have a roadmap. Even if it’s there, it is not clearly defined. That makes GB21 sound like a scam, isn’t it?

You can win cool prizes when you invest with GB21

We understand it that guys can win free Holidays and luxurious cars if they perform certain activities or meet thresholds set by this website.

Again, when you read this part, you will not understand what is being communicated on the website because it doesn’t clearly state things in a language that everyone can understand.

The point is, there are many disconnected joints in how the presentation is made. A wide investor should be able to ask these questions before putting their money at risk.

Investment packages

There are two types of investment packages offered by this site. The first investment plan is for those who want to purchase hashing power for mining altcoins.

The second package is for those who are willing to keep the so-called MCAP. As a miner of altcoins, GB21 is asking you to invest a minimum amount of $100 or a maximum of $1000.

gb21 plans

For the MCAP investor, the website is asking a minimum investment of $100 and a maximum of $450,000 per contract. That’s ridiculous, isn’t it?

If there is no clear roadmap on where this company is going, why would you give them that much for your investments? Don’t risk any money here.

Concerns that we will not overlook

We will not overlook the fact that GB21 is an anonymous company with faceless Executives. That alone makes it a dangerous venture to put your money in.

They should have started with the basics before talking about other things. If they missed these basics, it could only mean that this is a huge scam.

Secondly, there is no client feedback about this company anywhere on the internet. If they began their operations in 2015, we believe that this is a long time for them to acquire customers.

Where are reviews and testimonials from these clients? We don’t want to believe that these clients are anonymous just like the operators of this website.

Something clearly looks fishy, and we are not about to ignore our instincts on this matter.

You see, for every genuine company that we recommend here, we make sure that their backgrounds have been verified and that they have real professionals and real altcoin mining farms located somewhere in this planet.

As for GB21, it is unclear whether they own mining farms anywhere in the world. It is unclear whether they have real professionals working for them.

The company CEO is anonymous. Their corporation status is equally anonymous. Who can believe them?

Our best advice for you

It’s so unfortunate that a cleverly-designed website like that of GB21 website can omit such important details. Besides, every legitimate company on the internet has professionals whose profiles can be seen on LinkedIn and elsewhere. If we cannot find any background details pertaining to GB21 website, it should be treated as a red flag. No doubt about this.

10 Replies to “GB21 Review: Is A Scam?”

  1. × Alert!
    • - Can't withdraw your funds from this fraudulent company?
    • - Have they asked you to pay excessive withdrawal fees or to deposit more funds?
    • - Or is there an excessive delay in processing your withdrawal?
    • - Are they trying to push you into depositing more money with them even without withdrawing the one you've already put in?

    It's a CONFIRMED scam company, recover your stolen funds by clicking the button below, then fill out the form and you will get a FREE Mychargeback consultation today:

    Click the button below, fill out the form to recover your lost funds from this scam company

    Click Here To Recover Your Stolen Funds



    1. Компания делает мир лучше, а вы отталкиваете это. Если кто то против, сидите дома пейте чай, мы и до вас потом в конце дойдём)

      1. Gaintbitcoin развели всех вкладчиков, a сейчас новый развод начали . GB21- очередной развод!!!не вздумайте вкладывать деньги.

        Gaintbitcoin betrog alle Investoren, und jetzt hat ein neuer Betrug begonnen. GB21- eine weitere Scheidung !!! Investieren Sie kein Geld.

  3. Its a scam, earlier on they cheat people with the name of and now they have started with another scam named it “GB21”. The owner of company Amit Bhardwaj has already cheated thousand of investors in india.
    Beware of this person and his brands.

    1. соглвсна на все 100% ! Амит мерзкий лгун, заинтересованный только в своем обогащении! вложив деньги в его компанию я, моя семья и друзья потеряли более 10 биткоинов! он просто наглый вор!

  4. The company is legit, its the expectation of investors to double their money overnight hurts, yes gainbitcoin offered to pay the payouts of contracts in btc only, but the price of btc went up so high which was unexpected when they were giving contracts to pay in btc, and as the mining scalability increased they came up with MCAP tokens for payout, but people started thinking amit bhardwaj is a cheat which isnt right, thats what I think, everyone has their own opinions, so when hey started giving mcaps instead of holding people started selling which brought the price down, GBminers is legit because even on blockchain website it shows in the charts that they have 2 percent of global mining power, am all in Mcap as its sleeping giant.

  5. I am just putting my experience and observation about them here. I was lured by one of my friends to invest in and which are sister concerns of GB21. I should have thought twice before doing so.
    GB promised to pay 1.8 times my investment in 1.5 years time. They even made a contract with me.
    But, suddenly they decided to end the contract and instead of paying back at least the original amount of Btc, they made payout in a new coin called MCAPs. They suggested the value of 1 Mcap as .0021 Btc, but outside in common exchanges, the value is negligible. They suggested to keep holding it, and I did. Those MCAPs are still with me l***g useless. I trasferred them to bitcoingrowthfund wallet as they were closing down Gainbitcoin website.
    Now, about bit about bitcoingrowthfund. I invested in 50 MCAPs and 100 LOYLs (another stupid coin) again on insistence of the same friend. Now, even those are l***g useless with me.
    The total value of these is around 0.6 Btc which is a big amount for me.

    Now, I came to know about their new venture GB21. Here when I saw their packages, they mention 1 mcap as around 0.00004581 Btc. Now it is interesting to note that they themselves payout Mcaps saying it is equal to .0021 Btc and when they ask for payment for a package, they say 1 Mcap = .00004581 Btc
    Now, it is clear that I have lost my money completely. I leave it on you to decide what to call them. Cheats or innocent people?!

  6. Аферисты. Всех кинули в gainbitcoin. Теперь кидают в gb21. Из всех участников деньги выводят не больше 10 человек. Остальные курят в стороне. Одн обещания и вранье на протяжении больше года.

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