Gemini Capital Review: Askew Forex Scam

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Gemini Capital Review: Askew Forex Scam

Gemini Capital ( is another brutal Forex broker platform which is ruining lives of anyone who signs up. GeminiCapital is purporting to offer world’s top trading analysis and over 50 US Stocks. Most members are actually complaining due to their accounts being frozen. Some of these accounts have funds in them which is odd. What’s happening with this platform? Find out the whole truth in this detailed GEMINI CAPITAL review.

Gemini Capital Review

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Gemini Capital Review

After receiving over 100 email complaints, we knew something was wrong with this platform. And this is where we draw the line with online brokers offering fake trading services. After landing on their homepage, we deduced why newbie investors are falling for this platform. With a well-designed website, newbies believe this is a legit platform. Professional scam artists have been cloning broker websites to lure victims. How can you avoid such brokers from stealing your funds?

A good way of ensuring you stay safe at all times is by reading broker reviews. Reviews help to create a picture of what to expect with a broker. Make sure to sign up with a broker who has been credited and tested by leading experts. Gemini Capital is yet another broker who is stealing funds from unsuspecting investors. Thanks to our years of trading experience, we have a knack of spotting fake scams from a mile away. Stay away from any broker who has similar characteristics.

About Gemini Capital

According to the disclaimer at the footer of the homepage, this broker is owned by IX Capital Group LTD. Apparently, this brokerage site is registered in the Bahamas which means we are dealing with an offshore broker. In order to stay safe, stay away from any broker who is offshore based. Dealing with such brokers is tantamount to throwing away money to the wind.

By creating a cloned website, these scammers want to create an illusion this platform is real. Gemini Capital smells of scam from a mile away. Most members are having issues after making their initial deposits. Immediately deposits are made, this is the last you will hear from their call agents. Stay away from this broker as they are simply another online platform stealing from unsuspecting investors.

Is Gemini Capital Licensed and Registered?

It should be noted scam artists will do or say anything to make their platforms appear legit. Whether this broker is licensed remains to be seen. Apparently, IX Capital Group was earlier known as Infinox Capital. What does this mean?

Professional scam artists will go to a register and post a name used on the register. Where are copies of their licensed certificates? If this was a real broker platform, why have they failed to post details regarding licensing? Stay away from this broker and any other who is using registered companies’ names. If this broker was truly honest, they would have posted copies of their registration certificates.

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Gemini Capital Disadvantages

Rigged Demo Account

What seems to be a demo account is nothing but a plot to steal funds from members. Professional scam artists will rig their demo accounts to try and entice users to sign up. By rigging a demo account, members get fake results which have been doctored. With their demo account, users are having fake results which show high wins. It should be noted demo accounts use virtual money which is unreal.

Sadly, users need to deposit real cash to trade with a real account. Problem starts when placing trades which become unbearable. Stay away from brokers who have been dealing with rigged demo account. Gemini Capital is using a rigged demo account to steal from unsuspecting online investors. Stay away!

Account Types

Gemini Capital is professing to offer three different account types. Users can choose to have ECN, VIP, or Standard account. With their accounts, something is also amiss. Gemini Capital is asking for a high minimum required depository requirement. Standard account holders are required to part with $500 in order to start trading. Remember this broker is a sham and all these are simply shenanigans. Make sure to stay away from Gemini Capital and use industry recommended brokers.

Gemini Capital Broker Review

Another problem we noticed is how these accounts are similar to each other. Having accounts with same features is a huge problem. Why would anyone deposit $10,000 and get the same advantages as one who deposited $1,000. Make sure to sign up with brokers who offer fair trading conditions. Features such as having support are not real as they tend to blacklist members. Simply stay away from brokers who share similar trading conditions.

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Are funds safe with Gemini Capital?

Why have they failed to mention how they handle funds?  Did you know members are funding owner’s account? Owners of this platform are laughing all the way straight to the bank. Dealing with this broker is not going to be a pleasant experience.

Another shocking issue with Gemini Capital is segregation of accounts. A broker who does not segregate accounts is putting assets at risk. Merging assets in one account is extremely dangerous and uncalled for. Make sure to stay away from brokers who are pooling funds in one account. Another issue we have with this broker is in relation to insuring of funds. Funds are not insured which is a huge problem. In case of insolvency, members should not expect any compensation.

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Is Gemini Capital a Scam?

After going through evidence found, Gemini Capital is a scam. Stay away from this broker as they don’t have any proven credentials in terms of licensing. Anyone dealing with this broker will face more misery. Stay away from this broker.

Bottom Line

Gemini Capital Forex Review

After receiving numerous email complaints, protecting our readers remains our duty. By adding this platform to our scam blacklist, we will help protect anyone reading this review. Stay away from this platform.

Wishing everyone a safe trading experience.

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