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When you land on the domain, the first thing that comes to mind is Genesis mining. A lot of people are also very likely to get confused in the process somehow. It’s in the best interest of the anonymous operators of Genes Mining to capitalize on this confusion, thereby tricking a large portion of traffic that was originally destined for Genesis mining to instead using the services offered by Genes Mining. Genesis Mining is a real and legit company that does Crypto currency mining. You can check it out here. But on the other hand, Genes Mining is a shady website which claims to be a company registered in the UK under the reg number 11797023. The location of this company is cited as 26 Cheering Lane, Suite 401, Stratford
London – UKE20 1BD.

Genes Mining

At the footer of the website, we see the name Invest Mining in addition to a logo which belongs to Genes Mining. It is not clear whether Invest Mining is the same brand as Genes Mining but what is clear is that this is bringing unnecessary confusion. The domain was registered on 28th February 2019 and yet their website claim that they have managed to register over 1600 investors. This is not likely because there is no proof and also common sense tells us that such a website cannot register this number of investors within a very short period of time. But as you can see, they are throwing numbers around quite a lot. Even when you consider the alleged number of deposits and withdrawals which have passed through the hands of these site operators, you will immediately doubt whether those numbers are real. That’s because what you are seeing is too good to be true. You must trust your instincts during these moments. Otherwise, you risk losing a lot of money in the process.

Genes Mining review

The first thing that this website does is to show us their certificate of registration in the UK. So they mean that they are a registered company in the UK. This is to feign credibility and make us trust them but the truth is that there are so many scam companies which are registered in the UK and are purporting to offer Crypto currency cloud mining services. It costs nothing to register a company in the UK for purposes of claiming to offer Crypto currency cloud mining services. Furthermore, you have to remember that in the UK, authorities are not very strict and most people who register companies for the purposes of running online scams don’t get investigated (most of the time).

Genes Mining promises a number of advantages if we mine with their company. These include instant deposits and withdrawals, guaranteed profits, attractive commissions, 3% – 4% daily returns and many more. There is obviously something wrong with such promises. 3-4% daily returns is something that is too good to be true because if you are to make 3% daily returns, you would essentially be generating 90% monthly returns from this cloud mining service. Now, you have to understand that this is a big fat lie because cloud mining does not pay extra ordinary profits at the moment. You cannot expect such returns in any legit cloud mining operation. So this is suspicious and we believe that it is a trick which they are using to lure those who do not know what to expect out of cloud mining. The truth is that you will never earn these returns in any cloud mining operations. So this is one red flag. Take note of it.

The second red flag that we find on this website is the mention of guaranteed income. This is an investment and you cannot be guaranteed profits at the end of the day. Most shady cloud mining services will either steal from you straight away or fail to recover the money you spent in buying hash power from them. That will mean that they have stolen your money since when they promise what you will earn in the contracts, they claim that not only will you recover capital., but you will also make profits on top of what you had invested. Then it turns out that the opposite is true. You don’t recover your capital, let alone making any profits.

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Unverified testimonials

Genes Mining is showing us some fake testimonials to suggest that people are really in love with their cloud mining service. You have to ask yourself who is the moderator or editor of these fake reviews. First of all, we don’t even think that these reviews were written by people who have used this service before. You can rest assured that the text which you see in this area of the website is written by the owner of this website. You have to understand that genuine testimonials are always accompanied by proof.

This is what it is. We need to see evidence of real people talking about this service on Crypto currency mining forums on the internet. There are many forums out there and if this service is popular (as they claim to have registered over 1600 investors), we should be able to see a few discussions about the service. There is nowhere on the internet where such discussions are happening regarding Genes Mining.

Is Genes Mining a scam?

This service looks like a scam because it cannot be trusted in the first place and secondly, this is a very new service to start with. If you want to trust it, you should probably give them at least 6 months to try finding out whether they are real or not. This period will give you sufficient time to find out what others are saying about the website i.e whether they tried it, got scammed, etc.

Our best advice for you

Genes Mining is a weird cloud mining site and we believe that there can be a risky investment in this site at this time. However, we believe that they should be given some time to see how things will turn out. Just stick to the legit cloud mining services.

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80 Replies to “ Review: Genes Mining is Copy Cat Scam”

  1. Yes, it is a scammed site they don’t respond to your message. Also when you deposit your balance will not be added at the end you would be blaming your self.

      1. Amigo yo pude retirar una arte pero ahora me cobran 0.016 btc de mantenimiento y mientras tanto no pague no puedo retirar pero intenté pagar de la misma cuenta y no me da

      2. Mnie oszukali na 3tys zł do tej pory nie odzyskałem żadnych środków a teraz odświeżyli sobie stronę żeby dowodów nie było dobrze ze mam scriny porobione

  2. I have under the pack. The numbers compared with other services. So far I have come to the conclusion that the numbers are correct. The only difference is that they are a bit cheaper in the GH / s cost than others. Nevertheless, specify realistic values. The term is crucial at genes-mining! others give less than GH / s in a term of 10 years or high GH / s at 24h … at 10 years one makes already profit but only in 10 years. too high a term for a profit of a few percent. Other reputable cloud miners want a high entry fee which is more deterrent. Nevertheless, the GH / s costs are almost equal to and I have invested there myself. And so far, all the promises of genes-mining have been kept.
    While there is no conflicting support or anything, every user is responsible for it. So far, there is no a**umption that it is fraud. There are many pages that promise something but no progress can be seen. But register quickly with genes mining and get started right away without any frills and without any other confirmation or spam emails. as far as my conclusion.

    1. Yes they pay small amount and after that they block account and asking you pay fo maintenance fee much more than you withdraw!!! They are scammers!!!!!

    2. regarding the maintenance fees? I can’t withdraw because there is maintenance fees I should paid it, if i pay it, Can I withdraw or not?

      1. Yes me too if I had already mined enough for next contract I would purchase it. The site is not shady because it processes the bitcoins correctly, the site is built with effort (more technical than graphical) you see transaction hashes, IDs, both receiving and sending wallet are aware of the transaction and i have withdrawn 3 times, almost recovered my small investment. Only funny thing is the 9th cipher after the dot, which makes you feel more rich than you really are. Its to move numbers faster and encourage less expert people maybe. No scam or unlegit things, I must say.

  3. Genes mining is a scam. I personally fell victim one you pay for a high server they will tell you to pay maintenance fee and the funny part is you can’t pay from the coin gotten on the site, once you don’t pay they ask you to buy a new server and even after you buy with the coin gotten they still won’t activate the account all they after is you depositing your coin now currently I can no longer log in they deleted my account from their database. They only pay coin that falls between 0.009 downward. I fell victim and I hope no one else will. Plus they never reply message so be warned.

  4. I bought the sever of 0.2btc and so far they have disabled my account plus I cannot log in. They are scam. If you wana invest only buy that of 0.005 server and withdraw your coin no matter the amount cause the moment you want to withdraw 0.005 or 0.05 they would never pay you they you will see pay $50 for server maintenance in btc and once you pay they come with means to make you pay more and once you stop paying they delete your account immediately.

  5. They are a scam they deleted my account, they don’t reply to messages and u can’t withdraw from the site

    1. Complete details of this person is:
      This is scam and do not waste your time and money.
      Complete detail of this website and person:
      John Noble
      925 Wharf Rd,
      Alexandra,, PE, C1B 0L8, ca

  6. Yes they are scams and do not waste you money and time. They just get your money and do not give any thing to you.
    Complete details of this person is as follows:
    John Noble
    925 Wharf Rd,
    Alexandra,, PE, C1B 0L8, ca

  7. Scam, scam, scam…. First time I tried to withdraw they asked to upgrade to new servers, buying a new server will unlock the account. Then they asked maintenance fee that can only be paid by sending new BTC, could not be paid by the profit generated. I did a complaint that maintenance fee should be paid with profit like when subscribing to a new contract.
    Finally, they disabled the account.
    Funny fact, the BTC counter still running when not connected because the session is expired…
    They answered to my messages until they disabled they account.

  8. This is a [email protected]$%^^&G! scam!!!!
    yes, i deposited 0.0004BTC first.. then able to withdraw its profit.. Next i deposited .02 BTC then also withdraw daily all the profits gain.. So sad, after a days they disable my account. Saying i have to pay server maintenance fee equivalent to total profit i gained .. I already pay, but nothing change..
    Check this link the amount total i withdraw:
    This is the total i deposited :

    and the blocked accounts:
    My message to them:

  9. Definitivamente Genes mining es una gran estafa, no cumple con ningún contrato, ni con las supuestas ganancias de los referidos y luego cobra por mantenimiento de servidores para finalmente bloquear tu cuenta… Creo que si Bitcoin quiere tener futuro debe trabajar por la seguridad y protección de sus inversores… a

  10. Please do not be tricked by this site, I have invested 0.02 on their server, at first theyd paid me, I havent got my investment back, but theyve ask for a maintenance fee, so I’d paid them, but then the next day, they blocked my account. My GOD this site is a total scammbag.

  11. Totaler Betrug diese Seite 1x kleinster Server zum test geholt.
    Bereits 2x erfolglos auszahlen la**en. Es wird immer wieder mal jemand berichten das er was bekommen hat damit nicht nur negatives über diese scammer zu finden ist. Finger weg!!!

  12. As a member of the company they do pay a small amount and once you invest more they dont Pay u and they will keep on giving excuses in order for you to pay Some fees they are creating so wht I can tell you guys is whn ever you invest money in this small site invest small amount of money. So when ever you invest money dont invest a lot of money from the start and whn they start demanding you to invest more that is a sign that show they are a scam

      1. Laporkan ke Inter**l wae boss…Bikin dulu badan hukum/legalnya boss , setelah itu tampung semua aspirasi korbannya dari seluruh dunia dan ajukan kasus hukumnya ke pengadilan internasional dan seharusnya bekerjasama dg inter**l untuk membuat repnotis penangkapan ( jika itu benar kasusnya ).
        Make an internasional justice colaboration to handling this case.

        1. njiir banget emank support Genes mining. gue udh bayar fee maintance sebesar 0.008BTC akun juga blm di unblock. malah di mintain lagi 0.0025 BTC untuk bayar email dan support. kan Fu*k banget mana udh terlanjur depo 0.04

  13. I tried it and it was certainly scam
    At first days you can withdraw your BTC then you will be blocked, and they said you must pay more to lost more

  14. Genes Mining a scam.MyTotal Mined was 0.010 btc while the maintenance fee was 0.016 btc. How can this be?
    No doubt they are fraudsters.

    1. regarding the maintenance fees? I can’t withdraw because there is maintenance fees I should paid it, if i pay it, Can I withdraw or not?

  15. Genes mining is a scam, No go zone. They lure you with a small package and pay but when you upgrade they don’t pay at all.

  16. ARNAQUE : Même problème, petit virement ok, puis ils demandes de payer 0.08btc de frais et ensuite plus rien. Vers qui peut-on se tourner pour récupérer la mise de départ ?

  17. Depois de comprar servidores de mineração no eles simplesmente bloquearam o meu acesso e nao respondem aos emails.
    Anets de bloquearem o acesso tentei transferir o saldo de BTC que tinha e NUNCA foi transferido!
    Tentando fazer a recuperação de pa**w*** o email de recuperação NUNCA é enviado.

    É esquema fraudulkento a meu ver até agora.

  18. I have an account with Genes and I started with the small server and actually used BTC used from it’s earnings to buy 3 more small servers. Apparently that’s the may of the small servers they will allow. I did withdraw my initial capital just fine even though it put my account with genes into negative bitcoin.I was just debating getting the 0.02 server but after reading these reviews I’m not so sure if that’s a good idea.

        1. Yes I think so.. they made that for insurance.. my account was activated.. they also gave back percentage of your payments back to you..

  19. I was paid 12hrs after I paid my maintenance fee, I was so delighted.. meanwhile I thought I should pay the maintenance fee to my wallet, that was a mistake, you have to contact their support team.. info.genes-mining
    They will direct you on how to activate your account

  20. I.wish I can show you my screenshot on this genes. It’s a complete scam. The munite you upgrade to a higher server and attempt to withdraw the profits the disable your account and ask you for maintenance fees that a much higher than the amount you were withdrawing. I have four other colleagues who suffered the same fate. I’m a victim do not invest. My server is still running though but I.can’t access it. When you contact support no one responds either.

  21. I got paid and I recovered back my investment, I don’t know ?‍♂️ what you guys are complaining about to be honest with you..

  22. Just this morning after going about reading reviews, I contacted support and my account has been open.. thank you all.. it’s legit

    1. Thanks for the review, they are criticized for nothing, even banks and other financial institutions has charges ? I withdraw after contacting support thanks friends ?

  23. My account is now activate for about 3 hours ago, can you imagine I withdrew and no problem so far.. God bless us all ❤️

  24. Genes-mining is legit to be honest with you guys, i got paid, my account was blocked and they stop paying, I contacted support and followed their instructions, i can now withdraw

  25. I have been mining with other platform, but there maintenance fee is much expensive, genes-mining charge for maintenance fee as well, it’s has been a normal thing for mining platform, due to the unstable price of this cryptocurrency…
    this people charge this fees how banks has their own charges..
    good service.. just work on your support i was stressed before I communicated with your team.

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