Genios Club Review: How Convinces Investors to Join this Crypto MLM Ponzi

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Genios Club Review: How Convinces Investors to Join this Crypto MLM Ponzi

Genios Club is the latest Crypto MLM service provider to take roots in Colombia. Here’s our honest Review.

There have been countless other products from Wilson Acero, the lead promoter of Genios Club. This is not his first Crypto MLM scam and certainly not the last, have you heard of Genios DAI, that was 10 months ago.

Genios Club Review: A risky investment project

He has moved to ensure that everyone working under him gets paid by the number of naïve investors they bring in. Genios Club is not necessarily a crypto product or service provider, in fact, he doesn’t have a clear line of sight of what to offer.

Wilson just makes blatant claims of how he will help increase your investment if only you decided to deposit funds with him. If it’s a staking investment opportunity, it remains to be seen, and that’s another problem.

Lack of accountability and transparency is the reason why we are in this mess. The platform doesn’t offer much in terms of authenticity or any factual information of the entire investment project.

All investors get is a promise of doubling their funds within a short period. And as we have seen before, Genios Club and other such projects are get-rich-quick-schemes. Those who join the platform eventually end up losing a large chunk of their investment.

Here’s our overall review of Genios Club Team Review.

About Genios Club

Far from the Spanish name Genius, the platform is an utter disgrace to the crypto world. The platform has been targeting Spanish speaking countries in South America including Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

Genios Club doesn’t stop there, the platform already has traffic from Spain. And this is where the Spanish authorities got wind of Genios Club’s creator Wilson Acero. Now, there’s a manhunt after the platform cleared over $10 million in investors’ funds.

No investor from Spain got wind of what was about to happen about 10 months ago. It was all going smooth until the platform, went dark. The platform in question was another one of Wilson’s Genios brands,

After making partial withdrawals, investors were urged to deposit more in the last round of funding. Wilson promised that locking the funds would lead to a huge investment ROI of around 90% within 21 days.

And as such, investors seeing the platform convinced them of withdrawals, made the mistake of adding funds. Some even invested their whole life amount with the platform, and that was a painful decision.

After weeks of being quiet, investors reported the matter to Spanish authorities. A manhunt for Wilson began which we suspect is on-going with his ties in Brazil being factored in. It’s believed the team is now hiding in Brazil.

Sadly, no investor has had the chance to withdraw funds from the platform. And this has led to several investors losing faith in crypto investing. That shouldn’t be the case as there are indeed genuine crypto investment projects.

What exactly is

How Wilson Acero deceives investors with Genios Club

The plan is very simple, have investors sign up and deposit funds with a promise of making high ROI. To convince these investors of the plot, he funds their accounts from earlier investors who eventually get kicked out.

It’s happening now as the first “early bird investors” are now funding the present investors. Wilson is kicking them out which is why they have started complaining of withdrawal problems. Some don’t even have access to their accounts.

Attempts to get help from help-desk have hit a wall which is why they have turned to social media and regulators. Sadly, no one has come to help them as Wilson is nowhere to answer questions relating to the project.

For naïve investors, we feel sad for them, they invested in a platform promising heaven but delivered hell. And that’s one of the many reasons why we have to expose the platform’s dubious undertakings.

Before investing in any project, we encourage investors to do a small amount of digging into the project. You can even request a review of the platform beforehand from our support team to get details of the investment.

Most of the investors with Genios Club were easily deceived by the high profit claims offered. Another trap set by Wilson is the affiliate program which nets investors and their network of family and friends.

You have to be aware of the ridiculous amount of promotion Wilson and his team have done to convince investors. This includes having to use video conference calls to seduce investors of the overall outcome of the project.

There’s no end to what Wilson and his team will do to convince you to give them your hard-earned funds.

Scammed by

Wilson Acero Genios Club

It all starts with the platform having to deceive investors of high profit margins within the shortest time possible. At times you have to ask yourself, what’s in it for the platform to act in this manner?

Why would anyone with a money minting investment program ask for $1 in minimum funding? It makes no sense for Wilson to be asking for such a low amount. But it does for him, he wants to create a scenario where he invites each class of investors for the fall.

The affiliate program helps him net more clients without even making any marketing expenses. Those who you help sign up later become victims and end up blaming their affiliates for such. You must be extra careful with the platform.

Wilson has been in the Crypto MLM marketing game for years and we have seen his track record. Before starting his crypto MLM project under the Genios brand, he was pushing Generation Zoe, another failed project.

During the Corona Pandemic, he pushed Forsage, another Ponzi scheme that managed to defraud hundreds of American investors. Vida Divina was his first project that catapulted him to fame in the Crypto MLM world.

At the end of each product cycle, Wilson moves to defraud early investors to help fund his new members. Those who sign up today don’t have a clue of what others before them have gone through with the platform.

The lack of member information is what makes Wilson thrive!

Customer Complaints, Experience, Feedback, Ratings, and Reviews Genios Club

On all his YouTube videos and promotional content platforms such as Facebook, he turns off comments. That means victims don’t have a chance to share their experience with the platform or even enlighten others.

As an investor, doing due diligence means having to check for comments and testimonials of the project. If there’s none and the platform promises high returns, you better think twice about vesting with the project.

If the platform was as successful as Wilson claims, there would be hundreds of positive reviews on the platform.

YouTube Genios Club Wilson Acero

Is legit or high-risk (scam) platform?

Thanks to the history of Wilson and the products he pushes, we can vehemently swear Genios Club is a high-risk no-reward crypto MLM project. Those who sign up eventually end up losing a large chunk of their investment with the platform.

The best way to avoid this platform is reading reviews of MLM products.

Our Verdict Genios Club

After checking the platform’s projection and blocking withdrawals, its clear Genios Club is a high-risk crypto MLM project. The owner is not trustworthy and pushes below the table projects that don’t add up.

The best way to invest in passive income projects is going for tested and tried hands-off investment projects.

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