Gensminers Review: Stay Away from Suspicious Company

Gensminers Review: Stay Away from Suspicious Company

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Gensminers is a crypto company that was recently founded in July. According to, the company is the future of the crypto investment industry. Even though it was established just a few months before, it is making some very tall claims due to which it is important to review it.

In this article, you will get to know about the company’s shady compensation structure and various promises that this company makes to entice the users in investing in the platform. Keep reading this article to get familiar with the Gensminers.

Overview of Gensminers describes the company as an investment firm that deals with a variety of projects in the Bitcoin and Blockchain industry, It is claiming to be the future of investment because it has modern knowledge, skills, tools, and other infrastructure required to lead the crypto industry.

Moreover, the company is claiming to be partners with a lot of different investment projects but mainly focus on Blockchain technology projects. However, the website does not mention the name of any such project. In fact, it is highly possible that the company is not even involved in any kind of such investment projects and acting a Ponzi scheme.

Analysis of Features of Gensminers mentions the following features of the company:

Lifetime Earning

The company claims that once you invest in it, you will be able to earn a huge amount of money for your entire life. Cryptocurrency is the future of the world and likely to replace the traditional currency in the future. Hence, the company is enticing you to invest in it buy promising you lifetime earning opportunities.

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However, it is only logical to think that there is no way that any kind of business can promise you lifetime profits because there is any company that can suffer losses due to uncertain conditions. Gensminers, especially, should not make such false promises because it was founded just a few months back and it does not have the capability to promise lifetime profits to its members.

Registration was registered in July 2020. All of the information available about this company suggests that it was recently established. However, the website states that it has become online this year, but has been operating for many years now.

Yet, there is no proof that Gensminers existed before July. It is highly possible that the company is lying about its origin and time of establishment to attract more people by claiming to be a well-established platform in the crypto industry.


This crypto investment company is claiming to be a fully registered and licensed company. Moreover, it claims to have a state-of-the-art crypto security system that is capable of protecting the transactions. Payments are promised to be distributed on time. Again, there is no proof of the company’s registration with any of the major regulatory authorities.


Other than making many claims, the company is even blatantly lying about its address. The website provides an address in Atlanta, Georgia to seem like a legal and authentic company. Further research show this address belongs to shell companies in the USA.

The physical address provided on is an extremely suspicious aspect of the company. It not only provides a fake address but also keeps updating the address. A few weeks back, an address of a UK-based office was provided that has now changed to Georgia, USA.

Generally, you should not trust any company that lies about its origins and current addresses. If you invest in Gensminers, you will always be in danger of losing your money because this company can collapse anytime due to a lack of recruitment.

Therefore, instead of wasting your resources on this platform, consider investing in crypto mining companies. These companies are reliable and trustworthy that can help you in earning the maximum amount of profits.

Support System of Gensminers

The website is claiming to provide a reliable and efficient support system that is capable of handling a large number of requests and queries from the customers. WhatsApp number and e-mail are provided so you can get in touch with the company. Despite the claims of having a live online system, there is no such option on the website.

Crypto Mining

Gensminers claims to specialize in crypto mining to provide profits to its users. The website states that it invests funds in the crypto mining farms all over the world to allow the participation of a maximum number of clients. As a result, the members can earn a significant amount of profits by participating in crypto mining activities.

Investment in Various Platforms

The most suspicious thing about is that it does not stick with one particular investment industry. At some of the pages of the website, it is claiming to specialize in crypto mining and investing in mining farms. On the other hand, it also mentions about using modern crypto trading bots and Forex trading to generate profits.

This kind of contradictory information indicates that the company is trying to target different kinds of customers and traders in different industries. Many other scam companies also use this kind of strategy to attract as many members as possible before collapsing due to a lack of recruitment.

Income Structure

In order to get any kind of profits from Gensminers, you have to spend at least $100 on it. There is no limit on the maximum amount of money that you can spend in this company. The website encourages users to invest as much money as they can to get more profits. promises the distribution of profits as per the following criteria:

  • Affiliates of the Beginner Level can generate a 105% ROI after investing $100 to $499.
  • Affiliates of the Premium Level can generate a 110% ROI after investing $500 to $1499.
  • Members of the Expert Level can generate 130% ROI after investing $1500 to $1999.

Like many other similar companies, Gensminer is also promising recruitment commissions as follows:

  • 5% recruitment commission for the members of Level 1
  • 10% recruitment commission for the members of Level 2
  • 15% recruitment commission for the members of Level 3

Final Verdict About Gensminers

The above discussion makes it quite evident that Gensminers is not a trustable platform. It keeps contradicting its own claims. At one point, it is claiming to generate revenue through crypto mining farms. Yet, there is no proof about the existence of such farms because it fails to mention the name of any specific equipment or infrastructure being used for this purpose.

Furthermore, the compensation promised by this company is extremely high, which indicates that it wants to lure the members by any means due to which it is promising to provide such a massive amount of daily ROI. It cannot pay these ROIs because it is a new company and it cannot have this much money to pay to the members.

Lastly, you should remember the fact that there is no information available about the owner of the company. It is not providing its real address. Instead, it keeps lying about it by updating the address on the website. The Atlanta and UK addresses belong to shell companies.

Hence, you should stay away from Gensminers because it is a highly suspicious platform. It is clearly hiding a lot about its actual origins and way of conducting business. It would be much better for you to avoid it and instead, invest in a reliable crypto mining company. Such companies are efficient and trustworthy because they have the modern infrastructure needded to mine coins and earn profits. 

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