Get Bitcoin Gold Review: Scam Will Ruin Your Wallet


Get Bitcoin Gold Review: Scam Will Ruin Your Wallet

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Oh, not again. is a bunch of crap. If an instrument that measures percentage of crap existed, definitely Get Bitcoin Gold would record a very very high reading.

We have established that Get Bitcoin Gold is a big scam. If you follow what they are telling you, you will end up losing all your Bitcoin.

The site is run by an anonymous individual or group of individuals. They are probably the same people who are behind countless of Bitcoins scams on the web right now.

What exactly is Get Bitcoin Gold all about? Well, prepare to laugh when we tell you the answer. Are you ready to learn the crap that this website is spitting?

The website has published instructions on how to get Bitcoin Gold from them for free. We are assuming that Bitcoin Gold is the same as Bitcoin. The word Gold has just been added to it to make it sound spiced up. No problem. The message is clear. But the intention is even clearer as we have confirmed that this site was designed to steal your money from day one.

Get Bitcoin Gold review

We are not sure why Get Bitcoin Gold decided to implement such a ”business model”. What do they stand to gain when you get free Bitcoin from them? And why would someone give you free Bitcoin when one BTC is worth a whooping $7,000?

If you ask yourself those questions, you will immediately become suspicious of this website. There is no way someone can give you free money for doing nothing.

Just think critically and logically. Then you will see that this promise, in itself, is a red flag. So, how are these scammers intending to steal Bitcoin from their clients?

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get bitcoin gold website

Instructions have been given on the homepage of this site. Basically, you are supposed to login on your wallet which is hosted at Locate settings and address menu, then import and manage addresses. Now, it’s about exporting private keys. And then there are also instructions on how to encrypt your wallet. This is to create the impression that Get Bitcoin Gold is an authentic website.

There is no way it can be an authentic website by the way. There is no real business that is going on here. The only thing that they are doing is asking customers to deposit money in Bitcoin so they can steal it.

By the way, Bitcoin transactions cannot be reversed no matter what. If you deposit any money here, be prepared to face the consequences because one thing you should be guaranteed of is that you will never recover it.

Who is the owner of Get Bitcoin Gold?

First off, this scam was registered one month ago. The website is owned and managed by a Russian named Sergei Kudryavcev.

The moment you learn that you are dealing with an anonymous person who lives in Russia, your fears become real all of a sudden.

This cony website does not have any introduction on who owns it. There is no mission statement to tell their visitors what this website intends to achieve by giving out free Bitcoin. We actually don’t think that someone can give you free Bitcoin in exchange for nothing. The steps which you are following on this site to get ”free Bitcoin” are really tricks to make you send them money, either knowingly or unknowingly.

We hate to deal with websites that don’t have a proper introduction. It’s unprofessional. Moreover, it sends a warning message that the website which you are about to transact business with is a scam.

If we don’t know the owner yet, you should not send them any money. That’s the first rule of thumb.

What do they gain by distributing free Bitcoin?

Get Bitcoin Gold is the most blatant scam that we have encountered as far as crypto websites are concerned. Now that they are distributing ”free coins” for doing nothing, what do they intend to achieve at the end of the day? Are there incentives for doing so?

We figured that this scam was targeting the most ignorant of individuals. They know that majority of people are aware of Forex, Stock and binary options investing. But they know very little about how Bitcoin works and how people make money by trading or mining it.

In fact, we can bet that some people don’t even know the current value of Bitcoin. This category of people are fodder for scams like Get Bitcoin Gold.

The fact of the matter is that Get Bitcoin Gold website isn’t doing any serious business with any depositor money. It is just like a ponzi scheme where depositors are welcomed but no payouts are ever issued.

From the look of things, we see that this strange website does not make any provision for getting free or paid Bitcoin. Forget about their claims. Is there any proof that people are making free money from this website? Or let’s put it this way: is there anything like free money in the world? You have to do something to deserve that money. In fact, Get Bitcoin Gold is just too good to believe. We have said many times that such opportunities are often big scams.

Customer feedback

This is a very empty website as you can see. We do not know what they intend to achieve which such an empty site that is devoid of useful information.

First of all, they cannot even convince us that something serious is going on here. How do they intend to attract clients? Simply by using the words ”Get Bitcoin Gold”?

We set out to find any evidence that this website was running a legitimate operation as far as Bitcoin investing was concerned.

But alas, there was no customer feedback at all. We searched the internet and only found forums where people were questioning the authenticity of ”free Bitcoin sites”. They wanted to know whether these sites work or not.

get bitcoin gold scam

The fact that there is no reference of this site anywhere on the internet, one is entitled to conclude that it is a new website that has no real business model to rely on. The only business model that they intend to implement now and in the future is that which relies on collecting deposits and enriching themselves. That’s why we said that this website was only targeting the naive.

Red flags in summary

No meaningful information is presented in this site to help us make an informed decision or even establish whether or not it is a scam.

The owner is definitely a suspicious guy. The theme of the site is also very basic. Unlike many scams in this niche, Get Bitcoin Gold lacks the oomph and vigor. The owner does not see the need to work very hard to convince depositors because they know that in every minute, a greater fool with money is getting born somewhere in the world.

Our best advice for you

Keep off this Bitcoin scam at all cost. There is nothing good for you here. They are not trading, mining or doing any meaningful thing with clients’ money. They are only stealing it as soon as it has been deposited into their bank accounts. We advice you to legitimately mine cryptos with these companies instead.


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2 Replies to “Get Bitcoin Gold Review: Scam Will Ruin Your Wallet”

  1. It is alarming how many of these sites are popping up in the internet to con unsuspecting individuals who own Bitcoins but are not internet savvy. On the very first impression I knew this website was fake, the Bitcoin Gold website as you can see does not look authentic and most of the people would avoid or report it. But for some unlucky individuals it is bad news as they have been scammed.

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