Global Crypto App Review: Scam or Legit?

Global Crypto App Review: Scam or Legit?

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Global Crypto App ( is a Crypto trading app (semi automated) which promises to give traders a number of benefits but we also think that traders should know the downsides as well. If you are an aspiring trader who is looking to get a head start on crypto, then read our review to know everything about this platform before committing with your money.

According to the web page where Global Crypto App is hosted at, a $500 account can make between $25 to $40 per day depending on market conditions. However, as long as you have long term investing mentality, this platform might be the last one you will ever need. Nowadays cryptocurrency have got huge media attention and the number of people getting into crypto sphere has gone up exponentially. So, is this the perfect opportunity to get into the middle of the action and get a consistent revenue?

global crypto app

Until you read the whole of this review to get details, it is not easy to make that conclusion. That is why we have decided to do a review of the Global Crypto app for the sake of making it easier for traders to decide for themselves. But in the meantime, one can subscribe for these Crypto trading bots because they are also very efficient in terms of performance. They have been generating consistent revenue ever since their developers launched them. So you definitely cant go wrong with those trading bots.

Global Crypto app review

We will be looking at how this robot works and also the kind of features that are bundled into the product. Once we are done with that part, we will go ahead and either recommend or tell you not to use the app.

At first glance, the amount of signals and indicators flashing on the screen might seem a little complicated. However, once you understand the basics of the software, then it will become easy over time to get the best. Each and every trader’s perspective of the market will be different. So, to accommodate the needs of all the types of analysis, there is a section which showcase the different approaches to the market.

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For example, if your decision making process is entirely dependent upon the Fibonacci, then tweaking the setting to that particular indicator will yield relevant setups. Regardless of your approach, traders will not have any worries, because this software has almost half a dozen of parameters which have withstood the test of time. Along with the future targets, the most notable feature of this algorithm is the fact that, it provides exact stop loss levels. If you are a newbie, then this feature will be a life saver for you because at all times, you will be aware of the worst possible scenario and you can set the position size accordingly.

In short, the answer to the common question in trading such as when to enter?, where to enter?, and when to exit? are addressed on a single platform. Moreover, the charting capability is also top of the line material. It contains all the necessary indicators along with drawing tools. This kind of flexibility and functionality makes it a must have tool for every trader.

Having said this, everyone can see that Global Crypto App is not a way to quick riches as it was clearly designed to make work easier. It could also mean that a novice trader will have to capitalize on the robot’s functionality in order to realize the kind of results which they want.

Money management feature

The volatility in the present market requires strict measures to control the risks, otherwise the odds will be against you. To make the traders realize the maximum upside and down side of every single trade, this platform shows the exact price levels before hand.

Moreover, the software only scans for pairs which have at least 2:1 risk reward ratio which will ensure that, you only take worthwhile trades. Along with risk management, it is crucial for your success to ensure proper position sizing. After all, to remove emotions from trading, one should always risk only around 2% to 3% account value per trade. On this software before you take any trades, the lot size always has to be manually configured.

Should you purchase a copy of this auto trading bot?

There is a lot that goes into the functionality of Global Crypto App and this may even sound quite overwhelming to a new trader. The whole bunch of indicators and drawing tools make work easier but that does not necessarily mean that making money is guaranteed. There are traders who want to have maximum control over their trading operations and if that is the case, this robot cannot be the most ideal tool. However, if you trust an automated bot and would never mind the tool making most of decisions for you, then a bot like Global Crypto App would help.

Therefore, the bottom line is that you should evaluate yourself and see whether you would like to rely on the features of this robot.

Any past performance to back Global Crypto App?

One thing we have noticed is that most developers who program these robots don’t always want to test their robots before they can start selling them. They always create robots and launch them into the markets without providing any form of demonstrated past performance. This is a very bad thing and you have to actually realize that such developers are never confident about their products. They just want to sell and that’s all they care about. Is Global Crypto App that kind of a robot? The answer is a big yes and in as much as the developer is mentioning a lot of features and trying to explain how the bot works, the fact of the matter is that they did not test this bot in a live market.

Our best advice for you

Global Crypto App is quite a detailed app but in as much as it is equipped with these features, all we care about is tested performance. That is actually the reason we can’t include it in this list yet.

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