Global Cryptocurrency Coin Review: a Crypto Based MLM Company

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Global Cryptocurrency Coin Review: a Crypto Based MLM Company

The Global Cryptocurrency coin is a crypto-based MLM Company. The company was launched in September 2015 and based in Poland.

The company comes in the market with the aim to become the world’s most powerful and the daily used cryptocurrency.

If you are thinking to invest your money in the Global Cryptocurrency coin, then read this article till the end. It might change your opinion about investing in the company.

While investing in any virtual currency, it is necessary to do the research. So in this article, I will do the unbiased review of the Global Cryptocurrency Coin and tell you about the company compensation plan, products, and everything else you need to know about the company.

About Global Cryptocurrency Coin – Global Cryptocurrency Coin Review

global cryptocurrency coin review, review

According to the information present on the company official website, the CEO and founder of the company is Jan Pasboel.

The Bio of Pasboel on the official website is as follows. Pasbole has more than 20 years of experience in various industries, including Product Development, Strategy implementation, general management of Business operations, Production, Investment, and Corporate Development.

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He is also a World business traveller and entrepreneur. He moves to abroad 15 years ago, and then he creates multiple successful companies in various different countries.

The website also states that currently, he is a part of GCC Group concept. While managing the various companies worldwide, Pasboel took thousand of flights and travelled more than 2 Million KM distance in the cars.

However, there is no information about the MLM history due to which it seems that Global Cryptocurrency was his first MLM company.

Global Cryptocurrency Coin Product

The company doesn’t have any retailable product. So the affiliate members of the company can only use their GCCoin a form of cryptocurrency.

According to the company, their coin will become the world’s most powerful and used cryptocurrency. The company believes that soon their coin will be used similarly like currencies EUR, USD, and GBP for doing daily activities such as shopping.

The company create a coin with an algorithm that includes a series of de-encryption hashes. Currently, the company members can only use the GC coin on the GCCoin website and Ecosystem 24 website.

According to the information present on the Global Cryptocurrency website, Ecosystem 24 is a Worlds largest network of websites that allow people to buy product and services using the GCC coin.

Any person or affiliate can buy the GCC coin by signing up on the company website and then purchasing any of the below packages:

  • Silver: €38
  • Velvet: €588
  • Cashmere: €1788

The coin that any person gets depends on what is the rate of CGC coin in comparison to EUR.

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Global Cryptocurrency Coin Compensation Plan

The company compensation plan basically comprises of sales volume through the spending of GCC coin and recruiting new affiliates to do the same thing.

Affiliate Ranks

The company compensation plan describes eight ranks along with the qualification criteria, which is as follows.

  • Pearl: The affiliates need to generate 25,000 PV on the lesser binary side.
  • Opal: The affiliates need to generate 50,000 PV on the lesser binary side.
  • Emerald: The affiliates need to generate 100,000 PV on the lesser binary side.
  • Sapphire: The affiliates need to generate 250,000 PV on the lesser binary side.
  • Ruby: The affiliates need to generate 600,000 PV on the lesser binary side.
  • Diamond: The affiliates need to generate 1,500,000 PV on the lesser binary side.
  • Double Diamond: The affiliates need to generate 6,000,000 PV on the lesser binary side.
  • Triple Diamond: The affiliates need to generate 12,000,000 PV on the lesser binary side.

Apart from this, the VIP qualification is also available. The VIP qualification removes the limit on various commissions and bonuses which we have discussed later in this article.

To qualify for the VIP, an affiliate needs to maintain and generate at least 6000 Gold or higher affiliate on the lesser binary side and out of all the affiliate six affiliates must have a diamond or higher rank.

PV – Personal Volume

Every purchase made with GCC coin on Ecosystem website generate a PV of value 0.024%. Moreover, 0.00024 PV equals to 1EUR spent through the platform.

The PV also generates when any new affiliate signs up with the company, which is as follows:

  • Bronze: It costs €188, which is equal to 188PV.
  • Silver: It costs €488, which is equal to 488PV.
  • Gold: It costs €1888, which is equal to 1888PV.
  • Platinum 3D: It costs €2888, which is equal to 2888PV.
  • Platinum Coin Only: It costs €2888, which is equal to 2888PV.

Recruitment Commission

Affiliates directly earn the commission by recruiting new affiliates. When anyone invites someone through their affiliate link, then they earn the 10% commission depending on the package that person purchase.

The commission that affiliate earns on different packages is as follows.

  • Bronze: In bronze, there is a commission of €18.80.
  • Silver: In silver, there is a commission of €48.80.
  • Gold: In gold, there is a commission of €188.80.
  • Platinum: In Platinum, there is a commission of €288.80.

Residual Commission

The company uses the binary compensation structure to pay the residual commission. In a binary compensation structure, one affiliate is at the top, and two are below it.

Similarly, two more affiliates are below the above two affiliates, and in the same way, it goes so on.

An affiliate earns a 10% residual commission depending on the PV on the weaker side.

Matching Bonus

An affiliate can earn the matching bonus on their binary earnings. The bonus commission that any affiliate get depends on how many affiliates recruited by the affiliate buy gold or higher package.

  • 2 Affiliates: An affiliate on level 1 earns 3% commission, on level 2 earns 2%, on level 3 earns 3%, and on level 4 earns 4% commission.
  • 5 Affiliates: An affiliate on level 1 earns 3% commission, on level 2 earns 2%, on level 3 earns 5%, and on level 4 earns 3% commission. Moreover, on level 5, the affiliate earns 2% commission.
  • 8 Affiliates: An affiliate on level 1 earns 3% commission, on level 2 earns 2%, on level 3 earns 4%, on level 4 and 5 earns 3% commission. Moreover, the affiliate earns 2% commission on level 6.
  • 12 Affiliates: An affiliate on level 1 earns 3% commission, on level 2 earns 2%, on level 3,4 and 5 earns 3%. Apart from this on level 6 and 7, the affiliate earns 2% commission.

However, in order to qualify for the last two, the affiliate must recruit eight or twelve gold or high package affiliate within 90 days after joining.

Moreover, the matching bonus affiliate earns also depend on their ranks which are as follows:

  • €1000 – Pearl
  • €2000 – Opal
  • €4000 – Emerald
  • €10,000 – Sapphire
  • €12,000 – Ruby
  • €15,000 – Diamond
  • €18,000 – Double Diamond
  • €25,000 – Triple Diamond

The VIP members who are above the diamond rank doesn’t have any kind of earning limit for matching bonus.

Rank Achievement Bonus and Monthly Award

When the affiliates achieve a certain rank, they earn some bonus which is as follows:

  • Exotic Travels: Sapphire
  • Cash Bonus: Ruby
  • Car Programme: Diamond and Double Diamond
  • Exotic Car Programme: Triple Diamond

The affiliates who qualify for pearl or higher ranks earn the monthly award in the form of a cash bonus. However, there is no information about how much bonus the affiliate earns.


I will rate this company three stars out of five stars because there are some issues in the company, and one of them is that their cryptocurrency cannot be used in the outside world.

Although the company claim that they want to become the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, still the members can only use their GCC coins on the website EcoSystem24. It will be great if the company be what they claim.

Moreover, it seems that only use GCC coins to hide their MLM scheme. Overall I would say that if you want to invest your money in a safe place, then go for other investing options.

Instead of investing in the Global Cryptocurrency Coin, you can invest your money in legit Crypto Mining Companies. These companies are safe and far better than MLM scams.

I hope you guys find the Global Cryptocurrency Coin review helpful and it gives you detailed information about the company.

Thank you!!!

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