Global Insight Research Review: Facts About This Scam

Global Insight Research Review: Facts About This Scam

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Who are Global Insight Research? The correct answer is that they are just another highly touted trading education website with no track record or account statements to prove that indeed they provide 100% winning signals.

At the center of this scheme is a long-time operator of all sorts of Forex investment hyperbole known as Bruce Moschelle.

It’s true that this guy has worked with a number of stock brokers before.

The problem is that at least 6 brokerage firms which he used to work for have since been expelled by FINRA.

This guy is simply a financial train-wreck. We don’t know how else to describe him. He has even worked in some of the best boiler rooms ever known to man in the Forex investment industry.

Today, Mr Bruce is doling out his secret to trading the markets profitably at a cost of $5,000.

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When you pay this amount, you get his invaluable wisdom which is dished out in form of trading advisory service and a magical indicator which was described by one disgruntled client as ”completely bogus and a rip-off”.

Mr. Bruce is highly touted and perceived to be a stock investment guru, thanks to the attention that people at Ninja Trader are giving him.

Although he receives marquee treatment from Ninja Trader (who apparently is a regulated brokerage ecosystem), we cast a doubt on his character since he has a shoddy reputation.

Who runs the highly touted Ninja Trader ecosystem? Don’t even go there. We know that these are a bunch of investment morons.

Here’s what we know about Global Insight Research

global insight research scam

It’s a platform that runs a trading signals service and commentary for investment instruments like Nasdaq, SP500, Russell 200, and minerals and commodities.

Global Insight Research issues these reports on a daily basis before 12am.

You can also get additional commentary through their private twitter feed. This is private because it’s meant for investors who can pay an additional fee of $99 per month to stay subscribed.

Global Insight Research has products whose features are divided into Price Target 1 up to 5. Price target 1 has an accuracy of 100%. Price target 2 has a win rate of 80%. Price target 3, 4 and 5 have 65%, 55% and 50% respectively.

Now, if you look at these things, you should become suspicious, why? Because price target 1 has a 100% win rate. In other words, Global Insight Research is claiming that you can’t lose a single trade.

Besides offering price target 1 which is said to offer no losing trades, Global Insight Research says it has a magical formula which it can sell to you for a one-time fee of $5,000.

Why is Global Insight Research promoted by Ninja Trader?

Ninja Trader is the only platform that is touting Global Insight Research as a ‘certified educational provider’.

As a matter of fact, Global Insight Research holds a cherished position in the Ninja Trader Ecosystem. This is the only place where Global Insight Research is highly praised to the point of stating that they are verified and reputable.

And if this is the case, the question that you should be asking is this: what is the vetting process that a trading educator or a signal provider has to pass through in order to be considered as ‘qualified’?

Does the so-called Ninja Trader conduct a thorough investigation before promoting these trading educators? Which criteria are they using to investigate the legitimacy of someone who claims to offer investment advice?

When such trading vendors claim that they do have a package that can yield 100% profitable trades, can Ninja Trader tell their clients without blinking an eye that Global Insight Research is really able to deliver those results?

Anyway, seeing that nobody was addressing these fears, we sought to find out who Bruce Moschella of Global Insight Research was.

Bruce Moschella: Who is this man?

We’ve established that he is the proprietor of Global Insight Research website. That’s fine.

He claims to have built his trading career in the last 15 years, and that his investment model is cherished by top hedge fund managers the world beyond..

He’s been providing investment advice to members of the public in the last 15 years …. that’s ridiculous because he is expecting us to trust him on this.

Look, if you read the last paragraph, you will learn that Mr. Bruce has been offering investment advice as a product in the last 15 years.

So that’s where the gospel truth ends so that bullshit can begin.

Finra.Org has given us an in-depth overview of who this man is. According to them, he was a registered stock broker between the years 1999-2010.

It’s actually true that he has been involved with various stock brokerages in those 15 years of his service.

However, close scrutiny reveals that Mr. Bruce would work for one stock brokerage in as little as 30 days before bopping to another stock broker and so on and on.

He would do this over and over for a solid decade. So,what is the reputation of these brokerage firms that used to welcome Mr. Bruce with arms wide open?

Good question, you’ve asked! You need to understand that these firms were nothing more than a ”pump and dump” boiler rooms that were set up with one mission…. to peddle all kinds of investment products.

This guy appears to have worked in several fraudulent penny stock brokerage firms which were banned by Finra.Org.

He’s worked for the TrueMan Group Inc, LH Rose and Company, Harrison Securities, Seaboard securities, you name it.

bruce of global insights research work history

To cut the long story short, this is a very canning person who appears to have a unique sense of danger which pays really well because it often enables him to jump off ship just before it catches fire.

How else would you explain this supernatural instinct which allows him to abandon ship just before Finra officials come kicking the doors of these boiler rooms in which he used to work?

Or maybe his genetic makeup consists of a special trait that allows him to sniff out authorities just before they can walk into these boiler rooms to handcuff him. It’s truly incredible how he’s managed to escape prison time.

So, with such a dirty employment history, how the hell did this man start Global Insight Research to offer investment advice?

Most importantly, how did Ninja Trader Brokerage resolve to start promoting Global Insight Research? One will never find answers to these questions.

Even a blind turtle with no ability to write on the keyboard would sniff out foul play in this deal.

Complaints against Global Insight Research

Some time in 2016, a customer signed up to start receiving ‘investment advice’ from Bruce himself.

This customer narrates a situation where a Bruce Moschella would call him several times a day to promise him a super secret trading system.

This customer describes Bruce’s voice as dripping with ”chocolate paste”. He would be broken bit by bit until it reached a point where he had no problem wiring him $5,000 in order to gain access to the ‘super-secret trading system’ that Bruce was pitching.

Of course the customer signed the relevant paperwork and the ”secret trading algorithm” was delivered. Upon viewing what was inside the package, the customer almost collapsed with shock after finding that Bruce Moschella of Global Insight Research had sent him nothing more than a moving average indicator 🙂  🙂  🙂 .

Our Best advice for you

Before you leave, we want to introduce you to a list of Forex products that we personally researched and tested. Go get those products and forget about Global Insight Research.

The papers that the aforementioned customer signed locked him in and there was no refund. So please, avoid scams and go for the reasonably priced Forex products which we have mentioned above.

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