Global Investing Review: Another Scam to Avoid from Warren Ouma

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Global Investing Review: Another Scam to Avoid from Warren Ouma

Warren Ouma is at it again, this time, he introduces another scam, Global Investing. Our review plans to highlight the problems that come with signing up.

Those unlucky to have signed up with the platform are facing a huge issue. The problem with the platform is fraud. Once you deposit funds, you won’t get anywhere close to withdrawing.

And that’s just facts.

The creator of this scam is also the owner of Verified Traders (

It’s a clear wash-and-rinse scam that purports to offer investors large income by investing in lucrative forex and real estate markets.

Let’s dive right into the GlobalInvesting Review and find out the red flags found on this platform.

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About Global Investing

Union Square is the address listed on the website’s disclaimer page. And these are false contact details as Warren Ouma is a resident of Kenya.

He has been associated with several other investment scams since 2020. And we must put an end to his vast scam reach that has scammed hundreds of naïve investors.

Global Investing Review

The platform claims to be ‘the right partner in wealth creation’ which is far from the truth. We have a platform that fails to offer much in terms of transparency.

Once you land on the homepage, the website is clean and doesn’t give too much vibe of a scam. However, you will also notice it doesn’t have the flair of a genuine investment website.

There have been several issues about scams around the world, and most involve cryptocurrency.

Warren and his team have managed to get into the real-estate scam by claiming to be providing real estate investment opportunities.

The website fails to give any information on how they intend to multiply your investment within such a short time.

And that should be the first pointer that we are dealing with a scam. The platform avoids giving too much information to raise the investment dream to naïve investors.


How can you spot such scams from a mile away?

Our Global Investing review will give you insights on how best to spot online scams. We will highlight the red flags to check with every platform that claims to offer large profit margins.

Accounts and Investment Packages Global Investing

There are three investment plans made available by Warren. These include Bronze, Silver, and Platinum accounts. Each of these plans comes with different incentives and compensation plans. Of course, all these are false details.

Here’s a closer look at each of the account plans and what they claim to offer;


It’s the most exclusive of all accounts with investors having to deposit $250 to get started. Warren has used the globally recognized amount for forex trading. And that’s because he has some forex trading experience background.

$250 is not the only possible deposit, as there’s a maximum allowed deposit set at $4,999.

The account guarantees a minimum of 3 percent return with the same percentage maximum return. That means the account guarantees 3 percent returns after investing. Note that the account fails to give the vesting period.

There’s no gift bonus with this account as it’s a starter account. Once you have invested with this account, days before withdrawing, the platform will email you that you’ve qualified to join the silver account.

And that means no withdrawing funds from the bronze account.


For the silver account, investors have to deposit a minimum of $5,000 to get started. All these accounts come with a 30-day stay deposit which means for the returns to mature, you have to wait for 60 days.

There’s a minimum acceptable deposit of $5,000 as indicated above with the maximum acceptable deposit set at $9,999.

The minimum and maximum returns are guaranteed. Warren claims to offer 5 percent returns with this account.

There’s no gift bonus on this account as well. The account, just like the bronze account, fails to give information on the investments used.

Accounts global Investing

Does the platform solely invest in forex and crypto? Or does it invest part of the funds in all markets including the real estate niche?

These are the hard questions Warren and his team failed to respond to once we sent them email queries.


It’s the most exclusive account and the platform highly recommends it due to its return margins. To get started with this account, you have to deposit $10,000. The vesting period is also 60 days with a 30-day deposit stay clause.

There’s also a set maximum deposit allowed on this account, $ 1 million. That’s insane especially not knowing where your money goes. There’s little communication to suggest the broker is well on his way to offering a lucrative investment opportunity.

Minimum return percentage is 7 percent of the invested amount with the maximum set at 10 percent. What got us laughing with this account is that they offer a $5 gift bonus. Even after splashing a million dollars, you will get a $5 discount.

What a shame.

Contact and support

There’s no live access to Warren or his team members, and that’s a cause for concern. The platform should offer the best when it comes to live chat support. Instead, users get treated to bot chat support.

The listed phone number is a VOIP service provider and worse still, you can’t go through. Sending an email with the platform is another huge mistake, no response for days. The only response is when you inquire about how best to deposit funds.

It seems Warren and his team are eager to direct users on how best to deposit funds. After you deposit funds, there’s little to no communication. And that’s why we have to expose the platform for failing to offer reasonable communication.

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Deposit and Withdrawal channels Global Investing

Let’s start by pointing out that there are no withdrawing funds with this platform. No investor has come out with any proof of withdrawing funds from this platform. And that’s how we know Global Investing is a scam.

Once you sign up with the scam and choose to buy a plan, there’s a pop-up message or a checkout menu. There are several deposit options available on the platform. These include bank and wire transfers.

The platform also accepts several forms of crypto payment including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and USDT.

You will notice the platform will recommend crypto payments thanks to its anonymous nature. And that’s why we need to be alert when it comes to depositing funds from an unknown source.

As indicated earlier, there’s no withdrawal. Despite the platform claiming to offer withdrawal after 60 days, that’s not the case.

How the GlobalInvesting Scam works

How the Global Investing Scam Works

Here’s the low-down on how the Global Investing scam is stealing from hundreds of naïve investors.

Once you sign up and buy any of the indicated plans, all hell breaks loose. The owner will insist that there’s a 30-day wait for the investment to mature. After 30 days, excuses start trickling in.

The platform will insist that your money is still active and judging by the market prices, the projected profit will increase.

Warren uses the same tactics on all clients which makes Global Investing a wash and rinse scam. He repeats this to anyone who dares to sign up with the platform.

Once this is done, he wants to ensure the user doesn’t start questions for the next 30 days. After the 30-day lapse, Warren uses another lie.

He will claim that your funds are ready to invest in a bigger pool. Thanks to admin access, he can show you a different account balance.

He usually sends an email with an account balance image. When you log in to confirm, your account balance will read zero.

By this time, members are already aware that they will never see their funds. At this juncture, Warren goes ahead and deletes your login details.

With no access to the platform, you lose all your investment. And this has been going on for several months now.

Is Global Investing Legit or a Scam?

Judging from customer experience, it’s clear Global Investing is a scam. For the several months the platform has been active, no user has managed to withdraw a single cent.

The platform uses team members to disguise themselves as clients of the platform. By doing so, they post fake account balances and withdrawal credits. And that’s how we know for sure this is a scam.

You will notice none of the users have a live video feed or show their images. More on customer reviews and testimonials later on.

There’s no legal document to prove that Warren and his team have passed through the regulatory process.

What happens when the platform changes tune and decides to shut down? How will the platform compensate members?

There’s no deposit insurance cover as the platform is false. We don’t even have documents proving the professional capacity of Warren and his team.

For a platform to even have a glimpse of transparency, they should plaster their license and registration details on the homepage.

There’s no such thing on the website that would suggest any government check.

And that means investors are on their own when it comes to recovering funds with this platform. We recommend you stay away from such scams in the future.

Other services the platform claims to invest in

Apart from forex and real estate, the platform prides itself on other investment ventures. These include several other incidents. Please note that some of these ventures don’t even come close to ensuring or offering the best incentives to sign up.

Let’s take a closer look at each investment;

ART and Crypto Assets

Warren claims to actively study the market trends, especially in the Art and Crypto space. The statement claims the platform ensures “we strike when it is ripe” which further heightens our worry.

Stay away from Global Investing platform

Forex and Major Stocks

Every investor in town talks of the forex market and going after hot stocks before they skyrocket in price. We asked Warren using a chat session with a pseudonym of ‘Patricia’ which mutual funds they invest in.

There was no response. Warren doesn’t expect clients to ask questions. He hopes you will deposit funds without the slightest idea of what’s going on. And that’s why we have to expose this platform.

High Yield Real Estate Investment

The only real estate Warren knows is the dream house he thinks he will develop with your funds. There’s no way the platform could swindle enough clients thanks to our review. The stats on this platform don’t match the reality.

First, real estate investment is a work in progress, there has to be a time element involved. How the platform promises daily ROI is beyond our imagination. Its clear Warren is targeting clients who want to make a quick buck.

Wine Investment

Fine wine investment is not for the meek and requires patience, not the 10 percent guaranteed profit margin. The platform claims to have recently added wine investment to its portfolio.

And that’s far from the truth, Warren doesn’t even know the difference between white and red wine.

Safety of funds is not guaranteed

Yes, as indicated earlier, the safety of funds is not guaranteed on this platform. There’s no deposit insurance coverage available on the platform. Warren and his team don’t have the funds to deposit security with regulators to mitigate risks.

And that’s how you know Global Investing is 100 percent risk with no reward. Please stay away from this and any other platform.

Testimonials on the website

From what we see, the platform fails to offer much when it comes to reality. All these testimonials you see on the website were created before developing the website. None of the members are real.

If this platform was genuine, even banks would bank on some of the plans seeing they offer guaranteed profit margins.

That’s how you know the platform is a scam.

Verdict Global Investing

From what we have gathered, global investing is a scam. None of the listed products are available. Those unlucky to deposit funds know the pain of losing funds. The platform is an utter scam. Please stay away.

PS: The best way to invest is by going for proven options. How about a funded account program with no challenges to pass?

Please do leave a comment or write to us with any concerns or suggestions.

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