Global-LTC Review: a Manipulative Scam

Global-LTC Review: a Manipulative Scam

Share This! deals with cryptocurrency and Forex markets according to their claims. The platform generates and manages virtual AI bot profits. They claim to have reasonable stocks and bonds.

In their platform, they state they have adequate technology to trade in Forex, Natural Gas, Crude Oil, Bonds, and Indices.

The platform has a group of professionals who help investors to make successful trades. states that their expert team generates monthly returns of up to 30%. There is no available data to show the qualifications of the employees. Review, Website

The platform uses VOIP while calling to hide their identity hence quickly robbing investors’ capital. All platforms that do not have regulation go against the law risking prosecution. The platform can disappear with investors’ funds at any time. risks criminal charges, and investors risk losing personal information. Legalized platforms provide details about the company owners and employees with ease.

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The platform claims to give investors a 90% daily ROI like all other scams. The figure is too good to be considered.

Investors fall victim to a pyramid scheme by believing the return numbers displayed. The promised high returns are red flags. When it comes to investing online, you need to be cautious with fraudsters companies.

Perform thorough research and only invest with trustworthy platforms that offer you reasonable returns.

Global-LTC Review claims to offer its clients 30% to 50% every month. The claims may not be accurate as no proof exists to support their claims.

The platform does not contain any history about their trade method or how they generate income. Global-LTC Stock investors will, at first glance, realize this is a scheme based on the numbers.

Investors who do their research will realize that no address linking to them exist. The claims they pose in their crypto mining operations cannot be verified.

We do not know where their mining farms are located or the machines they utilize. It is an indicator they are a Ponzi scheme that knows nothing about mining.

Some investors, even after reading this review, still fall for the scam. The platform, however, like other Ponzi schemes, lacks regulatory certificates. Funds Safety is at high risk in the company. does not have adequate information regarding their investment activities. Their operations in the crypto investment market are not controlled.

Any experienced investor will not risk their funds. might disappear anytime from the market. Investors need to pay attention to such as schemes or risk losing capital.

Legal platforms need to provide investors with regulation documents. Investors need to know an investment company is transparent. The platform has not provided banking information.

The investment company does not allow traders to withdraw at their own will. instead decides specific dates and times for withdrawal. As if limiting withdrawals is not enough, the platform also regulates the time.

Investing online involves numerous risks. There are a lot of scammers who want to steal investors’ funds. You need to be very cautious. Identify the catchline being used by these shady platforms. We have compiled useful information to guide you in Forex trading. Packages

Lucrative investment plans are a way for scam platforms to target investors. The platform has three packages; each package split into two sections. Keep in mind that the returns are unattainable, and the numbers in their returns are fake.

There is a Beginner Package, which is divided into two. The beginner one package claims the minimum amount that investors can deposit is $300 up to $499, 25% income daily. The capping limit is $4500. promises a 1.5% return for 135 working days.

Investors get a binary referral of 10% and seven packages. Beginner two package claims to offer investors a minimum and maximum deposit of $500 to $2499, respectively. A 30% daily income, for direct referral, clients get a 6% return, and for binary reference 10% with a capping limit of $8500, the platform project 1.7% of profits in 150 business days.

The second investor package of is Master Package. The maximum package deposit is up to $5499. You will earn a 50% projected daily income, an estimated 14 days package of 7% direct referral. The platform also promises a 10% binary referral. The capping limit is $50000. They promise investors 1.9% of profits for 160 days.

Master Package 2 of the platform offers a maximum deposit allowance of $9999, 60%. The daily return is also inclusive of the package. You will attain an 8% direct referral, and 10 % binary referral. The capping limit is the same as a master package. A return of 2.1% is achieved after investing for 170 days. Scam Review, Investment Plan

Legend Package is the pyramid scheme real deal package. The legend Package claims a maximum deposit of $24999, 80% daily income, 30 Package days, 9%, and 10% direct and binary referral jointly. The capping limit is $750000, and the platform for 175 working days promises 2.3 % returns.

The last package claims to accept a $50000 deposit amount. 90% of daily income is assured by the shady platform. The plan takes 30 days. You can claim a 2.5 % return for 180 days.

Investors with a keen eye for detail will realize the numbers and reconsider venturing elsewhere. Avoid The only thing you will get from them is huge losses. Support and Founders

There is a mandatory requirement for all platforms generating money from the public. They need to follow guidelines and restrictions. The platform poses as a scam because it is not incorporated or authorized by the required regulatory authorities. collects crypto deposits from nations worldwide without authorization from the governments’ regulative bodies. They are an illegal platform and a Pyramid scheme that will exit the market at any time.

The platform’s actions go against the law, and they risk criminal charges; the business offers contact information.

The only way one may reach them is via email or live chat. Customers should be able to reach the platform easily in case they require assistance.

The email address of the platform is [email protected] The chances of them responding to your email after receiving your funds are very minimal. Review, Contacts platform provides investors with a map claiming they are located in Cyprus. The platform address is 210, Archbishop Makarios Avenue, Limassol 3030.

No phone number is visible in the platform, pushing them higher in the scam ladder. Why would the company hide its telephone number if at all they are a legit company? The platform is determined to stay anonymous in the public eye.

Lack of information makes the platform suspicious and creates the benefit of the doubt. The address provided is not verified, and investors’ funds are not secure.

Affiliate Plan, like all Ponzi schemes, need ways of generating traffic to their website.

They only achieve revenue via referrals. Initial marketers are urged to refer to new investors. plans feature three packages.

Each package is divided into two, and the percentage is assured for a direct and binary referral they claim. For a certain amount of members, the platform claims to offer free wallet balance.

Inviting 50 members to generate a $500 wallet balance, 100 referred members make a $750 wallet balance.

500 members generate a $1000 wallet balance, 1000 referrals generate a $2000 wallet balance. 2500 members generate a $5000 wallet balance, while 5000 members will generate a returns of $10000 wallet balance.

Traders who read this review realize the numbers are incredibly untrue and are just there for the benefit of the platform. They also use videos and blogs to reach the public and try to bring them into the scam.

Domain Insights

The platform is registered under domain name It was registered in August 2019, and it is expected to expire in August 2020.

Alexa Global Rank does not list them. Global-LTC targeted audience, however, is not recognized. The platform is still young in the market. Final Verdict is, in doubt, a grand pyramid scheme that is in place to rob investors of their capital.

The fact that the platform lacks phone numbers only points them out as a scam. The regulative bodies do not regulate them.

Pyramid schemes are only in place, and after gaining the desired profits, they can quickly disappear. Invest your funds in the best binary options in the market.

The platforms’ lucrative investment plans are there to lure and trick investors into falling for the catch.

Investors need to keenly check crypto trading markets and read reviews regarding the platform before investing. Ponzi schemes only exist due to a lack of awareness.

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