GlobalAid Review: Is SpicyDevs Pitch A Crypto Scam Factory?

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GlobalAid Review: Is SpicyDevs Pitch A Crypto Scam Factory?

GlobalAid is a Crypto MLM platform professing to offer lucrative DeFi and Staking investment projects. Here’s our candid review that helps to expose what is going on.

To start, the platform does not offer any kind of aid as the name suggests. You have to deposit a minimum of 50 BNB to have a chance of earning $300,000 in ROI. Of course, these numbers are used to entice naïve investors merely.

Sadly, a number of investors have fell for this antics and have deposited large chunks. Some have gone the length of investing with their entire life savings. And the real culprits behind Global Aid are laughing all the way to the bank.

GlobalAid Review: Check the facts and features of

The platform starts by claiming to offer innovative projects backed by Blockchain technology. These are mere words as there’s no clear detail of the project involved. And that’s why you have to steer clear of this platform.

Accountability and transparency are the key factors when it comes to choosing a proven investment platform. In this project, investors are promised of high returns without any information on how this happens.

And that’s why we have to warn investors about the growing high risk no reward projects within the Blockchain community. Scammers are taking advantage and seemingly creating projects with guaranteed profit margins.

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Here’s our candid Global Aid Club Review.

About GlobalAid

One of the many features attracting investors to this platform is the promise of making daily returns. Another feature is the 20 percent welcome bonus available on the platform. You also get a 50 percent match on your wallet after the initial deposit.

That means the platform offers over 70% in bonuses and gifts of the initial deposit. You have to ask yourself how this happens and where do they have the funds to offer such. The people behind this platform are clearly loaded, that is what might seem.

From afar, we can tell that these are scammers who know how to move money from one account to the other. Investors are merely exchanging their deposits with each other, with signups determining the amount users get.

We have seen such projects before and it rarely goes well for investors. From what we have seen, this is a project targeting investors from Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. It goes to show the owners are either in this region or abroad.

Thanks to our investigative team, we have a name associated with this platform. Andrew Colquhoun is the lead behind this platform. He’s the project developer and sometimes goes by the pseudonym Andy Colquhoun.

GlobalAid is a NFT Metaverse staking project failing to give investors information on the tokens. In any Staking opportunity, investors have the right to know the token metrics of the pool available.

That’s not happening with this platform. What we have is a platform excluding investors from the reality. The platform fails to give investors any information on the available staked BNB tokens.

And this may lead to an influx of deposits, which is what the creators are after.

How the Global Aid Project ends up taking funds away from investors

As we know, SpicyDevs is behind this platform and has been in the MLM Crypto scene for years. Their very first project was also NFT incentivized with gmetaone being the first crypto Ponzi scheme of its kind.

Andrew may refute the claims that he’s the head of SpicyDevs and won’t disclose his partners. And that’s why we have to expose the risks that come after investors invest their hard earned funds with an unproven platform.

Just recently, we found out that one of his partners is a US citizen by the name Michael Obrien. We are still looking for more information on Michael and will update the post once we have valid leads on his other projects.

What we know is that the project merely allows investors to deposit funds with a claim of making daily profit margins. After three to four days, investors get the chance to withdraw their earned ‘daily ROI.’

The platform then allows withdraw for the second time, this time a higher amount than the first. With an initial investment of $10,448 or 50BNB, the platform puts a cap on the withdrawal amount. You get to withdraw $1,000 the first time and a max of $2,000 for second withdrawal.

This is to create the allure that the platform does really generate ROI. After the second withdrawal, the platform sends an email claiming you have successfully passed the first stage. To join the second stage, you have to deposit the required BNB amount.

Scammed by Global Aid

At this juncture, investors rush to deposit more funds as the stakes are raised by the platform. Global Aid now knows you are in it to the end or won’t deposit another amount. That’s when all hell breaks loose for investors.

Those who fail to add deposits begin it find it difficult to withdraw funds. The platform will even send an email claiming you have breached the terms and conditions set. Looking at the website, there are no terms of engagement set.

Hundreds of investors have lost funds with the platform due to the anonymous nature of crypto transactions. That’s why we have to expose the underlying feature that drives these investors into losing funds.

BEWARE of Global Aid as it offers false hope of daily ROI. You only get to withdraw part of your initial deposit. The platform will even move to an extent of adding funds to your account from new sign ups.

When this happens, the platform has singled you out as a potential milk investor. Ad all they want is to freeze your account and insist you deposit more funds. That’s why we are exposing GlobalAid Club and Andrew’s role in this project.

Customer Ratings and Reviews GlobalAid

The very first investors who now face a withdrawal dilemma have called out on Andrew to release funds. This is after weeks of trying to negotiate terms of withdrawal with the platform. Global Aid is claiming the vesting terms are not complete.

What investors fail to realize is that there were no terms in the first place. The platform failed to give the acceptable minimum vesting period for the staking option. And who offers an investment package on a PDF file?

Only scammers from Global Aid have the guts to prepare a hurried investment page. The ratings of this project are falling thanks to customers coming out. We hope that authorities will look into this project and ensure there’s justice for victims.

Is GlobalAid a scam or Legit?

GlobalAid is a scam investment platform targeting BNB investors with the claim of doubling their investments. Far from it, the platform doesn’t even have the seal of approval from any Crypto pooling platform or leading exchange.

And that goes to show anyone who dares deposit or invest with the platform will likely lose everything. That’s why we have to expose the platform or risk investors losing funds fast and without mercy.

Verdict GlobalAid

From the experience we have seen with such projects in the past, we have to insist Global Aid is a scam. Please stay away from it.

There are other proven ways to invest in DeFi, Masternoding, and Staking.

These are the 100% Dependable Crypto investment platforms.

Do leave a comment or email us with any queries.

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