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Global Markets Review is not a trustworthy investment company. The company is targeting newbies in the market. It is a platform like this one that pushes away clients off online investment. You find that there is ignorance being spread around.

Online investment is linked to a fraudulent company; however, this is not true as there are multiple legit companies that you can trust with your money. First and foremost, you will need to acquire adequate knowledge before you believe any companies.

Ponzi schemes feed on your naivety if you know how the market world you will never fall victim to. Global Markets Club claims they are a universal community of people that are in search of a stable investment platform, which will help them to have a financial breakthrough. The company is a scam that is working together with the unregulated shady broker in the industry.

They will receive a cut when you deposit funds in the suspicious broker. It is a platform that lacks professionalism, and they will throw you under bus anytime they are given a chance. The company allegedly offers the best services in the market.

They consider themselves as a reliable, smart, and independent entity. They do not disclose what exactly their firm is dealing with. All we know is they are trading. In their FAQ page, they claim their website is a meetup point where people who are interested in investing regroup to have access to proven profitable opportunities in the market.

Global Markets Club Review

The company claim they find the best investment ventures in the world. They will then recommend them to the people on their website. They welcome all forms of investors, be it, newbies or expert traders, to join them to have the best experience.

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If you do not have any experience investing online Global Markets Club asks you to join as they have demo accounts that you can familiarize yourself with how they do things. There is a provision for learning materials that you can use. Review, Platform

There numerous investment ventures in the market, and it might be challenging to select the best out of them all. The question that you should be asking yourself is, can Global Markets Club be trusted? The platform was launched in April 2018. The domain is registered privately, and the information of the founder is hidden from the public. The company does not also state if there is any instruction that oversees its financial activities. However, you can venture with legit cryptocurrency companies that have a positive reputation.

The narrative that they have as their marketing strategy is that they find the best investment companies in the market test them for about six months then recommend them to the public. Unfortunately, they are not doing this for free you will have to pay a certain fee. They have a free 14 days’ trial, which they urge members of the public to try before they deposit funds. They take an annual fee of $199.

How Does the Global Markets Club Works?

Global Markets Club operates in a discreet method. The services that they are offering are not transparent. Anyone can acquire the right trading knowledge using various methods. They charging for $199 while they have been accused of recommending unregulated brokerage to traders is outrageous.

They will make deals with other pyramid schemes, and when you deposit funds, the firm will get a commission. The company is trying to show the world they are the best in performing research and recommending the best investment companies in the market. In addition to this, Global Markets Club also provides learning materials that can help you greatly to acquire skills and trading knowledge; hence you will have the ability to invest like a pro.

Before you embark and start investing, Global Markets Club states that they have a process whereby their expert team will search and try opportunities in the industry to ensure they align with the needs of their clients.

It is still unknown the criteria that they use in picking these random platforms and how they come into the conclusion that they are indeed not scam firms. They moreover do not specify the trading services they specialize in; is it Forex, indices, commodities, stock, or digital currency.

The only light the entity shed is that they are a collection of investment programs. The next process that Global Markets Club utilizes id testing the companies that they have across during their hunt. The question of the criteria the platform uses arises again. How do they determine the are indeed profitable?

Additionally, they have a 14 days’ free trial, but to be honest, the company itself is taking six months to test the same services why can’t they extend the duration. We honestly think two weeks is not enough time to test the viability of the recommended platforms.

Having a long duration, you will have an adequate period to decide if the company meets your need, if the returns you are earning are reasonable, how stable and convenient are they. Always perform a due diligence test.

Customer Support and Regulation

To reach the support of the Global Markets Club, you will have to fill in the contact form on their website or email them. Their email address is; [email protected] They additionally do have a telephone number on their website, which has the UK code.

However, during our research, we found that there is a high likelihood that the scammers are from the USA. The Ponzi scheme cold calls random potential clients and convince them that they have a tremendous trading deal. Sadly, they will recommend you to a pyramid scheme, and if you are not careful enough, you will share your personal information, which they will use without your approval.

Customers of this company have received phone calls from Bulgaria. It is not specified the actual location of these scammers. Furthermore, they do not have a regulatory authority from any relevant jurisdiction. Refrain from trusting them; there is nothing significant that can come out of their services.

Investors Feedback

The company has received very negative feedback from those that have engaged with them. The platform is being accused of being a fraudulent firm. They have successfully exploited numerous people.

The review state that Global Markets Club is only taking advantage of innocent traders. They are a waste of time and cannot be trusted. There are also allegations that you cannot cash out your earnings.

The company will even offer you a demo account with a $10K loan. They assure you that the money you make will be yours. The demo will project huge returns, the salesperson of Global Markets Club will call you and convince you that it is time to open a live account.

If you do, they will request you to deposit $250 in an aggressive manner, which is not satisfactory to many investors. Your money will continue to increase, and when you ask for a cash-out, they will tell you that all the profits will be lost since it will break the system.

The majority of traders urge members of the public to stay away as you will only lose your hard-earned money. The company is a notorious Ponzi scheme that will not amount to anything. Additionally, they have deficient trust in the WebOfTrust (WOT). They have an SSL certificate, but the people you should be wary of is the founder of this platform.

Final Verdict

Global Markets Club is an illegal Ponzi scheme that you should not trust with your data or money, only trust legit companies in the industry. customer support is only friendly when they want to recommend you to Ponzi schemes. When you raise questions regarding withdrawal, they will blacklist you instantly.

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22 Replies to “ Review: Is Global Markets Club Scam?”

  1. Big scam…they scammed me out of $450 claiming a big bitcoin opportunity,to this day I have not seen my profits or my money….stay away from them!!!!!!

    1. They are calling me often to get monies from me on top of what I already sent. I am in limbo!!!! Please help me I have been scammed before by some other entity 10 years ago.

    2. This so called club is a total disaster. it is run by the same people who used to run binary options scam before.

    3. Scammers.
      They asked me all sorts of private documents like bankcards, pa**portinformation. I returned all this. But I was unsure and closed my credit card, as they had a picture of it with my handwriting.
      My new credit card is under way,
      I deposited 50$ which, after many thanks for my collaboration in returning the scanned ingo, they confirmed the withdrawal of the 50$. I asked to deposit it on another bank account, no credit card of course, and they confirmed payout
      Nothing I got. 0 $.

      Let the world know of this one.
      Another one Mason, also kept calling me, after receiving my name and telephone. They kept on calling until I shouted enough.
      MASON. Look at them too.

  2. Hi, fantastic information above, I have been contacted by Global Market Club with their 14 day trial offer. Based on the above info and comments I will move caution to see they next offer. Thanks

  3. I lost $450 with edgedale finance few years back by Daniel also from UK ??, I’m interested in investing but I’m afraid.

  4. Ooh my God,thank you so much #Ken for your enlightenment, I was almost giving in my $250 on Wednesday to activate my real account after the 14 days trial and good enough have got all the answers to my worries about this club,thank you for saving from losing my money in a fake club like this.

  5. I was almost going to lose the $250 after the alleged 14 day trial. Thanks to your clarification & recommendation, now I changed my mind.

  6. was contacted by these guys recently, very pushy, UK number, though I very much doubt based in UK, kept going on about how they were a regulated body…so. told them no and asked them to remove my details from their db, if they contact me again will be making a GDPR complaint

  7. i was contacted by this company many times[global markets club]pushing me to activate immediately,thanks to you guys those comment saved big time

  8. Thanks guys for saving my loss. I almost lost $450. They will first ask you what you’re doing for a living, just to sc***e out money from. The higher your job profile the money you pay in.

  9. i am being contacted by them also and also being asked to open a real account with a minimum deposit of $250.

  10. We were contacted by Andy, claiming to be Sales Rep for Asia Pacific.We almost loss USD250.Tons of thanks.

  11. Receiving surprise call from Global Market Online Asia Pacific Region Australia/N.Zealand Ms Lea Harperonce that i get a mystery gift from GOD $20,000…She tell me…you make your investment of $250, your trading account shall be funded with $20,000 which the software will use to place the trade for you.

    1. they are the same people who were behind binary options scams companies before. just a different tactic to lure you into investing into high risk stuff.

  12. To Phoebe ,i have read the above comments,dont sound very good at all ,please dont bother ringing me back ,for you did say ,that you have been trading for many years ,now i see only for a short time…..sorry , not very good feedback at all

  13. I just receivced a call from them keep pushing me to invest immediately with opening an account of $250. Told me that the company has operated for 7 years base in Switzerland but i managed to check that their website is opened on April 2018….doesn’t feel right at all.

  14. They called me about an hour ago and offered me an amazing opportunity to get an “automated online trading” system where they would deposit $20 000 for for joining the club. It would cost me only a fee of $250. I just can’t believe some one would fall in this scam and give them $250. I asked if they had a system to make profit automatically why would they offer it around to people? “Because this offer is just for you Mr Leif!”.

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