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We came across Global Markets Club and decided to review it here because on on one hand, it looks like a ponzi scheme but on the other, it looks like a trap where naive traders are forced to use a specific broker so that the owner of Global Markets Club can cash in on their deposits. According to the sales page of Global Markets Club, the website is a global community of people who are seeking for investment opportunities that will make them financially independent. They claim that the opportunities offered here are smart, reliable and exclusive. The specific opportunities have not been mentioned but the site suggests that this involves something to do with trading.

And according to their FAQ, Global Markets Club is a place where people regroup so as to access profitable and proven investment opportunities since the site operators work hard to negotiate the best investment deals around the world. On top of this, the website targets all kinds of individuals including those who have never traded before. They claim that even if you have no typical experience in investing, you should open a demo account and take advantage of the learning materials offered on the site.

Global Markets Club

To get in touch with the operators, one has to either use a contact form or the email ([email protected]). Also one phone number has been provided and this phone number suggests that Global Markets Club is based out of the UK. So the most important question is, can this site be trusted? There are plenty of sites that operate like Global Markets Club, and it is very difficult to tell what the motive is. But for this particular one, we will try and use logic and also visual elements of the site. If we see anything that is too good to be true, then we will have no problem sounding an alarm.

So far, we have established that the domain where Global Markets Club is hosted has been around for less than one year as it was created in April 2018. It was registered anonymously and hence it is nearly impossible to find the owner of the website. Besides, this website does not reveal whether they have a corporate that oversees their activities. It appears that Global Markets Club operates in its own accord.

Having said this, we believe that Global Markets Club is a subject of interest for many would be investors. If you are one of them, make sure that you have checked out these trading programs. 

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Global Markets Club Review

According to the promotion material found on this website, the operators of Global Markets Club are always diligently searching for investment programs that work and when they finally found them, they put them to test for at least 6 months before introducing them to the public. They also claim to provide free educational material in trading which can boost skill and knowledge on how to trade like a professional. And they are also providing a free 14 day trial and inviting members of the public to trial their service before committing. There is an annual fee to be paid, and this is $199.

It is not clear what Global Markets Club is offering because their introduction is quite vague. Claiming that they offer investment programs that work, Global Markets Club leads people into opening an account with a specific broker. Their offering is vague at first because the site is not getting into the specifics but instead touching their services on the surface as they seek to convince more people to join them. This is a big red flag because we believe that a credible investment opportunity should be transparent enough for people to know what they are offering right away.

How it works

In the first step, there is the selection process where Global Markets Club claims to have enlisted the help of their experts who search the various investment opportunities that meet criteria before introducing them to the platform. It is not clear what criteria this site is using to vet the alleged investment programs. Furthermore, they are not very specific on whether we are investing in Forex, commodities, stocks etc. They just say that this is a collection of investment programs.

The second step involves testing these financial opportunities for 6 months. That is a good thing but the question is against what criteria are these financial opportunities tested before they can be pushed to us? Also, they claim that they can give you a free 14 day trial but before we can go to the extent of signing up, is 14 days sufficient enough to test the viability of a financial product? We don’t think so. Our take is that if you want to gauge the profitability of a financial product, you must at least allow 3 months of trial in order to get a clear picture of whether it will be profitable and stable.

There is just no way 14 days of testing can be sufficient enough to produce an accurate picture of what the investment product can do. So while this trial is good for the naive investor, the diligent one will find that it is not as good since it is a very short duration which does not give him enough time to make up his mind.

Our best advice for you

This site claims that they have over 1 million members and we choose not to believe this claim outright. The fact of the matter is that Global Markets Club is less than 1 year and no matter how they market it, it is not possible to get this number of clients in less than a year.

Also, there is no feedback about this site on the internet. If they had 1 million active users, we are sure that many people would be talking about Global Markets Club and their experience with this site. These are just numbers being used to persuade naive investors. You cannot believe them. Something does not look right about Global Markets Club. Just stick to our usual recommendations. 

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22 Replies to “ Review: Is Global Markets Club Scam?”

  1. Big scam…they scammed me out of $450 claiming a big bitcoin opportunity,to this day I have not seen my profits or my money….stay away from them!!!!!!

    1. They are calling me often to get monies from me on top of what I already sent. I am in limbo!!!! Please help me I have been scammed before by some other entity 10 years ago.

    2. This so called club is a total disaster. it is run by the same people who used to run binary options scam before.

    3. Scammers.
      They asked me all sorts of private documents like bankcards, pa**portinformation. I returned all this. But I was unsure and closed my credit card, as they had a picture of it with my handwriting.
      My new credit card is under way,
      I deposited 50$ which, after many thanks for my collaboration in returning the scanned ingo, they confirmed the withdrawal of the 50$. I asked to deposit it on another bank account, no credit card of course, and they confirmed payout
      Nothing I got. 0 $.

      Let the world know of this one.
      Another one Mason, also kept calling me, after receiving my name and telephone. They kept on calling until I shouted enough.
      MASON. Look at them too.

  2. Hi, fantastic information above, I have been contacted by Global Market Club with their 14 day trial offer. Based on the above info and comments I will move caution to see they next offer. Thanks

  3. I lost $450 with edgedale finance few years back by Daniel also from UK ??, I’m interested in investing but I’m afraid.

  4. Ooh my God,thank you so much #Ken for your enlightenment, I was almost giving in my $250 on Wednesday to activate my real account after the 14 days trial and good enough have got all the answers to my worries about this club,thank you for saving from losing my money in a fake club like this.

  5. I was almost going to lose the $250 after the alleged 14 day trial. Thanks to your clarification & recommendation, now I changed my mind.

  6. was contacted by these guys recently, very pushy, UK number, though I very much doubt based in UK, kept going on about how they were a regulated body…so. told them no and asked them to remove my details from their db, if they contact me again will be making a GDPR complaint

  7. i was contacted by this company many times[global markets club]pushing me to activate immediately,thanks to you guys those comment saved big time

  8. Thanks guys for saving my loss. I almost lost $450. They will first ask you what you’re doing for a living, just to sc***e out money from. The higher your job profile the money you pay in.

  9. i am being contacted by them also and also being asked to open a real account with a minimum deposit of $250.

  10. We were contacted by Andy, claiming to be Sales Rep for Asia Pacific.We almost loss USD250.Tons of thanks.

  11. Receiving surprise call from Global Market Online Asia Pacific Region Australia/N.Zealand Ms Lea Harperonce that i get a mystery gift from GOD $20,000…She tell me…you make your investment of $250, your trading account shall be funded with $20,000 which the software will use to place the trade for you.

    1. they are the same people who were behind binary options scams companies before. just a different tactic to lure you into investing into high risk stuff.

  12. To Phoebe ,i have read the above comments,dont sound very good at all ,please dont bother ringing me back ,for you did say ,that you have been trading for many years ,now i see only for a short time…..sorry , not very good feedback at all

  13. I just receivced a call from them keep pushing me to invest immediately with opening an account of $250. Told me that the company has operated for 7 years base in Switzerland but i managed to check that their website is opened on April 2018….doesn’t feel right at all.

  14. They called me about an hour ago and offered me an amazing opportunity to get an “automated online trading” system where they would deposit $20 000 for for joining the club. It would cost me only a fee of $250. I just can’t believe some one would fall in this scam and give them $250. I asked if they had a system to make profit automatically why would they offer it around to people? “Because this offer is just for you Mr Leif!”.

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