GlobaTradeRush Review: Global Forex Broker Scam

GlobaTradeRush Review: Global Forex Broker Scam

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GlobaTradeRush ( is a CFD and Forex broker operating in the Forex market. With all the making of a copied scam, we simply had to investigate it. First and foremost, we were alerted by a member who lost all her deposit. Alarmed by her sincere claims, we simply had to investigate Globa Trade Rush. Dear readers, we urge that you read through this eye-opening review to get the whole truth.

GlobaTradeRush Review

GlobaTradeRush Review:

Right away, we noticed that this is a copied scam of BinomoFX. Homepage was our first red flag as we noticed that it was similar to BinomoFX. Another scary fact that we must mention that the two are copied scams from another scam TradeHash. We are saddened that these scammers do not have any imagination. Why would they use the same images over and over? It means that they are out to get cash.

Another red flag that we spotted was the fact that they use the same tag lines. You can easily notice the similarity with their call to action. “Place your bets on best conditions” is the same tag line used over and over. Sadly, we noticed from the beginning that we are dealing with a coordinated scam team. Read on to find out other shocking tricks that scammers use to steal money from you.

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Fake Social Trading Call.

One of the lamest factors we saw was that they claim to trade automatically. Claims such as guaranteed profits are plastered on their website and are all lies. Expert Forex traders any other trader will tell you point blank. No app or expert can guarantee profit. It’s simply next to impossible. You may wonder why? It’s because of simple logic that is seen all over any type of market.

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All financial markets are volatile and easily change prices. It makes it even harder for experts to make specific trades once these changes take effect. Price changes are affected by unforeseen circumstances such as boardroom wars, competition, politics, and many more. And as such, it makes it impossible for anyone, let alone an app, make guarantee claims. All GlobaTradeRush wants to do is sign up as many people as possible.

Fake Testimonials with GlobaTradeRush.

GlobaTradeRush Scam

GlobaTradeRush also uses copied testimonials. Yes, we immediately noticed the name Alexander D which has been in use in other scams. This list of best traders in last 24 hours is simply a lie. Why can we not get other members who have won with GlobaTradeRush. It’s because there aren’t any. These brokers are simply using the same manuscript to scam millions of people. We will not stand for this as it’s simply unacceptable.

Another red flag we noticed was the prices these users were claiming to have. These prices are still the same on other scams. A good example being Alexander D who wins $12000.87 on all other scams. If these scammers don’t have originality, can you really claim to use them as your broker? No one would want a loser on their team. That said, we urge you to desist from signing up with GlobaTradeRush.

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Fake Reward Schemes.

Globa Trade Rush is offering newbies and members a reward gift. Don’t mistake their gift as a welcome bonus as it will soon unveil its evil. One of the achievements they claim to offer is getting gems for rewards. We will let you know that when withdrawing your funds, you will have to pay for your achievements. These achievements are nothing but a bonus scheme.

In Forex trading, issuance of Bonuses is strictly prohibited. Why is this the case one might ask? Brokers have been known to ask these bonuses back when members want to withdraw. It has become a major challenge as brokers such as GlobaTradeRush hold off withdrawals. Once your claim to withdraw your money, these fake Forex brokers want you to pay them back your bonuses. It raises the question, why would anyone want to sign up with this broker?

Useless Trading Platform.

According to their website, they have a web application that can be used by any device. What we first noticed as a problem was with their mobile and desktop platforms. We tried downloading the web platform and also desktop platform to no avail. Download would stall at 56% and this confirms our fears. This platform is not to standards and thus can be easily hacked. If the download failed, it’s because their platform is unstable.

GlobaTradeRush Fake

Another thing we noticed with their platform is that it’s not SSL protected. This means that scammers can easily hack into the system and steal all your money. Never go for a broker who will put you in a such a risk. All your deposits can easily be stolen from this website since we don’t have any assurance that the website is protected. You could be heading straight to the scammer’s plans.

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Payment Methods Used.

It’s funny how GlobaTradeRush has various gateways for members to deposit money with. Members who signed up with GlobaTradeRush can deposit with various options such as MasterCard, Visa, Neteller, just to mention but a few. Deposit does not take long as it usually takes just a few minutes, five at the top. Wait when it comes to withdrawing, all hell breaks lose.

Withdrawing on the other hand becomes a different story. We have not heard any member who has successfully withdrawn their funds. Not one. You can read all comments on the web on how hundreds have tried withdrawing with GlobaTradeRush. Is this a coincidence? No way. These scammers apparently have something else to do with your money.

They simply take your money and leave. Relevant authorities should look into this matter and arrest the owners of this app immediately.

Is GlobaTradeRush a Scam?

Without a question of doubt, GlobaTradeRush is a scam. One reason we are calling it a scam is that no one has been able to withdraw with it. No one can say for sure that they have won trades with Globa Trade Rush. Plus, with all the evidence we have produced, we are sure that the authorities will look into GlobaTradeRush.

GlobaTradeRush Final Thought.

GlobaTradeRush Scam Review

From being a copied scam to having an unstable platform, we are sure that this is a scam. Notice how they have also used the same tagline with other scams. We believe that this is the same scam outfit that has scammed millions with TradeHash and BinomoFX. Our advice is to stay away from this scam and ignore all email promotional material urging you to join.

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  1. I have been scammed by these people. A woman by the name of Jane Anderson contacted me through Instagram. Tradewithjane is her Instagram name. She sells the investment well and gets you to contact a system A***yst with the company. He feeds you a bunch of bull and you invest the minimum of $300. After 2days of watching products get added to you account they start telling you the company got new signals and you will have to put $400 more dollars in to buy the new signals or you will lose all your investment.

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