Go Arbitrage Review: Is this Crypto bot a Scam?

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Go Arbitrage Review: Is this Crypto bot a Scam?

Go Arbitrage is a cryptocurrency bot that uses the arbitrage trading approach. The firm promises to make clients between 19% to 235% per month. These are very high numbers and exhibit extreme disparities between the highs and lows.

It is a cause of concern. Experienced individuals do not run this company. Otherwise, we would have seen more consistent numbers. Moreover, the highs promised by this company are unrealistic and cannot be achieved in the market.

It is just a marketing strategy intended to lure unsuspecting traders onto this platform. The arbitrage approach involves buying and selling identical assets in different markets at the same time, and this gives traders the chance to profit from a mismatch in their prices.

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Arbitrage might sound easy, but finding the right arbitrage opportunity and executing it proficiently is quite challenging.

Therefore, only companies run by experienced individuals can bring you consistent returns. Unfortunately, we cannot verify this is the case for this company. The owners have chosen to operate in full secrecy.

This and numerous other loopholes in this company make it hard to recommend it to you. Our advice is you stick with the best cryptocurrency trading bots if you are looking to make consistent returns. Only such companies can give you a safe environment to trade.

Go Arbitrage Review

The company claims that the bot continuously monitors exchange rates and waits for differences in currency prices between exchanges. Further, you can manually select and connect the exchanges and cryptocurrencies you need.

Go Arbitrage Review

Additionally, the company claims that the bot is entirely safe as it only connects with the exchanges through an API. This API does not give the bot access to your wallets and accounts. Therefore, the bot is unable to make withdrawals on your behalf.

The firm promises that the arbitrage strategy is very profitable and can earn users up to 19% to 235% per month. They promise the arbitrage approach works in favor of the traders and involves zero risks and zero losses.

There is no such thing as zero risks in trading. Although the arbitrage method of trading is highly profitable, it requires perfect execution to be useful. Hence, we feel like this company’s claim is such a stretch and is only meant to persuade people onto their platform.

Additionally, arbitrage opportunities grow thinner and thinner, the more people trade them. Hence, it makes no sense to sell a profitable arbitrage robot to more people because it will destroy its performance.

In this case, we hope this company can back up its claims with impressive trading history. We suspect that this company is not involved with cryptocurrency trading. Stay away from this company.

How Go Arbitrage Works

As mentioned, the arbitrage trading strategy earns profits by taking advantage of market inconsistencies. It takes advantage of pricing discrepancies of cryptocurrencies in different exchanges.

For example, for two coins, Bitcoin and Litecoin stock exchanges, Bitcoin can be used as a goal for profit in the bot. Then the Litecoin can be used as a secondary coin. The deposit is divided halfway between these coins.

The bot starts by looking for a price discrepancy more significant than 1% in the different exchanges. When it finds a scenario where litecoins are cheaper than bitcoins, they quickly buy litecoins on exchange 1. At the same time, the bot buys the same amount of bitcoins on exchange 2.

This transaction nets a profit with minimum risks. It is much better than holding an asset in the long run.

However, this is not to say that this strategy has no risks. Markets are susceptible, and change in direction is unpredictable. Therefore, it needs quick and perfect execution for this strategy to work.

Moreover, to get more meaningful returns, you have to process a large number of transactions or process fewer more significant purchases. It requires a lot of time and capital.

Investment Plans

To obtain this bot, you have to buy a license. The license price varies depending on how long you are purchasing the license. The three licenses include the whitebait, dolphin, and whale licensing.

The whitebait license lasts one month and goes out for $99 while the dolphin license lasts three months and costs $220. The whale license lasts a year and is sold for $800.

Under these licenses, you receive automatic transactions, up to 20 exchanges at a time, and VIP support.

We do not think this bot is worth buying into. These individuals do not seem like professionals at all. We have encountered some filthy language on their website, and this is a bad sign, and you should avoid these people like the plague.

The company features instructions on how to configure and use the bot. It is an excellent feature as it helps clients get oriented with the bot.

Some of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges the bot supports include: Exmo, Bifinex, Livecoin, Kucoin, Wex, Tidex, and Binance.

Trading Performance

Sadly, this company does not provide any trading results to support their legitimacy claim. They promise hundreds of percentages per month but fail to back up these claims. Moreover, these profits are unrealistic.

Investors always want to see the performance of a company upfront, so they know exactly what they are getting themselves into.

Moreover, if this bot were as profitable as they claim, they wouldn’t be selling it. That would destroy its performance as more people join the system and make no sense at all.

Domain Insight and Funds’ Safety

The official domain for this company is The website has no valid SSL certification. Therefore, you are not safe from hackers with this company. They can easily steal your money or your personally identifiable data.

Moreover, the website has been reported to have malware. The firm has wholly disregarded your fund’s safety. Furthermore, the site is registered anonymously. The owners of this bot do not want to have a digital footprint. It is a classic sign of a fake company.

Stay away from these people to save yourself some peace of mind.

Should You Trust The Go Arbitrage Bot?

It is not a trustworthy product. It will not make you any profits. In fact, we are sure this will end badly for whoever purchases this bot. The company does not trade cryptocurrencies, and their system is not a safe environment.

The system is open to hacker attacks who might end up stealing all your money. Go Arbitrage is run by people who lack professionalism. Using profane language on a website is unacceptable. There is no way such people can help you safeguard and grow your funds.

Moreover, we have already found many people complaining they got scammed by this firm. One individual sent the money to the firm and hasn’t received a license for over a month. There is no more significant warning sign than this.

Final Verdict

Go Arbitrage is yet another scam posing as a cryptocurrency bot. There are many risks involved with this firm. It is not a safe environment for you and your funds.

Moreover, your systems are not safe since this firm has been reported to have malware. Save yourself some trouble and head elsewhere.

Many other better companies will provide you with better services. Only invest with the industry’s best cryptocurrency bots that have been tried and proven to work.


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