GO9Tro Review: is an Ethereum Crypto Scam

GO9Tro Review: is an Ethereum Crypto Scam

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GO9Tro is claiming to be a modern smart contracts company that provides investment opportunities to the users. The website of the company,, promises to provide a wide range of other features and benefits to the users.

Before you take any decision about investing in this company, you should read this review to determine whether GO9Tro is a suitable investment opportunity.

Overview of Go9Tro

Go9Tro is a smart contract digital currency organization that uses the Ethereum blockchain and claims to multiply it through a special algorithm. provides guarantees that it is operating as a non-profit crowdfunding organization that is aiming to help as many people as it can. The company is marketing itself as an ethereum-based smart contract company. Yet, further research shows that it is highly possible that the company does not have any of these benefits.

History of GO9Tro

In the introduction of their YouTube channel, Go9Tro gives a location in Japan. However, provides no credible information on its website about who is running the organization. The domain was first registered in August 2019. There is no external information that would where the company is operating from. 

Sign-Up Fee of GO9Tro

Go9Tro will cost you a 0.04 ETH package. The website states that this amount is further divided into G3 and G4 compensation plans. However, if you want to earn maximum money from the company, you will have to make an investment of 22.3 ETH. 

Income Structure of GO9Tro

The income structure of is similar to any other crypto Ponzi scheme. It revolves around the referral and recruitment commissions to attract people. The website provides a detailed breakdown of the compensation that the users can earn from the platform. 

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However, this kind of business model is quite disappointing. You cannot expect to generate any significant amount of money from GO9Tro. Hence, you should avoid investing in it. Instead, use the modern crypto trading bots that allow users to trade crypto coins and earn money in a reliable and legal manner. 

Features of Go9Tro mentions a number of features of the company. Let’s review these features in detail: 

Smart Contract

Go9TRO is a smart contract company that uses the Ethereum blockchain node. The company is claiming to be using a customized application code to distribute income among members as per the income structure. However, the company does not make it clear about how it is going to distribute the profits. 

Free ERC20 Token Giveaway claims that they will giveaway ERC20 tokens for free to their upgraded members. There is no real worth for their ERC20 in the crypto market. It means even if you manage to get these tokens from this company, you cannot expect to trade them on any genuine platform.  

Crowdfunding Platform

Crowdfunding is the process of funding big projects or small business enterprises by collecting an amount of cash from thousands of individuals, ordinarily through the Internet. The company seems to have a very confusing business model. 

GO9TRO states that it is a crowdfunding platform that is fully trusted by leading crypto platforms. However, there is no truth to these claims. It is highly possible that the company is making these claims seem like a genuine and trustworthy platform. 

Transparency claims that it is a fully trustable and genuine platform because it has transparent working procedures through which users can expect to earn a massive amount of profits.

However, it is quite difficult to trust these claims of maximum transparency because the business model of the company is quite ambiguous. The company does not provide any information about the team behind this platform. In fact, the company is making a couple of fake claims to attract more investment.

Data Solutions

Go9Tro is claiming to be established with a very large team of experts and professionals who have years of experience in the crypto industry. Yet, the website of the company does not mention the name of any of these team members. Such tactics point to the fact that the company is hiding the name of its owners.

Simple Working Procedures states that the company has very simple working procedures that anyone can understand to participate in the company and earn profits from it. However, if you closely look at the company’s business model, you will realize that the company keeps providing contradictory information.

Therefore, you should not expect making profits from this company to be an easy procedure. Even if you manage to earn some tokens, there is a very high chance that they will be of no value to you.

Quick Services

Another noticeable feature of GO9Tro is the fact that it is claiming to be the world’s fastest smart-contract crypto wallet. However, there is no proof of this claim. In fact, you should keep in mind that this platform is a new company that is only about one year old. In other words, is not a well-established crypto company.


It is important to note that is acting as a payment gateway that allows users to invest in different crypto programs. However, there is no proof that the company will actually allow users to trade any kind of such tokens.

It is very common for crypto Ponzi to make false claims about being a reliable payment gateway. However, in reality, they are just scams that are trying to attract as much investment as they can before their eventual collapse.

Long-Time Investment

Another way through which GO9Tro is trying to make people invest in the company is by promising long-term passive income. The website states that once you invest in the company, you will be able to indefinite access to the company’s crypto project of providing profits. 


However, if you closely look at the income structure of the company, you will see that there is no proof that it is actually capable of providing this kind of passive income. The purpose of making these claims is to attract more users and gather maximum funds.


The company is also claiming that it is extremely useful for newbies who are looking to put resources into digital currencies and blockchain projects. However, the working procedures of the company are quite confusing, and it is not clear that whether it is catering to beginners or not.


After reviewing all the features of GO9Tro, it is quite clear that the company is a Ponzi scheme that is operating under the disguise of a crowdfunding platform. The company is marketing itself as a smart contracts company that is capable of empowering a large number of users by providing professional crypto mining and trading services. 

However, the business model of is similar to any other Ponzi scheme. The primary focus of the company is on making people invest in the company so it can gather a large number of profits before its eventual collapse like any other Ponzi scheme. 

Therefore, you should not trust any claims of GO9Tro. You will end up losing your money if you invest in it. Instead, you should use the genuine crypto trading bots that have been operating in the industry for a significant period of time now. These trading bots are capable of providing you with a large number of profits via reliable and efficient crypto trading. 

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