Godzilla Money Review: How Blocked Investors’ Accounts

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Godzilla Money Review: How Blocked Investors’ Accounts

Godzilla Money is another app trying to gain backdoor access to your Crypto wallet. Our review exposes the risks associated with this project.

When it started out, thousands of investors were led to believe they would be earning passive income. There were several services on offer including Crypto trading and staking opportunities. Furthermore, Godzilla Money was ‘guaranteeing’ daily profit margins.

Godzilla Money is a scam

All investors had to do was invest with a minimum of $2,000 or USDT equivalent to gain access. And this led many to sign up hoping to get a lion’s share of the project with the users gearing up for a 7-day investment period.

Days before withdrawing funds, something funny would happen with your account. Members would either not get their login credentials working or, the platform would send an email with excuses of why withdrawal was impossible.

That’s when it was clear to most of the investors they were about to lose their investment. And as fate would have it, those behind the platform deleted the main website. As of publishing this post, the app is the only tangible product available.

And with investors downloading this app, it posed a great risk. Investors would have to risk losing or giving away their wallet address logins. Thanks to Chinese hackers, the app was using brute force to attack crypto wallets.

For more, here’s our honest GodzillaMoney Review.

A Brief Outlook of Godzilla Money

Pakistan has been hard hit by this investment venture, with sources pointing to a growing Chinese syndicate in the region. This Chinese syndicate has been targeting Asian countries from India, Taiwan, Singapore, and hard-hit Pakistan.

The projects guarantee a daily profit margin for an initial investment amount. In other words, this a get-rich-quick scheme targeting naïve investors. The projects are far and wide and even offer click-a-button ROI claims.

We have exposed hundreds of such scams thanks to YouTube influencers who feel sorry for promoting such products. Mohammed Ali has been promoting these products in Pakistan and is now ‘sorry’ for pushing them.

Asked about his partners, he claims to receive emails with withdrawal videos where he’ll need to explain. Most of his videos are in Arabic and target rich Muslim investors in Pakistan’s financial hub network.

To pull in more investors, the platform mostly solicits funds via Tether. Investors get to withdraw partial amounts to convince them of the daily profits earned. In the real sense, investors are withdrawing part of their initial investment.

That’s why we have to expose the platform’s dubious products and services. When it comes to trading, there’s no registered broker who offers liquidity to the platform. And this means we’re dealing with an unregulated broker.

In fact, we don’t believe there’s any professional liquidity provider on the platform. Godzilla Money will claim to have professional brokers who will trade on your behalf. All you have to do is sit back and wait for funds to mature.

Woe unto you who fall for such antics, the platform rarely offers much in terms of positive aspects. We recommend doing due diligence before investing in such projects in the future. Godzilla Money is a terrible investment option.

How Godzilla Money managed to solicit funds from investors

It all starts with the platform promising investors guaranteed daily returns. Crypto is the main motivator on the platform as it promises high ROI margins like never before. To top it all off, investors don’t have to do anything.

That’s why we have to expose some of these claims to naïve investors who give away their funds for nothing. These Chinese scammers have been in the game for a long and know how to rope in investors who don’t have a clue about crypto.

An excellent example would be their staking service that promises even higher ROI margins. With the least plan, investors get a promise of making 10% daily guaranteed ROI for 10 days. That’s 100% ROI which is equivalent to matching your deposit.

Once investors do the math, they rush to deposit funds, some even depositing their life’s savings. At the end of the day, they get surprised by the fact that the platform is nowhere near perfect enough.

Stay away from

Withdrawing funds becomes a challenge with support not being available as promised. At the end of the day, the platform fails to live up to expectations and will eventually lose your investment.

Authorities in Pakistan have been overwhelmed by the increased number of such projects. Victims from all over the country are reporting losing funds to outrageous investment projects such as Godzilla Money.

We’ve had to expose some of the projects in the past with similar characteristics. Pakistan has become a hotbed for scammers to test their projects before moving to Eastern Europe where they refine the services.

All in all, no one is safe from these projects all thanks to backdoor access from the app to your crypto wallet.

Scammed by GodzillaMoney?

Hundreds of investors have lost funds with Godzilla money and have nowhere to turn to. All we can hope for is that the money back service providers can help you get something out of such scams.

These money recovery agents work with authorities to track down and recover funds. The professionals conduct a financial and legal investigation into the matter, including using Crypto wallet companies to freeze assets belonging to Godzilla Money.

It stands to reason investors must shun projects that are way too good to be true. We have a project that doesn’t offer much in terms of authenticity and transparency. You need to know how best to invest and what to look out for.

Before investing in such projects, it pays to do due diligence. First, find out whether the platform is viable. You also need to find out what other investors have gone through. Is the platform tested by crypto and forex community members?

Another red flag to watch out for is the guarantee of making daily profit margins. Even AI trading bots don’t have the guts to make such claims. Markets are volatile everywhere and will continue to do so.

Making such bold claims is a sign of a rogue platform. You also need to confirm withdrawals are possible. Despite confirming, please note there are social media influencers paid to show withdrawal is possible.

We would recommend reaching out and asking if the platform is legit.

Customer Complaints and Reviews Godzilla Money

Hundreds of Indian and Pakistani investors have come out throwing shade at the project. Most were victims themselves of other similar projects such as the Whizz Network. Clearly, we have a syndicate in our hands.

Proper research on an investment project is the only way to ensure there’s proof of concept. You need to also know who’s behind such projects. In the event or anonymity, please stay away from such projects.

After all, if the project was genuine, a legit company or owner would want recognition.

Is Legit or a scam?

There’s no doubt in our mind Godzilla Money is a risky investment project. You need to stay away from such projects or risk losing your funds. Make sure to ask questions and don’t fall for social media influencers pushing such products.

Our Verdict Godzilla Money

After exposing the platform’s weakness, we have to highlight Godzilla Money as a high-risk no-reward investment project.

Join hundreds of investors who earn realistic ROI thanks to tested and proven staking projects.

Please leave a comment or email us with any queries.

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