GoinTrading Review: Culpable Forex Scam

GoinTrading Review: Culpable Forex Scam

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GoinTrading ( is another delinquent Binary Options, Crypto Currency, and Forex broker scam. Goin Trading is promising a 100% secure trading but members are crying foul. Why are members ruing signing up with this broker? After checking online comments, we knew trouble was brewing. Are these claims of offering a secure trading experience a lie? It would seem members are vexed. Read this detailed GOINTRADING Review for more damning information.

GoinTrading Review

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GoinTrading Review

After receiving emails from members who lost funds trading with this broker, we had to investigate? These are pure scam artists who have been stealing from investors without a second thought. To add insult to injury, they are refusing anyone from withdrawing their funds. Why would a broker refuse their own members to withdraw funds? Only scam outfits are known to have such erratic behavior. For all we know, this could be a money laundering operation, beware.

Professional scam artists have always used the same tactics to steal from members. They claim to offer binary options trading at a competitive price. What we noticed odd with their website is having no working tabs. Once you click on any tab, you are directed to a 404 page. These scam artists are clearly not creative in their website. All in all, their website is not working which means their homepage is the face of their scam. Why can’t users get to know more about this website?

About GoinTrading

Apart from having a homepage which lacks in creativity, GoinTrading is an anonymous website. Looking at the bottom of the website, one can see no information regarding their address. Where is this brokerage firm located? What seems to be a well-designed website turns out to be a trashy homepage as you scroll down. Their homepage is full of information which does not provide accurate data. As a trader, you would want to know the account types and spreads being offered.

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Who are the founding members of this website? Why have they failed to post any details regarding the actual names of people running this website? They are afraid of the backlash they would receive from authorities and victims. It seems safe for them to keep their names out of their scam platform. Any anonymous online trading website should be treated with caution. Associating with these websites leads to huge losses and breach of personal data. These are professionals out to steal funds by any means.

Is GoinTrading licensed or registered?

Disclaimer at the footer of the homepage is where license details are posted by most websites. Sadly, this website has what looks like an incomplete homepage. Another problem is they have not posted any of their license or registration number. With a license and registration number, we can try and verify the details with known regulatory institutions. Having no license number is proof we are dealing with a hoax. GoinTrading is not licensed to operate any trading activities.

To confirm our fears, we contacted several licensing institutions. They include ASIC, COSNOB, CySEC, FCA, FSA, NFA, and SEC. These bodies have never heard or licensed Goin Trading. And there you have it; we are dealing with an unauthorized broker who has no legal bearing. Signing up with such brokers means putting your funds at risk. Trying to recover these funds becomes next to impossible. For all we know, GoinTrading is an offshore money laundering website for criminals.

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Features of GoinTrading/ Advantages

Looking at their entire website, we could not come up with any advantage. These scam artists have created a scam platform which is not complete. How can such a website be incomplete? These scam artists are busy scamming investors not knowing they have a lame platform. Signing up or depositing with this broker is strictly forbidden. Who is responsible for handling funds with this brokerage site? Anonymity level is what makes it look and feel like a rotten online trading platform.

Disadvantages of GoinTrading

Demo Account

GoinTrading Binary Crypto Forex Review

When you click to the demo account, you are directed to a bunch of demo accounts. Notice these are demo accounts of proven scams. Why would they not create their own demo account? Are these scam artists that lazy?

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Deposit and Withdrawal

Looking at their entire website, there is no information regarding depositing and withdrawing. Most members we contacted were given different accounts to deposit funds. It makes it even more difficult to trace these onetime accounts. It makes it hard to recover any stolen funds or money with these brokers. These accounts are untraceable. Now you know better than to deposit with an unknown online entity.

Web based platform

They claim to have a web based platform. What we found odd with their platform is lack of proper security features. A web based platform should have ample security and protect users from third party attacks. Hackers can easily gain access to this platform and steal credit card information. As we found out, their web based platform lacks the most basic of security features.

Unresponsive Support

Did you notice they don’t have a live chat support? Why would a broker not have a working contact page? . How then can you contact them? Sadly, they are using email marketing techniques to get users to sign up. Make sure to mark all their emails as Spam and never click on any links sent by their marketing team.

Are funds safe with GoinTrading?

How can funds be safe with an anonymous broker? Did you know members are depositing funds straight to owner’s bank account? These are some of the telling signs GoinTrading is not going to safeguard your funds. Why have they failed to mention institution they use to bank funds? These are clear online scam artists who have nothing else better to do than scam unsuspecting investors.

Is GoinTrading a scam?

After looking at all the evidence we have, it is clear GoinTrading is a scam. Stay away from any of their affiliate programs and warn your family and friends. These are anonymous scam artists who can sweep clean your bank account.


Is GoinTrading licensed or a Scam?

By adding this broker to our scam blacklist, we will be exposing GoinTrading dirty tricks. Stay away from these scam artists and ignore all calls to sign up.

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Wishing you a successful trading experience.

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