Gold Bitcoin Review -Another UK-Registered Scam?

Gold Bitcoin Review -Another UK-Registered Scam?

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In this review, we will be proving that is not a trustworthy website. So pay attention because we are about to communicate a very important message here.

First off, Gold Bitcoin is a business that is aggressively using Google ads to reach out to a wide audience base. You can imagine the number of people who see their ads and potentially fall victim each day.

This nature of advertising is threatening. It means that they are aggressively looking for people who can invest in their Bitcoin investment offering simply because their system is not profitable, and they would not dare put their own money into it. But it is easier to fool the public with the intent of exhorting them in the process.

Let’s take a closer look at Gold Bitcoin and see whether or not it can qualify as a legitimate internet business worth putting your money in.

Gold Bitcoin Review

We will start with the background details of this website to help with the identification purposes first. This is because we are very much interested in finding out who owns this business and why they are so desperate to summon the public into taking part in their business.

The first thing that we usually do when we come across a new website like this one is to run that domain on That way, we can see company information, owner and date of registration. But if the owner’s name is hidden, we immediately become suspicious. You see, there is no way someone will hide their details and still expect us to trust him with our money. It is just not possible.

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So when we tried looking for the registrant information on, we found what we had suspected. It was stamped with the dreaded WhoisGuard Protection. But all other details were not hidden. We were able to see that Gold Bitcoin is registered with a Panama address, and that it has been around for just a couple of weeks now.

Actually, Gold Bitcoin was registered in October 2017. That means it’s a very new business with no history to rely on at all.

But as you can see, the website is giving us false statistics which can’t be confirmed by the date of registration of this website.

For example, it was published on the website that Gold Bitcoin has been around for 69 days. We think it’s been around for one and a half months at most (at the time of writing this review).

Is it possible that Gold Bitcoin has since acquired 1914 registrants? Well, there is no way of verifying these records. They are just claims that we can choose to believe or not believe.

According to Gold Bitcoin website, this property belongs to a company known as GOLD BITCOIN CC LTD. They claim that they have expertise in Forex and crypto-currency investing. Of course there is no way we can verify this information because nearly all content in this website does not come with some sort of proof.

They also claim that their headquarter is based out of London. We do not know if this is a fad or something because most Bitcoin scams choose ‘London’ as their headquarter.

The thing is, we have a big contradiction here in terms of the company address. While the registrant’s address on shows that they are based out of Panama, the website’s address points to a London-based physical address.

It’s very difficult to find out the truth here. Maybe they should come clear on this matter to avoid creating unnecessary suspicion. Or perhaps this was intentionally done to create confusion or conceal their real location.

Chances are that Gold Bitcoin is operating out of a cheap office in a UK suburb. Most scams of this nature choose to operate in the UK because laws are a bit lenient there when it comes to providing investment services. Unlike in the US where companies venturing into the financial niche are required to fulfill nearly impossible to achieve qualifications, UK is a bit lenient with the rules. This has given scammers so much leeway to run the town.

The point is, Gold Bitcoin is suspicious. We wouldn’t advice people to invest with them because the outcome of such kind of an investment is not known.


Gold Bitcoin has 3 plans which they are targeting investors with. For only $25, you can invest in their 5% daily profit plan. They claim that this money will be earned daily and for life.

gold bitcoin plans

The second and third plans are ridiculously expensive. They cost $3,000 and $10,000 respectively. The alleged return on investment is 10 % and 15% daily.

Do you know the trick? Well, if you don’t, then pay attention. You see, Gold Bitcoin is offering the cheapest plan at $25. Most people will not see any problem trying a service like this one with $25. In fact, many people will jump into the bandwagon because it is cheap, and it is promising 5% daily return for life. So why don’t you put $25 into the deal and when returns start trickling in as promised, you can jump in with $3,000 or $10,000 to become rich overnight?

This $25 plan is a bait. They are using it to lure in the naive investor. Once you’re in, they will credit your account with the said profits at the end of the day (up to a certain length of time, maybe a week or so). This will make you change your mind and say that if you put $3,000, you can make 5% of that amount every day, and that means you can be rich for doing nothing.

Yes, Bitcoin Gold is waiting for clients like you. They know that most people will be thinking along those lines. So how are they going to steal from you? They will wait until you have deposited the $3,000 or more. You can comment on this article later after that incident has occurred. We bet that you will never earn profits or recover a coin from this money. That’s the sad truth.

If they are registered, they are legitimate

We need people to stop this naivety. Gold Bitcoin is registered as a financial management company, and they even have a registration number to show on their site.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that they are running a legitimate business operation. In fact, that registration number does not say anything about the legality of this business.

You see, these days anyone can register a company, set up a website in the afternoon and start selling too good to be true promises. This is the exact thing that Gold Bitcoin has done. Don’t be surprised.

Is there any proof of payment?

gold bitcoin stats

If they have 1914 investors so far, we expect them to show us evidence of payouts. It is just the standard procedure of selling a service like this. You have to prove to people that you are offering the said payouts for them to get interested.

Well, Gold Bitcoin has done the opposite as far as proof of payment is concerned. They have zero evidence of payments. No account statements, no nothing.

Our best advice for you

At this point in time, we believe that Gold Bitcoin is yet another scam. Please beware. And if you want to invest in Bitcoin mining, please check out these companies instead.

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