Golden Binary Profits Scam: A Real Disappointment

Golden Binary Profits Scam: A Real Disappointment

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Quick Summary of the Golden Binary Profits

  • Rating: 1/5.  I think this rating is enough to convince you that this software is not for you.
  • Pros:   There are no positive aspects of this software.
  • Cons: This is no end to the negatives
  • Our recommendation:   Make sure that you do not opt for this software. See our list of the best binary signal providers for successful binary options trading.

Full Review

When I came across the website of Golden Binary Profits, I found the software to be quite suspicious. I will just give out the reasons below so that you can avoid this scam for sure and save your valuable money. Now the person who primarily came up with the concept of Golden Binary Profits is Jack Johnson. As per this person, you can make a lot of money through this software, but the review will tell you another story.

The Big Scam Indicator

Now when you visit the website of Golden Binary Profits, you will get to know that Jack Johnson is the creator of the software.  Look at the snapshot below. When you visit this website, you will find the same man promoting another product by the name of Professor Andersen. This is a major scam indicator.

Golden Binary Profits snapshot:

Golden Binary Profits

Professor Andersen snapshot

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Golden Binary Profits scam

Fake Trades on the Website

When I visited the homepage, I found these fake profit images on the website. Do not be enticed or lured by this. Showing profit charts is a common scam technique, and you will find such tables and charts on most scam websites. Eventually, it does not matter how much money others make through a software. What should matter to you is what you earn at the end of the day. Such scam websites are usually searching new traders because they become an easy victim to these gimmicks so do not fall into the trap.

Golden Binary Profits review

Do Not Waste Your $250

Now when you wish to use the Golden Binary Profits, you need to have a starting balance of about $250. It is not a small amount for sure, and you will not want your money to go waste. You should avoid making a huge deposit when you have no information about the credibility of the software.

OptionMaker Do You Trust This Broker?

This software makes use of the OptionMaker broker. Now this broker is not reputed. Now the major issues with such brokers are that you might not be able to withdraw any amount and eventually you will lose your deposit. The associated broker gives a fair idea of what the software has to offer to you so think smart.

Golden Binary Profits scam review

The Weird On/Off Trading Concept

Now you cannot earn in the binary options trading world by a simple on/off button. The reason is that the software cannot mitigate risks.  For example, if you indulge in manual trading you have the opportunity to alter the strategy as per the need of the time. Do you think that a software can think of a human mind? The answer is no. Now, what usually happens is that once you make your deposit with such software your money is gone. The software earns by compelling people to make huge deposits and eventually you will see that the software will not work for you. You need to understand an important concept, and that is smart binary options trading needs smart strategies. Only then you can excel in the field of trading. Usually, the scam software takes you on a tour of a dream world and when the dream eventually crashes you are disappointed.

Features Missing

Well I was quite curious to know more about Golden Binary Profits, but I just ended up being disappointed because throughout the video the creator of the software just wanted to show how much profit the software can generate. There was no mentioning of any features. Do you think that such software can be trusted? Logically the answer is no.

It Is Not Free For Sure

As mentioned above when you have to start trading using the software you will have to make a deposit so do not be fooled into believing that the software is free because it is not. Once you sign up, you will have to pay to trade.

Lacks the Presence of a Proper Website

When you visit the Golden Binary Profits, you will see that the website does not give a professional look. There are no proper widgets. You cannot realize the authenticity of software by just a video, and this creates the doubt. When I visited the website, I was clueless. Once the video was finished, the speaker directed the viewers to the registration form. Just think why you will register for software when you do not know anything about it. It is equivalent to blind trading, and you will not want that at all.

The Real Truth

Now most of you might be wondering that can an automated software for binary options trading make you rich and the answer is no. There is no problem in trying out a software, but relying on it for income is not the smart move. The reason is that there is no replacement to professional trading. Just think and make your move. You cannot base your trading career on an automated software. If that was this easy, I think I would not have spent years learning the tricks and the strategies of trading. There is no shortcut to success. The prime reason such software are in the market is because there are traders out there who believe that they can excel in the field of trading despite the lack of knowledge, but that is not true. Initially, you will make mistakes, but finally you will master the art of trading.

 Things You Need To Remember When Opting For Automated Software

The most important thing that you need to know is that it is quite rare to get your hands on a credible automated software for binary options trading. The real trading takes years of experience and success will not come to you that easily. If for any reason you have made up your mind to opt for automated trading software then make sure that the software has credible broker association. This way you will get a clear idea whether you are moving in the right direction or not.

Now the second most important aspect is that the customer support is the backbone of any platform. If the customer support is there for an automated software, and they are giving you satisfactory answers, then you can be at ease. However, all these elements are missing with Golden Binary Profits. If the software is genuine, they even offer a demo account so that you are sure that you have made the right choice. When you look at Golden Binary Profits, you will notice that it lacks the professionalism of a great binary options trading site.

If you are still confused then you must have a look at this page. Go through the list of our recommended signal service providers. This is a much better approach then going for software that lacks credibility. You can opt for the signal services mentioned on the link and then trading will become easy for you. The best part is that when you visit this link the features of the services are also listed in detail so that you are sure that you are making the right decision. This way you will be able to improve as a trader.

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  1. Totally agree with this article. I have a friend that got tricked and deposited the money on this site and got scammed. This guy, professor Andersen opened a new trading program every week with a different name. If you want to start trading binary do you research first, so you don’t get scammed. Good luck!

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