Golden Day Profit KAMYIP Review: Brutal Forex Scam Broker

Golden Day Profit KAMYIP Review: Brutal Forex Scam Broker

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Golden Day Profit KAMYIP ( is a CFD and Forex broker who we must say is unregulated. Apparently based in Hong Kong, we simply had to investigate it. One, this is an offshore broker which means they don’t follow strict rules and guidelines set. Two, due to numerous email complaints we have been receiving, we decided to investigate. Three, it’s our duty to fully warn our readers about impending danger.

Golden Day Profit KAMYIP Review

Golden Day Profit KAMYIP Review:

Straight away you can easily see that the website seems second fiddle. Yes, the website is as user-friendly as you might expect from a Forex broker. This platform deals with precious metals like Gold and Silver, you would expect it to have a little class. Claims of having smooth operations are plastered all over the web.

Problem with this is that they claim to be secure and trustworthy. Problem we noted is that even their homepage is not secure. You will never see a legit Forex platform without SSL encryption protection. With Golden Day Profit KAMYIP, it’s not the case. They don’t even have the basic website protection which is quite dangerous.

Fake Protection Claims.

According to their website, Golden Day Profit KAMYIP claims to have a one of a kind protection system. Claims of having a perfect certification system are all lies meant to lure you into signing up. Do not be lured into signing up simply because they are using industry jargon. We are sure that since they are not SSL certified, anything they tell us is all but lies.

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Platform Used by Golden Day Profit KAMYIP.

According to the website, this platform uses MetaTrader4 platform. This could be okay if only this platform worked. We tried downloading the platform on various devices. We were let down by the fact that this platform would not complete download. This means that their platform has been tampered with or is not fully operational.

We tried downloading on various platforms such as desktop and mobile. Problem we received was that this platform would stall download at 37%. It would not even reach half the download process. What this means is that we are dealing with a fake platform. Only way to trade with them is using the web trader.

Web trader’s platform is also dangerous since it’s not fully protected. This means hackers can easily take advantage of this misfortune to steal money. Furthermore, we have no way of confirming whether the platform works unless you do actual trading.

No Demo Account.

Golden Day Profit KAMYIP Scam

Another problem we are facing is that Golden Day Profit KAMYIP does not have a demo account. With this day and time, you expect a Forex platform to offer demo accounts. Demo accounts are important as they help users get to know more about the platform. Users get to have a feel of what it is like to trade with the platform.

With GoldenDayProfit, this is not the case. Only way to sample is by using a real account which is quite dangerous. Members can easily lose their money at once with real accounts especially if they are newbies. How is this possible? It’s because we are dealing with a scam platform whose intent is to steal from unsuspecting investors.

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Is Golden Day Profit KAMYIP Registered?

Folks, when you visit their homepage, they claim to be registered. According to the website, this company is registered by the National Futures Association. A registration number is set as 0517483 as their registration number. Note that this can be fake as we will prove. These scammers have simply put a number to try and validate themselves.

We also looked at the regulatory institutions to check whether they had registered Golden Day Profit KAMYIP. We started with the FCA which had not heard of such a company. Not satisfied, we checked with CySEC and they too had not registered this broker. It means that these people are plastering registration details for legitimacy sake. We simply cannot trust them.

Is Golden Day Profit KAMYIP registered?

Being a company, we had to ensure that the mother company was registered. They are apparently located in Macau Building. We contacted Company incorporation which is the registration body of Hong Kong. We were not surprised to find out that they had not registered this company.

Folks, you should now know that we are dealing with people who are crediting and certifying themselves. This is quite dangerous as it now appears, they may not be from Hong Kong as advertised. These scammers will do or say anything to make sure they sign up as many users as they possibly can.

Is there Safety of Funds?

We are sure that your funds are not safe. This means that no one can confirm that Golden Day Profit KAMYIP uses segregated accounts. This means that they don’t have different accounts for users. You might as well be depositing your savings to a scammers bank account number. This can be quite dangerous and should be investigated.

Golden Day Profit KAMYIP Fake

It also means that Golden Day Profit KAMYIP does not offer compensatory services. This simply means that your money is not safe. In case of bankruptcy or insolvency, members will not be compensated for the loss. Why should you sign up with a company that does not cover your losses? Golden Day Profit KAMYIP is an insane Forex platform.

Investors can also opt to use tested and trusted Forex robots for a favorable trading experience. Reputable and proven Forex robots make real and reasonable profit margins. Get the best out of Forex trading by having professional and accredited Forex robots on your side. Try them today and be among top Forex investors.

Fake Guarantee Claims.

Another red flag that we spotted with Golden Day Profit KAMYIP is that they make guarantee claims. According to the website, members are guaranteed over 90% of ROI. This means that there’s a high chance that this broker is lying. No software or trading expert can have such a high ROI. It’s simply not possible for obvious reasons.

Surely, there is a day when prices will fall down unexpectedly. This is as a result of political instability, boardroom wars just to mention but a few.
Fake Trading Strategies.

One of the lies that Golden Day Profit KAMYIP uses is that they have an exceptional trading strategy. Just know that there’s no way these people are telling the truth. One problem we have with them is that they don’t explain how their strategies work. What they have done is put a list of supposed winning trades which could be doctored.

We simply cannot take any chances with Golden Day Profit KAMYIP as it has too many loopholes. A legitimate platform would show us the trading strategies used and how they use them. These scammers just want to look smart so that newbie investors can sign up with them.

Is Golden Day Profit KAMYIP a Scam?

Yes, without a shadow of a doubt, we are dealing with a certified scam. No one can make us change our mind regarding Golden Day Profit KAMYIP. All we ask you to do is to ignore all incoming mail asking to you join this platform.

Golden Day Profit KAMYIP Final Verdict.

Golden Day Profit KAMYIP Scam Review

With all evidence produced, we are sure that this is a scam. Being ardent Forex traders, we have no other option but to blacklist Golden Day Profit KAMYIP.

Investors can always opt to have the best and most trusted Forex Brokers on their side. Get reliable and recommended Forex brokers that the trading community uses. It’s the only way to trade comfortably and safely.

Remember to stay safe and we wish you all the best.

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15 Replies to “Golden Day Profit KAMYIP Review: Brutal Forex Scam Broker”

  1. This has scam written all over it.. I was conversing with an individual on wechat for about 3 or 4 months. During this time this person will get to know you on a personal level and befriend you, there will not be so much talk about money or investment. As the relationship builds slowly and when the ‘Con artist’ starts gaining your trust they will start to learn more about your financial situation. For example, your occupation and what kind of investments you are interested in. This is where they will discretely introduce you to futures bitcoin trading. After showing screenshots of how much money they are making and how the companies a***ysts is roughly 80% accurate in their trade advice, the friend will inttoduce you to the companies account manager who will open up a demo account for you. After using the demo account and following the trading advice you will notice huge profit and feel very enticed to open a real account. Especially when they tell you the demo account only lasts 5 days.These guys are professional scammers and super convincing and will make you feel guilty of doubting your trust in them if you ask too mamy questions or ask for validations. I was convinced to open a real account howeveer i didnt deposit any money except for $1500. I deposited this amount and told them i wanted to test the deposit and withdrawal process before i deposit a larger amount of money. My money was withdrawn from their account successfully buti believe that is only because they thought i would put more in. I strongly urge you not to deal with golden day profit, fxfway or fortune way.

  2. Golden Day is the worst scam I have ever seen. Bold l*** all over. If you have lost money or even if they just tried to scam you please file an eReport with Hong Kong police.

        1. Please perform a search for Hong Police eReport. Also be informed that the parent of Golden Day Profit was FxFway. If you perform a search for e.g. FxFway sitejabber scam you will find potentially interesting information and contacts

  3. Im’ right now chatting with a girl that said she have an investiment company in singapore and she is from hong kong, and she show me (teach me ) how to trade BTC….by whatsapp, I thought we were freind…and she ask me to creat a real account and send a form that I need fill. where discover their website
    by googling it, I found this discussion . so far I didn’t send any money or anything !!!

  4. Please perform a search for Hong Police eReport. Also be informed that the parent of Golden Day Profit was FxFway. If you perform a search for e.g. FxFway sitejabber scam you will find potentially interesting information and contacts.

  5. saya telah mengirim uang pada rekening bank standart chartered $3000. pada akun real saya mendapatkan profit. apakah ini penipuan atau ini memang benar ?

  6. The hk police can’t do and won’t do anything, I lost 50k with these goldenday guys a year ago. Spoke to hk police and after 8 months they told me there is one account that has money in it and I will have to file a cla** action, that would cost another 20k for a hi lawyer for a account that has some money in it but no idea how much. Such bull sh#t

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