Golden Goose Method – A deception you must avoid

Golden Goose Method – A deception you must avoid

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Quick Summary of Golden Goose

  • Rating: 0/5. A definite scam.
  • Pros: The truth is I never figured out any.
  • Cons: A truly hyped binary options system.
  • Our recommendation: Try to avoid this scam if you do not want to lose your money and use any of our recommendations here.

Height of deception is being reviewed here. Let’s look out for the negativity of such method, a complete review for you to know more.

Irrational Logic behind the name

When I decided to opt for the Golden Goose Method, I was curious to look at the video on the site. Strangely the video starts with a strange logic behind the name of the application. Marcus, who is one of the creators of this application, feels that the application tends to throw money into his account, so it has to be named the Golden Goose. Well, this would only entice a person who lacks technical knowledge about the binary options trading world because honestly there is no practical system in the binary options trading world that can get in money so easily.

Terrible Sales Hype

I heard about the Golden Goose method sometime back, so I thought it would be a smart idea to try out the new application for binary options trading. However, my expectations were thoroughly shattered once I tried out this binary system in real. Let me tell you that the real disaster starts the minute you make a deposit. I will start with my own my personal experience. It requires a deposit of about $500 or 500 Euros to start using this application. I thought that it would be better if I communicate with the support service at Trade Quicker so that I could get the access to the Golden Goose Method.


Well, this is the point from where I was misguided. I was encouraged to make a deposit of $1000 because somehow the support person was of the opinion that people who usually make a deposit of about $500 tend to lose the money. Luckily I was not enticed by this Sales Hype that can generally be a profitable way to make more money from people. Now I have realized one thing for sure, and that is that Golden Goose creator makes money from people’s deposit, and this is how the affiliates earn as well.

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Golden Goose Lacks Credibility

Tragically the Golden Goose method works well only with United You might have never heard of this site because it is not regulated. You can use the Golden Goose method only after you sign up with United Options. Well, you can directly question yourself about these key points.

  • Why isn’t golden goose affiliated with a reliable broker if they truly want to benefit the traders?
  • Logically there should be an option of a paid membership even if the trader is associated with some other broker.
  • Above all, there is no useful information on the actual Golden Goose site. For example, you do not get any information or clue about the success rate of Golden Goose. The website does not give a clue about the performance results or the signals that you would get.

 Ridiculous and Illogical chat

You expect a customer support guy to be well versed. However, my experience was vice versa. The guy at the customer support lacked the knowledge about the application. The guy was clueless about the signals they were offering, the number of signals, etc. I truly started to believe that common sense is something quite uncommon. Still not convinced have a look at the chat below.

 Golden Goose Method review

Does it sound real?

I am putting up two snapshots that I took from the site itself. The creator of the video claims that he put up $200 in his account and started off the automated Golden Goose software. Just have a look at the below snapshots and you will see that the balance of the account owner multiplied to $390 in just 90 minutes with no effort. Well, if it was that easy all of us would be millionaires by now. This is one more reason to believe that the application is a scam.

Golden Goose Method review


Golden Goose Method description

No Need to Know About Trading the Biggest Lie

Golden Goose Method things to avoid

The biggest lie about Golden Goose trading method is that the creators claim that you need not know anything about trading. Trading is one field that requires a fair amount of knowledge. I have tried different brokers and trading systems and let me tell you that even if you get your hands on the best trading system knowledge is a must. Your trading system might assist you, but finally you need the skill and strategies to use any trading system to your benefit so just saying that you need not know anything about trading is the biggest scam. Beware!

Golden Goose Promoting False Hopes

The Golden Goose Trading method claims that everything is pre-programmed in the software. Is it humanly possible? The answer is no. The software claims that you do not need charts, signals or research. Remember it is a human mind that has designed the software so there is never a chance to cover all possible trading scenarios and possibilities. Golden Goose guarantees the fact that trade would be placed only if it helps you get a profit. Well, if you are a seasoned trader you might be getting those laughing fits now because the trading industry is one field in which things can change in seconds. Even with the assistance of the best signals company and all the possible help you can still go wrong so believing in Golden Goose are just equivalent to living in a fool’s paradise.

Software Development Strategy Not Convincing

The software boasts the best algorithms and the best software that keeps you ahead of other traders. Frankly speaking auto-pilot is not a magic key. We all know that no algorithm is flawless, and neither is any software.

Video Reviews

If you still feel that Golden Goose is worth a chance then you have to watch this video. Now the person who is giving you the review emphasizes on one very important aspect, and that is you are compelled to sign up with one particular broker. Another fishy part is that the platform that is shown in the video is completely different from the one that you get to view when you click the download link. The worth listening to points in the video is that you can only try this platform if you have some extra money to spare.

Does the Golden Goose Method work?

The answer is no. I have been a seasoned trader for many years and what I feel is that you should only be looking out for credible binary option trading products that can give you the real income you need. If you want genuine income, then it is better to look into Here.

If you are a new trader and lack technical knowledge then it is time to look for best signal services then can direct you when and how to trade. This is a safe approach especially if you lack the knowledge that is needed to excel in the binary options trading market. Visit this link mentioned above and you can find the best signal services available.


The cost details and the winning probability is also mentioned along with the name of the service so make your choice with wisdom because you spend a fair amount of time and effort to earn your money.

Your efforts should not go in vague by wasting your deposit on weird and unrealistic trading methods like Golden Goose. I have used Golden Goose, and I was fooled despite being a professional trader so do not be deceived.

Try out and carve a bright trading future for yourself.

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4 Replies to “Golden Goose Method – A deception you must avoid”

  1. I find that trading is a scam in general. I myself lost $5,000 trading. Companies just randomly do whatever they want and common people lose their hard earned money.

  2. I truly believe autopilot is not a magic. However, for me it worked in some ways. You are quite right – all the trading software market their product like you didn’t need to know anything about trading. Just run the software and the money will come. Anyway, it a wonderful review. Do you have any recommendation of good software? Hope to get an answer from you.


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