Golden Option Trading Review: Is it a Scam?

Golden Option Trading Review: Is it a Scam?

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Golden Option Trading is a Ponzi scheme that is dealing with the Forex venture. The company is promising traders an opportunity to earn from $100 up to $500. You only need to use 30 minutes up to an hour for you to have attained this figure.

Such promises are only made by scam ventures since they are not realistic, and no company in the market can generate such high profits. The company ironically claims that it is secure, and investors have nothing to worry about.

Golden Option Trading is a platform that fails to avail enough data in regards to what they are doing. The information on their website does not create trust. However, the company views itself as the leading Forex signals providers in the market.

The claim of making as many investors as possible financial free is familiar with a Ponzi scheme. They tell you precisely what you want to hear. They use three marketing strategies to deliver their significant returns: this includes, Forex trading, passive investing, and digital marketing.

Golden Option Trading Review, Golden Option Trading Platform

The company is a scam that should collapse immediately. They have been in the market since January 2017, and their domain expires in January 2023. The platform is privately registered; hence the information of the founder is missing.

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Golden Option Trading Review

The company allegedly is a VIP Forex trading signal. Unfortunately, if you happen to believe in their shady marketing narrative, you will lose a lot of money. The company is infamous in the market as a Ponzi scheme.

When you decide to invest online, you need to be cautious. Not every investment venture has the best interest for its clients. However, there is legit Forex trading software in the market that you can use.

The platform will disclose the person running the company and showcase their qualification alongside. Golden Option Trading claims that all their students do not fail. Their statement is very aggressive and not attainable.

It is complicated to attain something like this, and the Forex industry is very volatile and unpredictable. NickFX10 allegedly manage the trading signals of this shady company. The company is promising investors an average of 800 up to 1200 pips per month.

The price of the system is $100 per month, and the company utilizes the swing trading strategy. It assures their clients that it will send from 4 to 10 signals every week. The currency pair that Golden Option Trader offers is GBPUSD, USDCAD, EURAUD, GBPJPY, EURUSD, USDCHF, GBPCAD, GBPAUD, GBPNZD.

The Trading Condition

The company only provides the MyFXbook trading screenshot, which appears to have been taken by someone. With the kind of promises that this venture is promising, they should do more than this. Providing real-time trading evidence is crucial if they want to gain the trust of investors.

The platform is not trustworthy since there is a high possibility that they are using the report of another company instead of theirs. Golden Option Trading should avail of their latest trading report. The process will only take a few minutes, and if indeed the company is a legit venture, they should not shy away.

Golden Option Trading Investment Plan

The platform has three available investment plan that investors can use. The platform is sending the same number of signals every week for all their packages. It can execute the take profit, entry, trade update, and stop-loss for every trade.

You can also receive all the trade technical analysis photos. There is an average of 200 pips that is promised for their clients. Additionally, traders can earn using the affiliate program. Once you deposit funds, you can begin yielding returns.

Additionally, the company also promises a bonus that it avails a training video that their clients can use to boost their skills. The support is guaranteed for every account. The only difference is the price and the time that the plan lasts.

They have one month, three months, and a lifetime membership; the price ascends as the duration increases. The platform has a bonus for their lifetime signal provision, whereby investors are guaranteed that they will receive a Forex trading course program. However, the information is insufficient, and we do not know what the training program entails.

Contact Detail and Regulation

Moreover, the firm is accepting investors from all countries, and it is located in Canada. The location is highly likely made up, and there is nothing legit about this firm. The company has a very shady and unethical support team. If you want to reach the support fast, they recommend that you use their telegram; @hustle_mindset.

Customer care does not respond to the problems of their investors. When you call them, they will ignore it. Additionally, the emails are also left pending. It is clear that this platform is not professional, and the only thing that they care about is getting their filthy hands at your money.

When you deposit a considerable amount of funds, it when they start ignoring you. Moving on to the regulation status of Golden Option Trading, you should know that the platform is not regulated by any government to carry out its services.

It would better if they had a license permitting them to carry out their services. We would advise anyone who was planning to join this company to refrain from doing so.

Golden Option Trading Testimonials

The company has very many negative reviews from investors who have already tried their services. The platform is being termed as a Ponzi scheme. Golden Option Trading has numerous videos of investors endorsing the services of this shady firm.

Sadly, these are paid actors upon their review, and we found that they are using false content. They send investors two emails at most, which have a high projection of returns. However, if you join with high expectations of earning such profits, you will only end up regretting it.

Those who have joined have not attained the pips that Golden Option Trading advertises. The company is also paying investors in their first investment. After that, you will not receive anything of substance. When you come up with content claiming that the platform is paying, you should be cautious.

The platform is utilizing its marketing strategy at best. These are the only attractive tactic that the Ponzi scheme uses. Why would anyone be blind enough to trust such a platform with their money? Based on the traffic that is coming in the system of Golden Option Trading, it seems their plan is working in their favor.

According to Alexa global ranking, they have a total of 461,006 traffic. As long as people keep buying their narrative, the shady venture will continue making money. It would be best if you stayed away for the sake of your safety.

Final Verdict

Golden Option Tradingis not legit in anything that they do. When you invest, you should look for reliable opportunities. You can trade using various Forex trading software in the market that has real-time profits for their customers.

The only information that is available on the website is not sufficient to win the trust of the investors. Furthermore, they have numerous negative reviews from clients who had invested in their system before. There is nothing good that will ever come from this Ponzi scheme.

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22 Replies to “Golden Option Trading Review: Is it a Scam?”

  1. Hi,
    I am trading a year now without any help but I didnt make a big profit some eur only.
    Do you have any signal service which is most reliable? I want only signals not trader.

  2. i trade in but they never give me my earning….they keep on asking for$100 to reflect or to release the pending…
    is there such things in bitcoin mining
    iam not sure,
    please help

  3. I feel like I’m scammed. They’ve never told me about paying “tax”. The only thing they’ve told me is I can gain 10x my profit. While I was waiting to cash out they said: “you didn’t pay tax”, pay 20% tax so you will get your money.

    I thought what the…. why you didn’t tell it upfront! So watch out!

  4. I need help. I’ve given all my last $$ expecting for
    My withdrawals today but just got an email saying that I have to pay $500 front for every withdrawals I do! I’m confused a please help. I wasn’t told about this upfront. I need my money back, I’ve given everything from my savings.

  5. I am irene begun trading with this golden trade and on withdrawal day they started asking me to pay 66,000 for IBPC Certificate and they wouldn’t release my money without that.This was a scam and I lost a lot of money in the same .I would advise my friends not to try it

  6. Golden trade option is fake I lost around 60k
    They told me to pay the this amount for IBPC certificate and for something else too I asked them why have you guys not told about this before they where like pay the amount and get your profit that’s it nothing more to talk about it I paid and now they are not even giving repl*** ?

  7. They are f**king scammers , they have done the same with me. . They have asked to send 250$ in investment plan and after the five days completion they asked me to send tax and commission of 171$ and then they just blocked me. Please stay away from them there signals are f**king bad , i just huge loss from them and the investment plan is just all fake .

  8. They are big fraud. Don’t trust them.first they will tell u about 100$ , 200$, 300$ and so more. And after that they will show u fraud account on your name.and every after two week they will show fraud money. then in the end they will tell u pay tax 10% via bitcoin.totally fraud. Any body wants proof they can contact with me
    +306949074256. All proof u can see via WhatsApp.

  9. Fraud big fraud..don’t trust ..I have all proof..if u need help just WhatsApp I can give u proof as well.they are big fraud

  10. Optimalfxtraderoption is a scam company.I earned $28461 and when i request a withdrawal,they asked me a Copy of my IBPC,otherwise they won’t release my money.I contact my broker,she told about the IBPC,and asked me $4000 for this certificate.I report the company to the NFA and FTC.

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