Golden Paradigm Review: The Worst Scam to Fear

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Golden Paradigm Review: The Worst Scam to Fear

Trading scams are quite in trend these days. The reason is that new traders believe that auto trading bots can change their luck. Well this really does not happen in the real world. When you are trading in the real world then the most important aspect is the skill set.

Note: A good alternative to this OptionRobot scam is the Super Simple Bot.

If the investor does not understand binary option trading then he cannot be successful with trading whether it is manual or auto trading. Tragically there are many scam system out there to win your trust. One such system is the Golden Paradigm. You need to be quite careful in selecting such a system.

Reason to dislike the Golden Paradigm

Now Golden Paradigm is setting unrealistic standards. It claims that the investor can easily earn $978.63 per hour. This figure does not sound real. Usually it takes years of hard work for a trader to make his mark through binary option trading, but this trading system is giving the unrealistic figures. This is utter deception and an attempt to mislead the trader. The investor should ensure that he does not fall for this trap and understand the true motive of the maker of the system.

Golden Paradigm

Note: Shun the scam trading bots and only opt for reliable trading bots.

The website of Golden Paradigm states that the investor can use the integrated broker. However, there is one important question and that is if this system uses a reliable broker then why is the name of the broker not mentioned on the website. If they are using a dependable broker then this can help to win the goodwill of the trader. However, the suspicious act is that the name of the broker is probably not mentioned on Golden Paradigm website because it is a clear cut scam.

Another thing mentioned on Golden Paradigm website is that it does not need any experience. Well trading is all about experience because the traders learn to identify the loopholes in their trading strategies with the passage of time.  Golden Paradigm should not give an unrealistic picture to the trader because whether it is auto trading or manual trading, the investor does need experience so the platform should not fool the trader.

Golden Paradigm

Note:  Avoid the scam trading bots and opt for credible trading bots.

Golden Paradigm website states that this trading bot is compatible on all the devices. Well if a scam trading bot is compatible on different websites then this will not do any good to the trader.

Find out what to consider when testing AUTO trading robots

These are some of the best features to look for when looking for reliable cryptocurrency trading robots and take advantage of the volatile crypto market

  • Is it easy to use the robot?

Ease of use should be the first consideration when choosing a reliable automated trading robots. You want a robot you understand.

And this ensures the traders have a better chance of enforcing their strategies and increase the overall performance.

  • Is the robot transparent?

Transparency also plays an integral part in deciding the best robot to go for. You must choose a transparent robot that gives accurate data.

Please check and confirm if the data provided by the robot is accurate and matches the market’s values.

  • Is there a demo test for the robot?

Traders must test the robot before developing them in the live trading sessions. It gives you an idea of what to expect with the robot.

Platforms such as MT4 allow for backtesting and gives traders the chance to set their preferred trading parameters.

  • Easy to apply and use

When you get started with reputable trading robots, it becomes easier to use them than conventional methods of trading.

You don’t need any prior experience when trading with these robots as there are guidelines and tutorials to help you learn how best to use them.

  • Steadily works without any interruptions

Each trader deserves a robot that steadily works without having to face any pitfalls especially during live trading sessions.

Imagine a bot that fails to execute trades when necessary or is slow at executing trades. You have to test these aspects.

  • Is the robot secure?

Getting secure robots for trading is what makes the platform the best to have. You get a platform that invests in reliable security measures.

The robots must also be compatible with all devices and ensure the encryption is strong enough to protect traders.

The pictures of people who are earning through the platform are shown on the website. Now there is no surety whether these people have actually earned through Golden Paradigm or not. There may be a possibility that the pictures are just posted on the website so the trader should not get carried away and needs to think realistically. Golden Paradigm cannot just change the trader’s destiny for the better in no time and the investor needs to understand this fact if he wants to be successful.

Golden Paradigm Scam

The trader will also find this statement on Golden Paradigm website that the members can get exclusive support from this platform. Now there is no use of the customer support if it is not offered to the unregistered members as well. The reason is that the unregistered members may have questions that they might feel like putting up to the platform.

The prime reason that the scammers do not offer customer support to unregistered members is that they want to hide their flaws. They know that the users might raise questions that they might fail to answer. This is why this support is not offered to the unregistered users. The trader should use his discretion and should never opt for a system where he does not get exclusive support.

Golden Paradigm Scammer

There are several badges on Golden Paradigm website, but when the trader clicks on these badges then he figures out that these badges are not clickable and this is yet another setback of this trading system. The investor needs to be on his guard if he wants to earn a decent amount.

Golden Paradigm Scam Review

The website of Golden Paradigm states that the trader has to simply sign up, register with the platform and he can start earning. The website misses out an important fact. The website does not mention the deposit amount that will be required to make the trading bot functional.

The reason is that when the trader makes a deposit to Golden Paradigm then this money is gone forever and the trader needs to remember this. This trading platform is not magic wand and the investor needs to understand this fact. Their common victims are the new traders who do not have the understanding about binary option trading. They feel that a trading bot can change the destiny for them.

 Can autopilot work for Golden Paradigm?

The answer is that if a trader opts for reliable trading bots that have a sound reputation then auto-pilot does work because these trading systems have a sound trading algorithm that is able to discover the profit making opportunities.

However, if the trader opts in for a trading scam like Golden Paradigm then they will not let the trader know the in depth working of the algorithm because their system cannot mitigate the risks. Thus this is why user discretion is important when choosing trading bots. Secondly, the trader needs to understand the autopilot mechanism when choosing the trading bots.

If the investor understands the concept of auto trading then this can turn out to be a learning experience for the investor. However Golden Paradigm is nothing, but a lie and the trader needs to understand this fact if he wants to be successful in the long run. The trader needs to act smart if he truly wants to earn at the end of the day. This will be the wise move on the part of the trader. This way he can save himself from significant trouble.

Will the 30 day free trial help?

Golden Paradigm offers a free 30 day trial. However, the trader should not get excited by this opportunity because there are chances that the trial will not help the trader in the first place. The reason is that usually the trader has access to limited features in a trial so the trader will not be able to figure out the truth with so ease. This statement is just there to impress the trader and there are no real benefits for the investor in actual.

Golden Paradigm a Big Scam

Now the investor must be wondering what he needs to do in this regard. The simple answer is that the trader should drop the idea of opting for Golden Paradigm because it will waste the trader’s money. The investor should first decipher in depth insight about binary option trading. Once he has sound concepts then trading will become a less challenging endeavor for the trader. He will be able to differentiate amongst the scam trading bots and the real ones.

This way the trader can prevent financial loss coming his way so the investor needs to make intelligent moves. If the trader invests his trust in a scam trading system then he will have to face massive losses and this is something that the trader will not want. Only opt for scam free trading bots. When the trading is using a reliable trading bot then he can think on the lines of earning real money so the success depends upon correct decision making at the end of the day.

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