Goldoneo Review: It’s a Scam, Don’t Send Funds

Goldoneo Review: It’s a Scam, Don’t Send Funds

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Goldoneo is a site that claims to offer investors the opportunity to buy and sell Gold and other precious metals. If you want to buy or sell Gold and Silver, the site claims that they have professional advisors at their disposal who will help you make a sound investment decision. In addition to that, Goldoneo claims that they are buying Gold Jewelry and coins from those who want to sell them.

However, this is not all that Goldoneo has to offer. The site claims that they are experienced in dealing with precious metal investments. But there are just too many red flags on this site. We can’t ignore them because they point to the fact that this site is unreliable and cannot be trusted.

First of all, the domain where Goldoneo is hosted at was registered anonymously in July 2018. It is not clear why this so and especially if we consider the fact that this operation claims to be open and transparent and yet hiding details of the admin.

Secondly, the FCA has warned that Goldoneo is an illegal operation because they are operating in the UK where investment in precious metals is regulated and yet the site does not have a license. They are only claiming that their activities are regulated by the FCA when that is a big fat lie.

So, what should we believe? Should you give Goldoneo a chance to prove themselves? We don’t think the risk is worth it. If you want reliable investment alternatives, we advice that you take advantage of these Crypto currency trading robots.

Goldoneo Review

There are a number of disturbing things going on in this website, and we believe that these should be treated as red flags. Goldoneo is a relatively new site but on the sales page, you will find a claim that they have 9000 clients. This is not likely. A site that is only a couple of months old cannot have this number of clients whatsoever. So this information is misleading and appears to be a sales tactic meant to persuade more people to invest with Goldoneo.

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Goldoneo claims that it is owned by a Futures brokerage company known as BERKELEY FUTURES LTD. It is hard to verify this data because this Futures brokerage does not mention their relationship with Goldoneo. With no disclosures that admin this type of relationship, it is very easy for a misleading website like Goldoneo to lie about their affiliations with the futures brokerage.

We believe that this futures brokerage is regulated by the FCA, hence the reason Goldoneo was claiming on their site that they are regulated by the FCA. The FCA requires every entity to be regulated and entities that are operating under the umbrella of regulated companies should not be considered regulated.

The site is also claiming that their location is based at ackson House 18 Savile Row, London, UNITED KINGDOM. We might agree with this claim because indeed the FCA has issued a warning meaning that they are based in the UK even if their specific location is not in the address highlighted above.

Equally, Goldoneo claims that they are regulated by the FSMA but this is not true. There are badges at the footer of the site which claim that the site is regulated by 3 financial watchdogs. Do not believe this nonsense.

What they offer

To offer a service where investors buy and sell gold, a lot of features must be put in place to ensure and guarantee the purity and authenticity of the Gold in question. This kind of feature is lacking on this site. That means you can’t be so sure that you will get Gold when you send money to the owners of this site.

The other thing is that there is no way to establish the quality of the Gold. You are to trust that the site will do what it says it does. But investing blindly is the worst mistake you can do with your money.

If you look at the product’s page, you realize that the maximum amount that can be used to buy Gold on this site is € 8,200.00 EUR. By no means is this a small amount of investment. So that means you should exercise caution before you ever think of trying to ”buy gold” or any other precious metal from this site.

Claims that Goldoneo works with experienced professionals

Part of the marketing material claims that Goldoneo has employed experienced professionals who will advice and help you along the way on matters related to Gold investing.

These professionals have not been introduced by name and so their digital footprints are almost non existent. This is a confidence killer and if the site operators want us to trust them, they should work on being open and transparent with their clients.

Goldoneo is offering generic content describing why we should consider investing in Gold. Honestly this material is available everywhere on the internet. There is no way this material is going to add value to an investor who is looking to purchase gold from a serious website.

Why you should not invest in Goldoneo?

Goldoneo appears to be a malicious type of operation which can easily take your money and disappear. There is no guarantee that if you send your money, you will get the precious metals which you have ordered. Secondly, there is not a single guarantee that you will get a quality piece of metal which is in accordance with international laws guiding the investment of precious metals.

We also don’t like investing with a site whose owners are anonymous. There is a certain sense of insecurity when dealing with such a website.

Our best advice for you

Goldoneo is just not the type of site you will feel comfortable ”buying precious metals” from. Also, there is no type of investment that is sure to generate returns for you including gold. We prefer that you should trade Crypto currencies right away and avoid the idea of storing your money in Gold.

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  1. I agree with all your comments about Goldoneo. To be sure before investing in gold through them I wrote and called the CEO of BERKELEY FUTURES who confirmed they have no relation ship with this company and that they put a claim to the FCA against GOLDONEO acting as a clone company of BERKELEY FUTURES.

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