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Share This! is an investment scam. Before you get talked into investing your money in this dubious operation, you should think long and hard. Good Pay claims that they are the experts in the transport industry with many years of experience. However, when we continue to read further, we see Good Pay also claiming that they are an independent service provider and also a huge team who are working with bankers, brokers, auditors and many other professionals 24/7 a week. Somehow, Good Pay does not elaborate on their transport business and instead dwell on something else. In another part of the website, they switch the language and claim that they are ”trading specialists” who trade the markets according to the rules.

Their strategies of trading are allegedly safe and are able to generate consistent profits. However, they also refer to themselves as ”Permanent Earn Limited” which is a different entity altogether. This entity has no associations with Good Pay in any shape or form. It appears that these scammers copied these texts from the Permanent Earn Ltd website which is also another scam. All in all, we see that these are lazy scammers hiding behind Good Pay website and only copy-pasting texts because they want a quick buck which is gained by doing nothing.

By evaluating their about us section, we can see that Good Pay is not a legit trust fund, and must be avoided at all cost. It is allegedly registered as LTD, and they are claiming to offer the best terms to their investors. In addition to that, they claim that this platform is offering long term investment solution. What you should be aware of is that Good pay is actually not an investment platform but a ponzi scam. This is seen in the way they are not able to properly introduce their business to the audience they are targeting.

Let’s remove the mask and expose the rot behind Good Pay in this review. If you wanted to invest your money here, you better think long and hard. We recommend trading of financial assets and even Cryptocurrencies rather than putting money in a scam like Good Pay Ltd.

Good Pay Review

The site claims that they are honest and transparent with their fees and charges. They also re-assure their investors that the rate of earnings will be determined by the investment package chosen. But as you can see, this is a high yield investment scam with too good to be true returns. There are 3 high yield investment plans which, according to this ponzi scam, will earn you 500% per day and up to 50,000% in 3 days. And from what you can see, this is unreasonable earnings which can neither be explained by these scammers or the people who are considering investing in the scam.

The minimum investment is $30. However, Good Pay is encouraging investors to commit more by promising lucrative incentives for trusting them with a lot of money. That is the reason they are claiming that you will earn 50,000% in 3 days if you trust them with the third plan. But definitely anyone who takes this route will lose a lot of money and recovering from that lose will take some time. It is disappointing psychologically. $3000 is by no means a small amount to get scammed of. In fact, before you can send that amount, you should ask yourself several questions pertaining to the investment activities of the site, their licensing, experience, track record and qualifications for managing investor funds. If you don’t question these things and instead rush to make an investment decision, you will cry a lot in the end.

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good pay

Fake testimonials

There are a couple of fake testimonials on this site and the aim is to make people believe that these returns are achievable. The truth is that no one can achieve 500% daily ROI even if they invested in several business ideas at once. It just doesn’t make sense generating this much. For one to claim that they are generating a daily ROI of 500%, they must prove it because even the best hedge funds out there don’t generate anything close to 500% in a year. So definitely Good Pay is taking us for a ride here because they cannot prove their performance and source of income generation as well.

In addition to this, they are making a big mistake by faking testimonials in order to gain credibility. This is not how it’s done. And investors will definitely find out what is happening. It isn’t difficult to know that these fake testimonials are accompanied by stock photos instead of photos of the people who actually used this service. Even the statements sound fake as they lack the legitimacy that comes from people who are actually pleased with something they consider to be good.

A typical Ponzi scheme theme

Now, even if we don’t go into details, we can just look at the template to know how basic and unsophisticated this scam is. The template they are using is a basic Ponzi scam script which nearly all scammers in this industry are using. It’s very difficult to convince a serious investor that Good Pay is a genuine investment fund. They lack the ability to persuade us with evidence and facts. They don’t have the numbers to prove that they are actually generating a 500% daily ROI, yet this is the first thing any potential investor should be asking.

Our best advice for you

By now, we know that Good Pay is not involved in any legit investment activities, plus their claims are not verifiable. This scam is basically taking people’s money in form of Cryptocurrencies and putting it in their pockets. There is no genuine business operation here. Because of this, the site is going to collapse soon. We bet that 6 months won’t pass before it can disappear. If you are serious of investing, you must prepare to be a trader and actually use automated trading tools for this purpose. Otherwise, don’t believe in cheap scams. They are wasteful especially if you invest what you can’t afford to lose.

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