Gorilla Trades Review: Is this a Stock Picking Scam?

Gorilla Trades Review: Is this a Stock Picking Scam?

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Gorilla Trades is a stock picking service that claims to provide investors with an easy time investing in the market and making profits. According to their website, Gorilla Trades is a proven, market-tested approach to choosing stocks, for today’s modern investor. Gorilla Trades takes the guesswork out of investing by not only identifying the stocks with explosive potential, but also by instructing you exactly where to set stop loss levels, and when to harvest profits. Regardless of experience level in the market, Gorilla Trades has something to offer every investor!

Gorilla Trades is a standard stock picking service that costs $500 per year. The owner of the company, Ken Berman of Jupiter Florida, seems like a nice enough person. However, many of his claims appear to be bogus.

Example: Ken Berman claims to be the former President of Smith Barney and Paine Webber. He claims to have managed $100 million. Also claims to have turned $250k into $5.5 million in 18 months. None of this could be verified. In fact, FINRA or Financial Industry Regulatory Authority has no Ken Berman registered in any capacity — in short, his claims appear to be a ripe fantasy.

The Gorilla Trades service looks innocent enough. However, the track record is woefully incomplete, confusing, and not fit for human consumption. Ken Berman, the owner of Gorilla Trades freely admits that he does not actually trade any of his recommendations. This is a major red flag. If you’d like to be a profitable trader, you should rely on a proven to work trading product or service. 

The Gorilla Trades review

What is Gorilla Trades and what are they selling? The Gorilla Trades website is a standard stock picking service. The cost of Gorilla Trades is a flat $495 per year. There is no monthly payment option. The minimum subscription period is one year.

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Gorilla Trades does have a refund policy. Anyone requesting a refund must make a written request within the first 30 days. After the request for refund has been made, the subscriber will be deducted a fee of $70. While the refund is not a “full refund,” it still is a significantly better refund policy than nearly all of the stocking picking services that valforex reviews.

The official address for Gorilla Trades is PO Box 523, Jupiter, FL 33468-0523. You may also reach Gorilla Trades by telephone at 1-866-222-6639. However, I would not recommend calling. In my five attempts, each was met with voice mail. Nor were my calls returned. It would appear that the best way to reach the company is via email. The average response time for my emails was one-day.

According to Archive.Org, the Gorilla Trades stock picking service appeared sometime in 2000. For a stock picking service, this should be considered a “legacy” stock picking service. Any stock picking service beyond 15 years is extremely rare.

Gorilla Trades also advertises on traditional print media, as well as television commercials. In fact, just the other day, I awoke to a Gorilla Trades commercial. As a reviewer of investment products and services, waking up to their TV commercial really piqued my interest.

Who is the owner of Gorilla Trades?

According to various sources, including newspaper articles and recorded infomercials, the owner of Gorilla Trades is a person named Ken Berman. Taking a look at Ken Berman, you can see that he is bulging with muscles. He actually looks like a Gorilla. For a man in his 40’s or 50’s, it would appear that Ken is probably taking steroids. Regardless, he appears in tiptop physical condition.

Ken Berman has also made some extraordinary claims. Some are beyond belief. Let’s cover a few of these supposed claims:

  • Claims to be the former President of Investments at both Smith Barney and Payne Webber.
  • Claims to have managed $100 million dollars in client monies.
  • Claims to have turned $250k into $5.5 million dollars in only 18 months.

All of these claims should be easy to verify. Or so I thought.

Is Ken Berman of Gorilla Trades real?

My first step in investigating Ken Berman was a visit to Finra.Org.

FINRA is the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and this quasi-governmental agency maintains all of the licensing information for registered investment professionals. These records are easily searchable, accurate, and go back to the 1980s. If a Ken Berman was ever the “President of Smith Barney” or “President of Payne Webber” or was a broker or financial advisor, then he should be easy to find.

However, according to FINRA, there is no Ken Berman that has ever been registered at Smith Barney or Paine Webber. In fact, the only Ken Berman that we could find, that could possibly match the Gorilla Trades ‘Ken Berman’ would now be 90 years old.

Next, I headed to SEC to search their database of registered and previously registered financial advisors. No matching Ken Berman.

I find this very troubling. In my experience, Finra.Org is very accurate and their records and databases are nearly airtight. Regardless, I next telephoned the Finra.Org Washington DC field office in hopes of finding anyone named ‘Ken Berman’ that was the “President” of either Smith Barney or Payne Webber.

Finra representatives notified me that they do, in fact, have these registration records and they are publicly assessable through the search portal. But no Ken Berman, according to Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, has ever been registered at either of these companies. The is a big red flag.

Additionally, Ken Berman makes the incredible claim that he turned $250k into $5.5 million in only 18 months. But where is the proof?

If you turned $250k into $5.5 million, would you be selling a $40 per month newsletter? Not me. I would on a sailboat with two young bikini babes. Drinking margaritas and enjoying my riches.

Our best advice for you

In short, this incredible (and not very believable) investment performance, coupled with the assumption that Ken Berman has never been registered with Finra, gives us multiple red flags. In fact, our fraud-o-meter is hitting the redline. We don’t know whether to trust Gorilla Trades anymore but good thing is that if you’re after good trading products or service, you can take advantage of these ones. 

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