GPBots Review: A Systematic Crypto-Bot High Risk Investment

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GPBots Review: A Systematic Crypto-Bot High Risk Investment

GPBots is a risky crypto arbitrage automated robot claiming to maximize returns in a short span. Our review exposes this bot and why you should avoid it.

With other such scams before it, the scammers decided to stick with the name GPBots. That’s how we immediately knew this bot was a short-term project targeting naïve traders. We will reveal some of the facts making this robot a high-risk no no-reward investment.

For those new to crypto trading, having a reliable crypto bot does offer a much-needed advantage. With such bots available, scammers love to take advantage of a profitable market by creating similar bots.

Avoid GpBots

The only difference is that once you buy the bot, the trade margins are not the same. With no Backtesting performance to verify the bot’s capabilities, we insist you stay away from unproven entities.

GPBots is no different as it has over the years failed to come clean on who owns or runs it. Thankfully, our investigative team has learned of the real culprits behind this brand of crypto arbitrage scam.

It comes as no surprise that the bot has been operating under two other domains. The bot is a product of Arbot, a ‘drag and drop’ tool that creates smart-contract Ponzi schemes. There are several people helping the bot to thrive.

Here’s our detailed GP Bots review.

A closer look at GPBots

We have to start this review with one of the sales influencer of the bot, Steve Lawson. He has used his YouTube channel to promote the bot as a long-term project netting profit for traders.

What most traders don’t know who subscribe to his channel is that he’s a big part of the problem. He only gets to promote the sales part of the bot and earn a huge sum. His influence drives most users to buy-in the product.

Thanks to using Arbot, he deceives traders that the bot does make profit. In real sense, it’s a simulation of a trade created by the bot. And yes, Steve Lawson is a serial Ponzi scheme product influencer.

There are the three owners of the platform each having a domain under the GPBots product. The three include Ari Maccabi, Darren, and Jeremy Rush. Darren has been pumping the bot on Telegram for weeks now.

Of the three, Ari Maccabi is the brains behind the product with the other two partners in crime, Ari has been in the MLM Ponzi Scheme for years and not faced any prosecutions. The GPBots is the platform that he created as a retirement project.

A resident of the Philippines, Ali claims to be an internet marketer and a YouTube Influencer. Over the years, he has conjured several other such-like crypto arbitrage scams. We hope this is his last and authorities will finally get him.

How the GPBots Robot Claims to Gain Profit

It starts off with investors having to purchase the bot for a fee. The minimum acceptable investment is $20 for a few hours. Investors can fully get the robot’s ‘features’ by subscribing to $10,000 fee.

The kick is that each of these packages will generate 200 percent ROI of the value of your investment. That’s an insane sum considering Ari and his team have never presented any Backtesting results of the robot.

All these are false pretenses and we know how Ari plans to act as the savior on the platform.

How the robot’s developer will close the bot

Knowing Ari and all his previous crypto scam bots, he will stop promoting the product after three to four months. Ari usually claims to have found some red flags on the bot and he needs to remove the bugs.

In the meantime, he will put the website and robot under ‘maintenance’ claiming to clean the bot of any issues. Before long, he has already created another GPBots product and recycle the same plot again.

We have seen it in other products including and Take a look and you will notice the same plan as before. Once investments dry up and no longer attracting new sign ups, the platform will collapse.

Ari Evading Capture in the United States

Together with another serial scammer Vladislav Stefenov, Ari evaded capture in the United States early 2021. He had managed to defraud investors close to a million dollars during the Covid epidemic.

We believe Ari is currently in London opening shop for the GPBots campaign under the banner or domain. We believe the FCA will finally get their hands on these scam artists who have been at it for years.

Joshua Elder is another partner who seems to promote products associated with Ari. All the mentioned culprits have links to each other or scam products created by any one of them. Ari was last seen trying to scout investors during an EPL match.

Watch out for Simon Hardy as well since he earns commissions for setting up meetings with potential investors. Despite all their efforts to act behind the scene, the FCA will act and hopefully convict this scam team.

Commissions and Profit Sharing Incentives

To get more users to sign up with the robot, Ari and his team created an affiliate program. It’s a bit different from others as it professes to offer the much approach. Members get the promise of sharing profits made by affiliate partners.

And this drives naïve investors to lure family and friends to sign up hoping to earn extra income. That has been the case for years with investors failing to cash in on the profit or commissions promised.

Ari uses the same tactics on all his Ponzi schemes as he manages to convince members to try and sign up other victims. Once he gets his fill, the above aforementioned takes place and he shuts down the entire program.

With the GPBots scam, he promises 10 percent pool by matrix commission-based earnings. The platform claims to offer $50 for life to all members who hit the 5 degree affiliate level on this scam.

If you help to bring in five people on the highest level, the platform guarantees 300 percent profit margin. It’s also an added incentive to earn 1 percent daily profit from Bitcoin arbitrage Of course, these are over-the-moon profit margins where no one can make any profit.

Is GPBots Legit or a Scam?

The creators of this scam have a certified track record of evading financial regulators. Hundreds of investors have lost funds to more than one robot created by Ari and his team. Steve Lawson doesn’t care about which product he pushes as long as he gets paid by the scammers.

There’s no proof that the bot even trades on behalf of investors. Having a proven track record is the only way to buy-in any crypto arbitrage project. Ensure the project or robot has verifiable Backtesting results from MyFxBook.

With no license to offer financial services in the UK, the Financial Conduct Authority has every right to hold Ari responsible for lost funds. It’s time this famed regulator put an end to Ari and his team years of evading the law.

Our Verdict GPBots

After hearing from victims who have lost thousands of dollars with Ari’s products, we hope he gets convicted for all his financial atrocities.

Note: Crypto trading is a lucrative way of earning passive income or becoming financially independent. Go for proven bots that deliver real performance.

Please write to us with any queries or drop a comment.

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