Green Millions Review: A Cheap Dirty Scam

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Green Millions Review: A Cheap Dirty Scam

Green Millions is a company that is receiving so much attention from investors. People are wondering what this company is all about and whether they are worth investing in. Sadly, this is yet another scam taking advantage of a hype train. The company claims they can help you make millions from the growing cannabis industry.

However, this is not the truth. The company is just taking advantage of the recent loosening of regulatory laws concerning cannabis. In reality, they have nothing to offer you. Moreover, they display a lack of transparency that is common in illegitimate companies.

Each month, a new company like this one rises. They come in the market, offering an opportunity for massive lifestyle improvements. Sadly, most of them take investors’ funds and disappear from the market. Do not lose your money to such individuals. Ensure you do thorough research before you invest your hard-earned cash in a company. Ensure they meet legal requirements and can deliver what they promise.

Fortunately, there are many legitimate companies in the markets that are making clients real returns. Use the best cryptocurrency trading companies if you want to make real money in the markets. They will give you professional services and consistent returns.

Green Millions Review

The website for this company makes it clear what they are up to. The sales pitch can be summarized in a single sentence, ‘Earn Millions from the rapidly growing cannabis industry.’ this is a lie. You will not make any millions with this company. They are just trying to lure individuals onto their business. They are only interested in stealing people’s money.

Green Millions Review, Greenmillions,com Platform

If you do not believe, we look at the reports on cannabis stocks. The stocks are returning -9.72% per year. There is no money to make there. Do not be fooled by these crooks. They do not have a trading system.

Moreover, the website is just a clone of several others that no longer exist. No legitimate company would want to be confused with another company. Moreover, be confused with a shady company.

Clearly, these individuals are jumping from website to website while stealing people’s money. They come with promises to make you rich overnight. Moreover, they are telling clients they can do this free of charge. Does that sound too good to be true? It’s because it is.

Their bold claims are not accompanied by any evidence to support them. They expect investors to invest their money without proof of concept. This is inexcusable in this day and age. Do not invest your money with these crooks.

Founders and Physical Location

As expected, the founders of this fraudulent business operate in full secrecy. The website does not feature any names of the team members. The company is completely faceless and has no social media presence. There is no way to verify who these people are or the experience they have in financial markets. It is a bad idea to invest with mysterious people on the Internet. After they steal your money, they will disappear from the market.

Even worse, there is no way to track these people down. They do not give the physical address of their headquarters. It is clear that these people are hiding from the law and from you. They don’t want to be held accountable for their actions.

Rough people have already lost their money to these crooks. Do not be one of them. Run while you still can.

Investment Procedure

The company tells investors they can use their trading system free of charge. However, the cost is much higher than people think. When you sign up, they create an account for you with an unregulated broker. They then ask you to credit your account with a minimum of $250. After that, you will not see your money again. They will tell you it was lost in trading.

These people do not care about customer satisfaction. Their only job is to funnel investors into using an unregulated broker. They steal your money and share it with the unregulated broker.

Trading Strategy

It is imperative for a company to disclose its trading strategy to investors. This is the only way they can decide whether the system suits their portfolio. Unfortunately, Green Millions does not reveal the approach they use in the market. They do not tell clients the market conditions they look out for in the decision making process.

The only thing they say is that they have a secret trading algorithm. This just won’t cut it. This company does not perform any trading activities in the background. They have nothing to offer investors. That is why they are mentioning random terms that explain nothing.

Trading Results

The company displays a random chart on its website, showing their supposed trading results to seem legit. The graph has a live ticker showing trades as they happen. The results show many profitable trades and just a few losses.

However, these are fictitious numbers. They have nothing to do with trading. The results are just a tool to attract unsuspecting individuals. As mentioned, the cannabis industry is not as profitable as they want you to think.

Customer Feedback

Green Millions tries to tell you that they have thousands of clients making money with them. However, there are no customer reviews anywhere on the Internet. If they were as popular as they claim, why aren’t customers talking about them?

Moreover, there is no better way to tell whether a system is profitable than listening to the people using it. In this case, we cannot confirm that Green Millions is profitable.

Regulation and Customer Support

On top of everything, this company has no regulatory license. There is no one overseeing their operations. Regulatory bodies keep an eye on company activities to ensure they are within legal requirements. Unfortunately, this company ignores this and is operating without a license.

This means they are operating illegally. Moreover, they do not inform clients about the risks involved in trading financial markets. Every company offering trading services is required by the law to inform clients of this. These people are criminals who know what they are doing.

In terms of customer support, this company is not reliable. The only way to contact them is by filling out a contact form on the website. However, they do not say how long it takes them to respond to customer queries. There is no guarantee that they will respond to your complaints, especially after taking your money from you.

Final Verdict

The people behind Green Millions are massive frauds determined to steal money from the public. The jump from the website to a website just to steal more money from the public. They pose as a legitimate trading company but have nothing to show for it. Their only goal is to funnel people into using an unregulated broker in order to scam them.

Moreover, they are concealing their identities to ensure no one holds them accountable for their actions. Enough people have already lost their money to these crooks. Avoid them like the plague to save yourself some trouble.

If you are looking to make money in the financial markets, this is not the way to go. However, there are many legitimate cryptocurrency trading companies that can help you do that. They will give you professional services without compromising on your funds.

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