The Guardian Angel Wing App Review: Disclosing the Reality

The Guardian Angel Wing App Review: Disclosing the Reality

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Quick Summary of The Guardian Angel Wing App

  • Rating: 1/5 and this rating indicates the fact that you should not opt for this software.
  • Pros:  I feel that this software truly lacks the positive aspects.
  • Cons:  Read the review and you will know all of them.
  • Our recommendation: There are better binary options tools to try. If you want trade binary options successfully, see our list of the best binary signal providers.

Full Review

The complete Guardian Angel Wing App review will give you an idea regarding the setbacks of this software. The man behind this software is Tommy Lomax who ensures you throughout the introductory video that this software is superb, but when you will read the review you will know the loopholes.


Do fake profit claims impress you?

I think I can answer this on your behalf and your answer must be no. Well this is how the introductory video of Guardian Angel Wing App starts off. The video claims that you can make about $125 in 6 just minutes. Even if you have the best trading software this is not possible so better live in a realistic world so that you do not have to face disappointment. Look at the snapshot and decide for yourself.

Guardian Ange

The accuracy rate is a big question

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You can never make big predictions when you are trading binary options. There is always a margin and risk of loss. Your success completely depends upon the fact how you comprehend the market and invest in a trade. When I looked at the video it claimed that a profit of about 87 percent was possible with this software, but I just cannot agree to this. A software cannot be that accurate when it comes to trading something as unpredictable as binary options.

Guardian Ange wing app review

Working approach sounds fishy

I wanted to know how this Guardian Angel Wing App really worked so I explored the video further. Now what the video says is that first of all you need to give in your name and email address and press the access button to access the software. Now once the email address is valid you will be directed to the method page. Now this is all the information I got from there. Why are the details being hidden? If the software is genuine then I believe that the method of earning should be discussed in detail, but I was utterly disappointed. After watching the complete video I was still clueless because there were so many unanswered questions.

The free software hoax

Now we all know quite well that no one will make a website and put up videos when they are offering something for free so the first perception that needs to be clear is that the software is not free. If you want me to explain this I will just give you convincing reasons. I watched the video till the very end there was no method mentioned and there was no discussion on the deposit. This makes one thing quite clear and that is facts are being concealed. When you are into binary option trading you know one thing quite clearly and that is you need to make a deposit to a broker to start trading immediately. However, Guardian Angel Wing App does not discuss the broker they are linked to. This is a very significant indicator that this software is a scam. The deposit amount is not being revealed. It is not even mentioned whether the software runs on auto mode. Everything is unclear about this software.

Video testimonials boring!

Now one thing that really tires me out is to find these boring video reviews. I do not think that experience of others can really help you out. When you are into trading what you need is a real mentor. Thus these video reviews will not get you anywhere. The worst part is that most of these people are paid actors who are paid for making video so why trust them.

Guardian Angel Wing App

What I explored

I was really eager to find out more about this software so I decided to do a bit of research on my own and what I figured out is that you will need to make a deposit of about $250 to use the software. For me this is a big amount because for a trader every penny matters. New traders should better refrain from opting for this software because their biggest setback is that they lack the technical knowledge and little knowledge can truly be a dangerous thing so you have to play it safe.

The Annoying factors

Now the best marketing strategy is to put forward the incentives that you get by opting for the software so showing a wall of success on the homepage does not sound convincing to me and I am not the sort of person who will get carried away by these marketing techniques. For example, if the homepage will show me a tutorial video for trading using the software I feel that it will be more useful for the user, but what  the website shows is not what I need or any trader will require. See the snapshot and feel free to judge whether it really needs to be there on a trading website.

Guardian Angel scam review

Guardian Angel Wing App lacks authenticity

What the website says is that the software promotes risk free trading. Now the biggest risk is that you do not know anything about the software and this is what makes it a risky deal. Binary option trading has to be a transparent process. Only then you can state a deal to be a profitable venture. I personally believe that there is no shortcut to earning money and you can only turn out to be a success if you know the way to trade otherwise be prepared to turn out to be a failure.


Software judging parameters

Now when you want to trade using a software here are the key parameters that you need to follow in order to earn the legitimate way.

  • Never go for auto-trading software. There are many possibilities that it can turn out to be a scam.
  • Always try to gather detailed information about the person who created the software.  Ideally the person should be well versed with binary option trading.
  • A better choice is to opt for signal services that can judge the best trading opportunities for you.
  • If you still want to take the assistance of a software it should be associated with a regulated broker. This way you will be sure that you will not end up losing your deposit. Mentally too you will be confident that you are investing your money in the right place.
  • If the software makes unrealistic promises that is the biggest red flag alert and will tell you right away that you have to avoid the software.

When you want to play it safe then the best approach will be to look at better alternatives like. Get to know about the best binary signal services that have the exclusive features to make trading simple for you. The best part is that it is up to you to choose the service. You can either go with the free services or go in for a paid one. The choice is completely up to you.  Go through the features of each service and see which service best suits your needs. However, make sure that you do not choose the Guardian Angel Wing App at all unless of course you want to go bankrupt.

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5 Replies to “The Guardian Angel Wing App Review: Disclosing the Reality”

  1. Scam, the GAW completely drained my funds after 2months only of using it and all of there promises are not true. false claims, not helpful on support and misleading advertisement. This should be reported and shut down, either this is one of Optek outsource agent to promote them or a robot type of system which is bias to other users.

    Please be cautious and review/research before you take risk of your money.

  2. A moi aussi, il ne me reste que 50 dollars sur les 250 investis. Alors que la pub est très prometteuse vis à vis des gains et profits que l’on pourrait faire en 24 heures. Quelle honte ?

  3. Bonjour , je voulais re deposer un peu d’argent dans un trade automatique , quelque chose de sûr et je viens de déposer 500 euro sous guardian avant de tombé sur votre message !!! je suis retourner et j’ai stoper le trade auto et j’ai voulu retirer mais impossible !!! je vais faire opposition , et si cest un SCAM alors je vais demander dédomagement a ma carte vu que l’année pa**er j’ai du perdre plus de 5’000 $ . si quelqu’un peu me conseiler , m’aider ? pour l’heur je me suis inscris sous l’autre robot et je vais essayer

  4. Здраствуйте я 3 дня назад вступил в OPTEK и вложил на баланс 500$ и мне дали робота GUARDIAN ANGEL подскажите что мне зделать чобы я не прогорел может вывести денги и что посоветуете

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