Hash Fish Review – Is Legit or Scam Operation?

Hash Fish Review – Is Legit or Scam Operation?

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The name Hash Fish is a ridiculous title simply because scammers are running out of creativity. And yes, they still want to sell fake hash power to whoever is willing to lose money. So in this Hash fish review, we will be explaining reasons as to why Hash Fish is a suspicious operation where mining of Bitcoin is not likely to happen. Having analyzed the site carefully, we are more than convinced that the operations of the site are suspicious and cannot be trusted in as much as they claim that they are legitimately mining Crypto currencies.

The first thing we usually look at is their About us section because this page gives us some clue as to what we should expect from the site’s operation. However, Hash Fish does not give us a proper and satisfactory explanation of what they do, their company’s background and whether or not they own data centers. There is absolutely no proof that Hashfish is really mining Crypto currencies.

Because that is the most likely truth, Hash Fish has resorted to using generic filler content to make the site appear legit when it is not. By the way, the site fails to give a satisfactory explanation of the kind of resources they have and whether those resources can truly generate the promised returns on a consistent basis.

Again, we emphasize that Hash Fish is suspicious. To find out more about this rogue operation that seems to be hatching a plan to scam as many people before it can go under, keep reading.

Note: Mine Crypto Currencies with these sites only.

Hash Fish Review

The site contains nothing of substance, only filler content which is generic in nature. That is one reason why many visitors to this site will not trust them. However, there are many other reasons as to why this site can’t be trusted. We think these reasons are valid given that they exhibit serious red flags with regards to the credibility of the site and its operation in the Crypto currency cloud mining space. The site claims that they will generate $1.46 per day with a 1080Ti Graphic Card.

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They also claim that they are running over 300,000 PCs worldwide, which is why they think they can mine Crypto currencies and generate real profits for their members. Again, this statement does not sound very convincing. One thing you have to understand is that there is no way we can verify these claims if no evidence or third party verification has been provided. Therefore, we are only taking them as claims and you can never rely on claims especially when it comes to matters of investing your hard earned money.

The site is not telling us under what circumstances that their members will earn $1.46 per day. You see, there are many factors that come into play when evaluating the kind of returns you can make from Crypto currency mining. This site seems to be ignorant about those factors or they are just ignoring the fact that visitors of the site will need more information.

For instance, the amount of return you can earn per day will be influenced by the amount of money you put in, the cost of electricity (whether Hash Fish is obtaining electricity at a cost effective rate), the condition of their mining hardware and many other things.

So when they tell us that they will generate $1.46 per day, we need specific details to be able to understand that the return is based on certain factors and numbers. Unfortunately, this site is not giving any explanation with regards to the potential earnings which they are claiming to offer. Again, this can be considered a serious red flag because the site is ignoring important details which customers should know upfront. You have to be worry of such websites especially when they use generic information to explain the service.

No investment plans

The reason why you must avoid this site at all cost is because they don’t have investment plans at all. We are not told the cost of purchasing hash power from them. Instead, the site assumes that those who want to invest can just send a specific amount to begin mining. This kind of approach is suspicious because it fits the kind of operation conducted by ponzi schemes. Most sites of this nature are ponzi schemes by the way. We have reviewed hundreds of them here, and we can promise you that such websites with no clear explanation of the kind of service they offer will never give you any returns in exchange for the money invested.

Operations of the site not clear

Lately, we are seeing a rise in the number of sites that claim to mine Crypto currencies via software that must be downloaded by the user. This is a rather suspicious method of operation because we have no idea what type of program we are downloading onto our PCs. If you risk downloading this kind of software, then you might risk installing a malware into your PC which will result in damage of your PC or stealing of crucial information.

Therefore, we can only download from reputable websites. HashFish isn’t one of them. So we feel quite reluctant to download what they are offering. By the way, the site has a download button on the homepage which suggests that we need to download a program first before mining can happen. Our recommendations is that you should exercise precautions because otherwise, you will run the risk of downloading a malicious app into your PC.

Our best advice for you

Hashfish is a suspicious site, and we don’t even know what they stand to gain by letting you download their app for mining. In any case you get into this, you are likely to either sacrifice money or your PC’s performance. At the end of the day, it won’t be beneficial when you compare it to the amount of money you will potentially earn. So stick to these Crypto mining sites. 

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