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Share This! claims to offer Bitcoin mining contracts from data centers located in Siberia. They also claim that they are an official re-seller of industry leading air and cooling technology. The idea of HashMart is to present the masses with a simple and cost effective services which aim to increase the popularity of Bitcoin and other Crypto currencies, thereby leading to mass adoption of Crypto currencies at large.

The main reason as to why the company decided to locate their data center in Siberia is because the country has been associated with low cost of electricity and the low temperatures naturally cool the data centers hence more efficiency while mining Crypto currencies from data centers which are situated in this country. It should also be noted that scammers have used this statement on their website several times to trick people by making them believe that their data centers are cheap to maintain. It is therefore very difficult to establish the truth especially in an industry where everybody is claiming to have established their data centers in one of the countries with cold climates.

According to the statement published on their website, Hash Mart utilizes Bitmain’s mining equipment which integrates ASIC chip technology as well as air and immersion technology which contribute towards the overall low cost of mining Crypto currencies. At the moment, the site claims to mine Bitcoin only through the SHA 256 algorithm. They claim that in the near future, they will most likely adopt mining of other Crypto currencies.


In this review, we aim to inform and also to help the public know whether or not Hash Mart is the best cloud mining website. At the moment, we only have these selected Crypto currency cloud mining platforms. If you are intending to invest in Crypto currencies by mining them, we can promise you that those sites will produce the best results for you.

HashMart Review

Hash Mart touts a number of features on their website. These features are supposed to attract users who might be looking for a reliable way to mine Crypto currencies. They offer real time monitoring of mining operations. They offer a clear and transparent dashboard that shows users what is happening in the background in real time. These statistics are transparent, so they claim. It simply means that investors who have purchased mining plans with this company can monitor their progress in real time through this dash board.

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The second feature or advantage which HashMart is citing is the fact that miners will not be required to purchase mining hardware since all mining operations happen in the cloud. This is supposed to ensure that miners can spend less and get the best return. This is quite generic and should not be listed as an advantage to mining with a platform like Hash Mart. The thing is that all mining websites are not asking users to purchase hardware. It should be understood that all mining platforms are generating Bitcoins in the cloud and are not asking users to purchase any kind of mining hardware from them. So this should not be listed as an advantage or a feature.

The site also claims that as soon as users have purchased a mining plan, mining will begin instantly. They will confirm payments immediately so that no delays can be experienced from the side of the miner. On the same note, they claim that HashMart is processing daily payouts as well. These payments can be withdrawn into their users wallet at no cost.

Well, this is something that we could describe as an advantage because most mining platforms charge a small fee for processing and sending daily payouts to their users specified wallets.

Also, in case of any difficulties, users can contact support through email or chat feature on their website. This ensures that problems can be solved as quickly as possible. The technical team claims to always be willing to help clients with any questions or concerns that they may be having.

No maintenance fees

The reason why we have chosen to write a separate subtitle for this matter is because it is a very controversial matter. The fact of the matter is that mining of Bitcoin has a cost attached to it and no matter how low cost you are mining Bitcoin, the fact is that costs are still incurred. They claim to have situated their data centers in Siberia. One needs to ask how costs of mining and maintenance and being met by this company. Even though they claim to have situated their mining equipment in an environment with low temperatures, these machines need to be maintained. The customer needs to pay for maintenance as well. Otherwise, the company will never run a sustainable and viable business.

In other words, we are not persuaded that HashMart is not charging any maintenance fees. This could be a hidden cost or a trick to get more customers signing up. Just keep in mind that it is not possible to mine Bitcoin without incurring any cost.

Customer feedback

This website has generated a buzz in the Bitcoin Talk forum. Everyone seems to be curious about the opportunity which the site is offering. Some users have claimed that the site operators have links with Russia while others are confirming that they are based in Siberia.

What we have not seen in these discussions is proof that miners have purchased Crypto currency mining plans and are making returns which they have already cashed out. We are hoping that soon these reviews will start to show up on search engines. At the moment, the team seem enthusiastic but no evidence of earnings have surfaced yet.

Our best advice for you

Hash Mart has an interesting concept but we need to see more customer feedback from people who have gone a step ahead to order Bitcoin mining plans from them. If this will be available in the future, we will consider adding HashMart into our list of the best cloud mining websites on the internet. 

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4 Replies to “ Review: Is Hashmart Scam?”

  1. Using hashmart for around a year now. No payment problems so far, but income highly depends on whats going on on the market, so when BTC was around 3k I got almost no profit at all, but that also appl*** to any mining solution you use. If you don’t want to take care about a mining factory it might make sense for you to try this one out.

  2. Hashmart is pretty neat if you ask me. Yeah, the market isn’t very stable right now, but the service provided is pretty solid. Don’t understand why would you even call it a scam. You pay for the services, you get your crypto. Pretty simple. I like it.

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